Golden Oldies!

Golden Oldies!

Hi there,

Thanks for joining me. Been working with Paul at the new factory this morning, picking orders. It’s always good to spend time with him. He’s not only a key player on the Clarity team – he’s my dear friend, and I love him. Certainly wouldn’t want to work through this pandemic crisis without him!

Then I dashed home, put some lippy on and joined Paula in the HOCHANDA Studio for the 2-4 show on Skype. She’s such a smashing woman too. As you go through life, you do meet fabulous characters, don’t you? She’s one. We’ve been friends for many years, too.

Then came the Leafy Corner, the Honeysuckle corner, the Victorian corner and and and… It is astounding actually, how comparatively inexpensive this collection of stamps is when I consider what they used to cost 20 years ago! When we sold them individually and mounted, they used to cost between £4.50 and £6.50 each! Now that we have changed the manufacturing process, and they come in sets unmounted, we are able to offer them at a much MUCH better price!


Here are a few examples to show you just how versatile these little clever corners are. They certainly paid the rent for a few Clarity years!!

Next stop – Our Daily Doodle Plan for the week! Next week, after our fabulous trip to Japan last week, we’re going to stay closer to home, relax a little. It’s important to pace ourselves. No point in whistling around the world, chasing our tails! Let’s slow it down, allow others to catch up, do a little colouring, let’s learn a few new patterns, let’s just chillax.

Yes. Let’s settle down and hang out at home for a bit. Then perhaps next week, we can go off on a little arty trip again. It’s important to not get overwhelmed by our doodle sessions. Not just you. Me too.

Yes. Let’s settle down and hang out at home for a bit. Then perhaps next week, we can go off on a little arty trip again. It’s important

Stay safe and carry on crafting !

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx


22 thoughts on “Golden Oldies!

  1. It was you demonstrating these stamps at the NEC that made me aware of you and Clarity. Loved them then and still love them now!
    I will replace my older ones when I can. Looking forward to tonight’s shows and trying to catch up on the doodling xx

  2. I couldn’t resist those corners. Ordered with 2 double ended erasers and a set of micron pens. Just getting ready to jump on the train at some point. Great demos, no wonder they flew out. Stay safe. Four samples done and two more planned before I send them.

  3. I really love these stamps. I am recording the shows, as hubbie wanted to watch other stuff, and it wasn’t worth the argument as I know I can watch tomorrow in peace and quiet!!
    I have a couple of them from way back and still use occasionally, but I think I may update them soon once I get some income from working again. It’s just the joys of being self employed just now, but I have lots of time to craft instead.
    So thankful that I can spend my time crafting, rather than fretting about stuff I can’t change.

  4. Loved the show and must get mine out, I know I have some corners ! Looking forward to tomorrow too ! Glad you had a good morning picking with Paul x

  5. Loved the 2 hours today, I had never thought of using corners in the way you do ,so Thank you for such inspiration ,went straight in my basket.Looking forward to tomorrow morning, just love these sessions with you, you are being so kind to all us crafters out there,stay safe.

  6. Just watching now. I have some of the original mounted corners, must dig them out I think they are stored with my beloved leafy swirl stamp. It really is a blast from the past

  7. Love these stamps-gorgeous!!!
    Many years ago when I had still Create and Craft on my telly, I saw you demonstrating this way of stamping and loved it then.
    Do you send to the Netherlands and is shipping expensive?
    Will ‘see’ you all tomorrow at 11hrs our time. 😉
    Have a nice Sunday afternoon!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  8. I’ve got some of the originals and they often appear to add that ‘little bit extra’. Waiting to see the ODS before deciding what to order lol! Been having a mammoth sort of Groovi plates as they’ve been in a right old mess for quite a while and, as I’ve not been able to settle to being creative thought is was a good opportunity to get this job done! Hoping to ‘doodle along’ tomorrow if my head is in the right place.

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the two hours today. Brought back memories of being memorised watching you stamp at both The Papercrafts Show – organised by Craftwork Cards in Leeds/Harrogate and Port Sunlight…yes Babs you got me into crafting all those years ago and I’ve never looked back. An extended family certainly. Off to have a play now with my original corners and then maybe a think whether I need to order the newer ones as mine are already on their mounts; still looking fabulous. Thank you for all your upbeatness, you really are an amazing ambassador for life. Thank you for many years of pleasure. Keep safe.

  10. Barbara, I can remember using these corners in 2011 and 2012 when you did a workshop at Sedgefield, Co. Durham. Will have to get them out and start using them again. Looking forward to Shack Shac tomorrow. See you at 10am. Janet xx

  11. Hi Barbara,
    Wow, what magic memories came flooding back watching you demonstrating the clever corners on Hochanda this afternoon! Glorious memories of the early days of Clarity and the inspirational demos you gave at so many shows around the country. Thank you for then and thank you for now – the magic and fun of clear stamps and pattern building! Yes I’ve ordered a new set to replace the original ready mounted corner stamps I have from the early 1990s, and when they arrive I shall have great fun re-visiting the magic of pattern building! Thanks again for “bringing these back”!

  12. Really enjoyed watching this afternoon. I rarely just sit and watch TV without doing something else at the same time but those two hours I just sat and watched. I will be getting all my corners out this week now. Feeling very inspired to have a go and I think there might be a few I am missing as we;;. thank-you for so much inspiration. x

  13. Evening Barbara, glad you enjoyed your picking and packing session with Paul this morning. Think he’s been fantastic, handling all our orders, making sure we’re receiving our goods when everyone else us at home. He deserves a big round of applause! Paul, you’re a hero!
    Enjoyed your shows this afternoon. The corner stamps are lovely but I’ve got them already. So just enjoyed watching your demos. Looking forward to your next doodling sessions starting tomorrow. Have a good evening . Liebe Grüße Xxx

  14. I’ve recorded the afternoon shows as I have a lot of the corners and used to use them a lot, but they’ve been a bit sidelined recently. I got my first ones from a stall in Tunbridge Wells at the end of last century!! I was delighted to see the silhouette stamp again. I still have a template you drew for me at a small show also many years ago . I bought the corner and head then and have used them many times since.
    I hope to get back on the bus tomorrow, but my hand is still seized up and I can barely hold a pencil, but maybe by tomorrow evening (when we watch the vid) I’ll be able to join in for a while. I was horrified at how many coloured pencils I have -from Polychromos through SN, Inktense and W H Smiths blenders with a lot of ‘rogue’ individual pencils thrown in!!

    1. I meant a stall run by you, Barb (with long hair), in a TW shopping mall. Also got a green ink pad that still works LOL

  15. Really enjoyed the shows this afternoon, great demos. When I checked my stash I could only find one set of corners – thought I had more but couldn’t find them – so I’ve ordered the lot. Know they will always be useful.
    Slowly catching up with the doodles. Made a mess yesterday so think slowing down to my own pace will be better for me.
    Do not like the idea of this new covid app, sounds a bit “big brother” to me, and who’s to say the government would delete all personal info when this is all over. In any case it will not work as too many of the most vulnerable people will not have smart phones or be internet savvy.
    On the bright side we managed to get hold of some proper bread flour (and plain flour) today so hubby can carry on bread making as long as we don’t run out of yeast.
    Enjoy your evening.

  16. Loved the new flowers stamps sets. Have a few of the dies and stencils already but was looking forward to seeing the poppy (not the heads) in a die and stamp set too. This lovely one seems to have been forgotten.
    Looking forward to another week of doodling. Thank you agina for all your hard work.

  17. You did a great job with those stamps. I love what you can do with them but till I get to grips with stamps, I’m not allowing myself to buy any more! We’ll see how long that lasts!! Lol.

    I am watching the recordings of the programmes now as I spent the afternoon relaxing up by the pond in my garden listening to the water run over from the wee pond to the big pond. Love it. There were a couple of lawnmowers disturbed the peace for a bit but they didn’t keep going for too long! Beautiful sunny day so planted up some big flowers pots for a bit as well. All good here. Looking forward to tomorrow morning but happy to see out the rest of today first! No rush! I actually still need to write my reflection for today. It’s a bit late in the day but hey ho. It will happen. Hx

  18. Yeah🤗Thanks guys. I really appreciate that you gave up your Sunday for picking, packing & posting.
    Just checked my account & my April order is fulfilled. Looking forward to having a play with my stencil & inks very soon.
    Love the new stamps too… There’s always something exciting to see at Clarity isn’t there❣️🌈

  19. Hi Barbara
    Well you done it again your demonstrations sold those corner stamps to me . What you do wit( them is amazing I’m not a very good stamper but I am looking forward to giving these a go.
    As for doodling I tune in and watch and then have a go still working on my cherry blossom tree but I do get lost in the doodle. Time just flies
    You take care and I think taking things easy tomorrow and just chilling out together is a fab idea hugs 🤗

  20. Hi Barbara
    Really enjoyed watching the show this afternoon, I’ve got a few old corners that I’m going to get out and have a play with this week, well that’s my plan. I also need to catch up on the doodling, I’ve fallen behind and need to let myself be creative for a few days. I still can’t get my head around the fact I can do what I want with my day, within reason. I still get called upon to read assignments and bits for the dissertation and play all sorts of games and hoover quietly while hubby is working and of course go for lovely walks but I must fit in play time too. Looking forward to the botanical stamps tomorrow.
    Take care.
    Love Diane xx

  21. Hello Barb, what cracking shows. Loved the 2-4 with the corners, like you said, it is like put on a comfy pair of slippers. And the new floral stamps, well they are on the wish list too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Will try catch up on the doodle session this afternoon. And thanks Paul and Barb, for picking and packing orders. Bx

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