Spot the Peacock….

Spot the Peacock….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. When I was picking orders the other day, I came across a few of these lovely stamps and their matching stencil. We’ve got such a vast selection of stamps and stencils and dies, some of the loveliest designs get forgotten, so I decided to shine a light on this one, illustrated for us by Mel.

I also noticed a lot of you were taking advantage of the Distress Oxide Ink Pad Offer on ALL colours, which is attached to this week’s You Tube Tuesday (ends Tuesday 2nd June). Here are the three I am using today

Mmm… I thought, how about I combine the beautiful Peacock Urn stamp with a lovely colour combo of the ink pads for Sunday’s blog, and add a bloggy offer…. How about this: you buy the stamp, and we give you the stencil FREE ...CLICK HERE

Here’s the Stamp and Stencil:

It’s a very simple demo. Often less is more. I picked Frayed Burlap because it is THE colour which goes perfectly with Kraft card. You’ll see…

Using Spot On sponges, dab the three colours over the stamp.

Simply print onto white stencil card, and lift. Nice blend of three cool colours. You could wait five minutes, then add Gold embossing powder. Very rich effect.

Without reloading the sponges, dab them onto the stamp again, then spritz with water. This is the magic bit…

Print the watery image onto stencil card again,

and then compare the two prints. I like both. I LOVE the water colour !

Drag the sponges along the edge of a cool sticker from Barb’s Sticker Booklet

You can see what I mean here, about Frayed Burlap tying in to the kraft card blanks. Works really well.

We even have a die of this design. Superb Paper cut Aperture Die. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays. Yes. Lots of scope. CLICK HERE

Can you see the peacock ? Clever, huh?

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

7 thoughts on “Spot the Peacock….

  1. Found an old, rather large, grey rubber peacock stamp while tidying up this morning. Thought it would make a good card for my brother in law so spent the afternoon colouring it in. Took ages but turned out well. If I’d remembered I had your “peacock suite” it would have been a quicker card. Never mind, it was relaxing and something different to do.
    Need to add to my distress oxide colours so I’m pleased they are on offer. I have used these a lot lately more so than the distress inks.
    About to start Shac project no: 7. Building up quite a file of these now.
    One of the things I love about Clarity is that when I am stuck for an idea there is always something, somewhere on the web site to give the mojo a kick start.
    It’s been a lovely sunny day today but I have to confess I am looking forward to a couple of cooler days later in the week together with a little rain. The garden is looking rarher parched.
    Hope everyone is keeping safe.

  2. Thats’s a really nice stamp. I have that one but have never used it! There’s a surprise. I’ve had a day outside in the garden again this afternoon. Just beautiful. A relaxing day today. The weeding can start again tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday evening. Hx

  3. Hi Barb, I hope you’ve had a good weekend. I’m enjoying all your ideas for quick/er cards, that’s something I struggle greatly to achieve… I think my mojo is coming back. Hopefully I’ll manage a wee bit craft tomorrow, cfs allowing.

    All this easing of lockdown, even the tiny bit up here, is really scaring me as I see so many people not caring anymore and doing as they please. It’s no going to work is it, there’s going to be another spike in the next couple of weeks. We’re never going to get out of this… I’m too scared to even go outside at all, I’ve been locked up in here since March 16th, and can’t see how I am going to get out of this unless everyone is vaccinated. It’s turned into a huge psychological thing. Even if there was only 1 case reported up here and in a different part of the country, I still couldn’t make myself go out with my volunteer even just into the garden. Why are people being so selfish and thoughtless? I’m praying for cold rain all summer!!! Although the damage has already been done this weekend.

    Methinks another wee, not so wee, cheer me up Clarity order is in need!!! Well, in my defense, I don’t have anything else to treat myself to, I can’t even eat food treats. At least Clarity is a healthy treat!!! And maybe it will get my mojo going and I can craft every day again to use the stuff I’m buying… But first I need to get making jammie bottoms, I am sooo running out, and I wear them during the day, much comfier for me, and anything goes these days eh!!! With me being autistic clothes are a huge issue.

    I hope you, and everyone here, has a good week.
    love you xxx

  4. Hello Barb, absolutely gorgeous stamping with a very lovely stamp. The colours are great. I really need to get some more oxides, best go check our the offer. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  5. There is a peacock on the field across from were web live see it most days ,its were some horses are

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