Rolling with the Punches…

Rolling with the Punches…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. If you were wondering where the sound went at the end of our Daily Doodle in the SHAC- Shack today – my Microphone batteries died. I had checked before going Live, so to speak, and had decided they would last the session – but hey. I was 6 minutes wrong! No worries. It’s no big deal. The job was done for the day, and we just have to roll with the punches.

To be honest, I am surprised that the Daily Facebook Live Sessions are going as well as they are! I am also quietly chuffed with myself, that I am able to switch everything on every morning, add all the appropriate links to various groups and platforms, stream live, record for Youtube simultaneously, jump between 3 cameras, carry on woffling and doodling for an hour – AND keep smiling! I don’t tell you this for a pat on the back, although it does feel good to get one , doesn’t it – I tell you this because we never stop learning, do we? We older people never stop learning!

At 61, I would have said that my multi-camera direction days and solo productions were way beyond my capability. But you know what they say: Necessity is the Mother of Invention. If I was going to work from home and keep the Good Ship Clarity going remotely, then I would have to learn this new set of skills. Jim talked me through all the steps, and I wrote them down. Then for the first week, he held my hand each morning as I worked my way through all the switches, Facebook links and internet plugs.

By week 2, I wanted to try it alone. I would work my way through my list, my peep sheet, until everything was up and running, then Jim would come in remotely and check.

By week 3, I was flying solo. No need for Jim to check anymore. Now we’re into week 5 and I feel I’ve got this off pat! Except for the bats!

New bats loaded. All good to go tomorrow. Managed no less than 4 video recordings for the Weekend TV shows on HOCHANDA this afternoon, too! Mind you, Clever Corners! Having worked with them for the first 15 years of Clarity, that was like putting on a very comfortable pair of slippers.

We’ve pulled the lovely corners back out of the cupboard, reworked the lineart, and will be showcasing them on Sunday, 2-4pm.

I learned how use these corners to great effect through years of play and practice. It made me smile today. As soon as I picked up the little Leafy Corner, it almost took me round the old patterns! If you haven’t seen these in action, you will love them.

It’s what I’m seeing with so many fellow doodlers too! How wonderful to discover that you CAN draw!! After all these years! I have received so many messages from people who never thought they could even hold a pen let alone draw something lovely. And here they are, framing their work and hanging it on their walls. I LOVE that. That makes me happy. We’re all learning, being creative and still growing. Fantastic, isn’t it.

Time to go indoors and stop for the day.

Stay safe and carry on crafting. It will keep you young and your mind active!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “Rolling with the Punches…

  1. Great to know you’ve not stopped learning at 61 Barbara. I might have to wait another 4 years then.🤪
    In the past I have tipped my excess Perga glitter into the Perga glue pot. So I learned the hard way to check what I was doing. And I got quite good at it. For a while….

    It seems my 57 year old brain didn’t record the error of another scenario – using the glue instead of glitter. Today I carefully used the Perga nib, dipped in the glue, to highlight some wording. Then instead of grabbing the glitter pot I poured the glue, yes THE GLUE, over the whole card. 🙈🥺🤷‍♀️


  2. I panicked a bit when I saw the cherry blossoms today, but will practise a bit tonight and hope for the best tomorrow. I must say that your finished picture looks gorgeous, so I am looking forward to completing it.
    There was a live feed from your wedding venue on This Morning today. They really do some great charity work there.
    Have a good evening and see you tomorrow. Hugs. Annette.

  3. Hello Barbara,
    Very well done you! All that techy stuff!
    I love the corner stamps. They were what first drew me to Clarity and look where that has got me, lol. So many friends, far and wide. All the pleasure of learning new things, the Retreats, Open Days and Exhibitions. The monthly clubs, the blogs etc. The list is endless.

  4. Actually while you’re getting the hang of techi stuff can you help my hubby sort out You Tube on our computer please? He’s talking to me as if I know what it could be when in fact all I can hear is…….
    Do you think it could be the blaablaa audio blaaa blaa interface blaa hardware blaaa blaaa driver blaaa blaaa blaaa… ?


  5. Hi Barbara, I’m so glad you explained what happened this morning with the batteries – I thought I’d suddenly gone deaf then spent ages trying to work out what was wrong with my laptop. You are so right when you say we are never too old to learn something new. I never in a million years thought I was capable of drawing anything. I wanted to be a fashion designer but because I couldn’t draw what was in my head and what came out of the sewing machine it was a complete non starter back in those days. So thank you so much for taking the time and effort in helping a poor old bird like me learn to fly. Can’t wait for the coloring to start. Take care everyone.

  6. Hi Barbara, I have been following your doodles just for three weeks now and loving every minute .
    Have you thought ( maybe you already have) of doing something next week to commemorate the VE celebrations……no worries just a thought.
    Best wishes

  7. I can’t thank you enough for all you do. The doodles certain focus the brain and your humour is perfect to while a way an hour. Things may be tough but you make the journey smoother. What an example you are to the crafting world. Much love

  8. You live and learn!!! Every day!
    I’m looking forward to you wielding those corners again Barbara. It’s where I started my Clarity journey. I stood and watched you at a show at the Reebok stadium using the leafy corner and an adirondack ink pad that had 3 colours in it and I was hooked. Until then I’d never stamped…. Didn’t see the point. As I saw it then once you’d used it what else could you do with it. So little did I know. But after watching you I bought an ink pad and a few stamps and that was it…. So it’ll be a trip down memory lane.
    Have a lovely evening
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  9. Hi Barbara glad to hear it wasn’t something I did that lost the sound!! I am loving the morning doodle sessions and as I had never drawn before I have been thrilled with the results and it helps so much with the present situation

  10. I will have to dig my Clarity corners stamps out of whichever box they are hiding in! They were some of the first stamps I bought – loved learning how to do the pattern building. In fact I think I’ve still got a tutorial sheet from you tucked away somewhere.
    You’re so right about being able to learn new skills. I’m so chuffed with the doodling I’ve been able to do – way behind the rest of you though, as I only get to do it on my days off. I’ve recommended it to so many people over the last few weeks
    Thanks for all you are doing to help get us through this time.

  11. You are inspiring! Thank you so much. I am relieved you had a tiny glitch – I fall flat on my face regularly. I know – falling flat is still moving forward – but it doesn’t feel like that when you are endlessly picking yourself up again. I think I’ll try and catch up doodling again now you’ve had a moment too. If you can get up again…

  12. Hi Barbara,
    You do so well with all the technical issues and as usual leave us all in awe of your many talents. Have had problems accessing your clarity Facebook worldwide site today. I do not have a facebook.account. Can’t see any of the posts, won’t let me and no sign of your broadcast. Have you changed something? Haven’t had any problems before .Site looks different. Finally managed to get you on you tube video on half screen size ,so managed to catch up later until the sound ran out. Much prefer the usual link. Think I need your Jim to sort it out! Many thanks for all your efforts, it is.much appreciated. Keep safe and well.

  13. Your batts died and I had to rush off to loo !! Came back and you were still talking to yourself but we all got the gist of it ! LOL!! I’ve just sent the links for the you tube to the W.I. President to send around to all members as it came to me some might like a try. I’ve been talking about it with a friend I used to work with today as I saw she was watching this morning. I really can’t believe I’m managing to do it all, I’ve always doodled but never ‘proper stuff’ so am enjoying this immensely ! I really need to get on with Groovi though ! You’re doing a great job and thanks again. By the way I was up in my little craft room earlier putting together a box of craft stuff for my great-niece, going to drop it over tomorrow, she’s 3 and enjoys stamping etc.. ( Too young for doodle following.) and what did I spot, yes the corner stamps on a shelf ! The one’s you’re doing at the weekend, can’t wait for a refresher on that now ! X x x x

  14. I love pattern building and haven’t done it for ages. I’ll look out my corners and try to craftalong! Also have lots of doodling to catch up with – about a fortnight behind so I’m glad it’s not a race x

  15. Technology is not my thing – not really interested in the finer points of it – but fortunately hubbyis a computer whizz so I leave all the techy bit to him.
    Had another go at Facebook today but I am useless, Ray was busy, so I gave up. Will carry on following the doodles on Youtube.Managed to download the crosswords though but when it came to the weekly parchment projects I couldn’t print them. Jeannine was very helpful and e-mailed them to me.
    We are never too old to learn something new but I have to be really interested for it to sink into my old brain. However, if I ever stop learning about things which I do find interesting I will probably be dead!!!!!
    Dug our the corner stamps and stamping card all ready for the Sunday show, really looking forward to re-visiting the pattern building.
    Thanks to Sally for her sterling effort getting all the club packages out. Wouldn’t have been surprised if they were delayed for some time but was overjoyed to receive mine today. Definitely will not cancel the subscription, however long we have to wait for the next few it will be worth it and we know you will never let us down.
    Royal Mail and couriers are not likely to shut down as there is so much being bought on the internet now. Our postie still gives us a smile when he delivers, although the times vary a lot, and the local couriers are happy chappies.
    Hats off to Paul who must be rushed off his feet with all the orders that must be winging their way from people who now have time to browse and order. He’s a gem.
    Is anyone else having hair problems? Mine was due to be cut the week after we went into lockdown. It is now too long to be tidy and too short to be put up. It grows like a weed, has a mind of its own (like me!!) and is uncontrollable, but as long as it doesn’t stop me crafting I’ll manage.
    Stay safe, keep happy, and thanks Barbara for everything.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  16. It was funny this morning as you really were left talking to yourself! Anyway, your good company so you were in good company! Glad you day went well. I really admire the fact that you have mastered all those cameras. If I had a Jim, maybe I would attempt youtube reflections but I really have no idea where to start. That said, folk are happy to read them so that’s good enough. I’ve had an interesting day – some work, some potting up of seedlings. Nearly no room left in the greenhouses now although I am sure I can squeeze in a few more things. Hope I get some things planted out before the next lot of seeds are ready for planting up!! Tonight, while watching a bit of TV, I have started again with the first doodle and have built up the courage to put it and the rest into a very nice book that someone gave me some time ago. Lots of scary white paper!! I’ll need a new rubber soon!! Lol. Enjoy what is left of your evening. Hx

  17. I’ll also have to dig out my corner stamps. The first one on the first sheet was my first Clarity stamp!! I think it comes in 2 sizes. I also think it was that one you made a card with, MANY years ago, with a silhouette stamp in the centre. I have the rough sample with lines of an X crossing in the middle and corners placed . Loved making patterns with the corners so looking forward to programmes. Just sad that the stamps are in sets where I have some from each set and will have to buy a whole set to get any I want but don’t have. Might just have to go without for now 🙁

  18. Enjoyed todays doodling. It was fun trying to work out what you were saying at the end. I would be absolutely lost with all the techie stuff. My landline has been a problem for the last week and I finally managed to connect with my provider. The outcome was the problem is external so will need an engineer to sort it. It will take 48-72hrs. I will just have to be patient.
    Looking forward to more doodling tomorrow. xx

  19. It was took a few minutes this morning to realise that there was actually a sound problem. I thought you were just carried away with the shading and so was I. It was a very peaceful few minutes.

    Its a strange thought that no matter if there is 1 or 500 watching it doesn’t dilute what you give to each of us.

  20. Hi Barbara
    I love the geisha design got the drawing done ok but way behind with the doodling will catch up I’m sure
    Tech stuff I love but I am not very good with it. Lol
    My older brother used to sort it out for me he was a computer wizz bless him I do miss him.
    You are never to old to learn new things you just have to be open to the challenge
    Take care stay safe. 🤗

  21. I thought it was my end when the sound went this morning, then realised it was your end. I dont know how you manage all what you do, you are more technical minded than I’ll ever be. Really enjoyed this mornings doodle again, like a lot of people on here, I never thought for a minute that I could do it and it look reasonable. Loved those corner stamps, they are still in my stash except for the little flourish that came with it, somehow it got lost, is it still possible to buy it on it’s own? Looking forward to Sunday to have another crack at it. Sorted all my pergamano tools out today, had quite a lot of the old tools and been replacing them with the new ones, they are so much more comfortable to use. I even have the metal grids unused but wouldn’t know how to use them. Much prefer the Groovi system A trip to the Charity shop once they open again.
    See you tomorrow at 10 Barb, thanks again. Love Pam xxx

  22. Barb, you are just a treasure, you are there inspiring us, making us laugh and imparting wisdom along with it. I remember the first time I ever saw you demoing at Stamperama in Stevenage, with clever corner stamps, and I bought 2 stamps that day, and I still use them now, and that was years ago. I am slowly making my way through the doodle Youtubes, and I love them. So thank you for all you do, and looking forward to the shows. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  23. I would just like to say a massive thanks Barbara for your time every morning! I am amazed that You have managed to get me drawing/ doodling! I would never have done it without you!
    You are an amazing calming teacher. Thank you and keep up the good work! Thank you also to Dave for the NHS Masks and Paul for picking and packing. Stay safe. Xx

  24. Dear Barb
    I am luv luv luving the doodling each day – watch & learn then catch up later on. I am thrilled with Asia the Geisha even if she looks as if she is roller skating on a pile of rocks and has a bit of a wobble on !
    There are no experts going to judge it in this lock in.
    Can’t wait to see whats next Luv Anne from Calne

  25. Loving all the stuff you are doing, having a job keeping up but think you are doing a fantastic job keeping us all focused and learning new techniques. I’ve got my daughter on board too as she is unable to work. I’m 73 and had never heard of zoom but now i’m meeting up with family and friends as though it has always been part of my life. Thank you for so much inspiration and caring x

  26. I just retired as of yesterday and have loved seeing what you do everyday with the doodling. Now, I get to sit down and have some play time. My plan is to work through the Daily Doodles and thoroughly enjoy the creating. Thank you so much for doing this. It is absolutely wonderful and you share so much of your talent with everyone and build our confidence in this world of art.

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