Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. It’s blowing a houlie outside today! Had to record TV demos in between the downpours! Later, when I spoke to Paul, he had had the same problem over at Clarity Towers (Tin roof, he reckons!) where he was recording videos for the Sunday evening Show. But heyho. It’s all good. At least rain has stopped play with the obnoxious neighbour! He’s had to stop demolishing whatever he’s demolishing and go indoors too!

It never ceases to amaze me how inconsiderate some people are. This pandemic is certainly bringing out the best in some and the worst in some. With all the travesty and carnage currently ripping up the entire world, you’d think they’d have a care, a little empathy, spare a thought for their fellow man. Nah.

Us? We stay in our lane, we never tire of doing the next right thing, we have a care – and we try to help wherever we can. Don’t we?

Whatever is going on, one thing is certain: This too shall pass. No idea when. But it will pass.

This little picture speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

It’s made with our lovely Funky Foliage Stampset. Just used the single bud three times. See? Once for the base, once for the little fella, and once for the caring one, who is leaning over and making sure the littl’un is ok. Can you see what I see?

And then there’s the HARMONY Wordchain stampset too….

Beauty Grace Truth Harmony Strength

Yes. All those words are pretty appropriate, aren’t they?

Let’s add a little colour. Nothing too complicated. Just a simple splash of brightness.

I’ll use the Perga Colours. That always makes any printed work on our Claritycard look fantastic. 50 sheets for £3.50. That’s a good price. Stamped on with Black Archival and allowed to dry for an hour or so.

A gentle buff with a tissue, and that’ll do. It’s not about the art here; it’s about what the art says.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xx

21 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. I’ve had a busy day with work and will continue after tea. Busy day tomorrow, too, sadly. Pretty dry here but not sunny although there is light coming over the hill! Hope it’s dry tomorrow for a while. I’ll listen out for the rain on Sunday!! Have a good evening. See you in the morning. Hx

  2. Love this, and I found several packs of Clarity card while I was sorting out my craft room so will be trying something like this over the weekend. Rain has stopped play in the garden for now

  3. I’ve obviously had too much of the neighbouring children today – I thought harmony was holding the big one back from nutting the little one!

  4. I have that set must dig it out. Our neighbours can be inconsiderate at times as well, they are moving but of course that has been delayed. On the whole though we live in a very friendly little close. You have made us smile today with the doodling. Lovely session and wow I can draw a cherry blossom. Thank-you. X X

  5. Didn’t manage a cherry tree. Took my husband to eye casualty- two detached retinas and two ops later. Just tried to doodle but brain would not work. What a wonderful group in Clarity worldwide. They calmed me down this morning. How heartwarming to have such a community. No doubt all this mess will pass

    1. Anne
      Sorry to hear about your husband’s eye problems. Hopefully the surgery will have achieved what they were aiming for, and his recovery will be swift.
      Enjoy doodling the cherry tree when you have the energy. I’ve still got lots of flowers to do before tomorrow morning!
      The SHAC-Shack is certainly a great refuge for me at the moment.
      Take care, Claire x

  6. Love this stamp set – must dig mine out again (that list is getting long now as well!!) On a day off tomorrow, so will do a bit more catching up in the doodle lessons, as well as a spot of card making. Hoping the weather will be a bit better tomorrow. Stay safe everyone

  7. Harmony – that’s just what we need at the moment. Fortunately we have good neighbours, hardly ever see or hear them.

    Watched Capt. Tom on the BBC news this morning, brought a tear to my eye. He’s been promoted to Honorary Colonel by the Queen, well deserved. I hoped that his £29 million might reach £30 m before close of day but I see it is now over £31 Million. He must be overwhelmed with the generosity and the attention he is getting. What a wonderful man.

    Pouring with rain here so we are clapping indoors tonight.

    Had a great day with the two way letterbox stamps which arrived this morning. Ought to have been working but – hey ho – couldn’t resist giving them a try. We are going to have a doodling weekend trying to catch up as we’ve been a bit busy since last Friday. Haven’t even looked at the Youtubes yet as I knew we would shelve the jobs and doodle ourselves silly. Also be watching you and Paul on Sunday.

    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Hi Barbara
    Loved this mornings doodle, only watched but I have done the geisha still got the tree to draw.
    You stay safe and thank you for your company every morning.
    In fact thank you to ALL the Clarity team. hugs 🤗

  9. Sometimes clean & simple is all it needs, love the splash of colour against the black ink on the white background.
    I need to finish off my cherry blossom & frame for tomorrow, lost the flow a bit this morning as we had an unexpected phone call with bad news, so I took a screen shot of the picture & did some this afternoon. Then our daughter phoned to say she had slipped in the garden & hurt her wrist – ended up in A& E being plastered as it turned out to be fractured. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. See you at 10 am

  10. Made a mistake with the Geisha by drawing the circle in pen. I will have to try to work round it.
    My neighbours are the salt of the earth and are very considerate and looking out for me.
    It has been very wet at times here today. Tomorrow is another day. xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    Love that stamp set. Used the larger stamp on some glass trays and was really pleased with how they turned out. Also like the set, as they make great men cards. Had a crafty day today making some cards with Cherry’s stamps ( the butterfly,dragonfly,seahorse) and also some of the floral sprays. Had made quite a few backgrounds with Distress Oxides already, so I only had to stamp and colour them in. Really enjoyed doing them. Hardly any rain here but expecting some tomorrow – pleased really as the garden is bone dry. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. We had the wind and rain too. At least it might make those treating this lockdown like an extended holiday might just stay in. I see red when a couple of our neighbours who I KNOW go out every day, just because they always have and are lonely, stand and clap for the NHS and one has a rainbow in his window -such hypocrites!! Rant over, and there are so many good and honest people out there that the bad ones are outnumbered (I hope!).

  13. Oh Barbara. Don’t get me on the subject of our neighbours.!!!
    If their dogs (they have 8 or 9 pugs and 2 or 3 Boston terriers) aren’t all out barking constantly, it’s their sons sitting in their car on the drive revving the proverbial out of the engine or smoking something strange! And no one seems to care less about anyone else.
    Great art work. I need to dig this set out and get creative with it.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  14. I am very lucky with the neighbours in our road. One set up a What’s App for us all to chat or ask for help. Those who don’t do computer stuff are checked on by phone. I had 8 bags of compost arrive today and the driver dumped them all just behind my motor, and one of the neighbours next door moved them all to the garage for me. I am very lucky here. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  15. Ashamed to admit I have that set unused as yet, will get it out and use it. Slap wrist. Guess what I did this morning … I flippin messed up my work. I managed to spill my coffee on it. Saved my Geisha girl though, I managed to cut her out and photo copy her onto another page. Really loving this doodling, spend most of the day playing. So saved thank goodness. Better not get started about my neighbours, nothing good to say at all for either side. One side their garden is a bramble wilderness even their front garden, the other side are so noisy we have to have music on all day so it dulls the noise. See you tomorrow at 10 am. Love Pam xxx

  16. Hello Barb, we are so fortunate we have decent neighbours. Hope it gets sorted some how. The storms here yesterday were something else, torrential rain and thunder. Love the little picture. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Hello Barbara,
    Been a sad few weeks in our extended family. My son in-law’s father passed away and a big hole has been left in their lives.
    My daughter and granddaughter have found crafting has been a light relief from the imposed isolation. Stamping and creating is a great cure for taking the mind off loneliness and we thank you for providing such wonderful stamps and groovi plates.
    I am so pleased for Capt Tom, what a guy! every time I see him on TV I cry, he is such an inspiration to us all, to remember those who care for us in times of need. looking forward to the weekend and Clarity on Hochanda.

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