Monday Monday

Monday Monday

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Hope you are safe and well. All good here, but it’s time to stop and sit in the garden before the sun disappears.

Funny old day. Feels like I’ve been swimming against the tide since I woke up. Not in a contrary way, not in a rebellious way. Been quite happy up here alone in the SHAC-Shack, doing art for TV. Just having to use more energy than usual to do normal stuff. Got there in the end, but knackered now! Time to get out of the water and dry off! Or just go with the flow…

Mind you, if you swim against the tide long enough, I guess you discover muscles you didn’t know you had, eh?

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

TV Show to look out for: Wednesday 22April . 6pm LAUNCH of a One Day Special …

27 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Hope you feel more refreshed tomorrow. Thoroughly enjoyed your company in the craft shed this morning. I managed to get all my schoolwork done and make another tag page for my journal. Looking forward to seeing the demos for the ODS. Sad that my samples haven’t been delivered yet despite being posted last Monday first class signed for. Hope they make it tomorrow.

  2. Hi Barb, I do love your garden. Wish I had a safe garden to go out into. Wish those garden fairies would hurry up and get here, I wouldn’t call what I’ve got a garden any longer!!! Ah well, just grateful that I have my cottage to stay safe in. I feel too vulnerable to even open the windows though!

    I’m sorry you are feeling so wiped out today, hope it’s just a blip. What a bonus that there’s more Barb shows this week, yay. Hope you ticked off all the boxes you wanted to today. I’ve managed to start my hot air balloon, at last. How come I do a not bad job with the pencil, but when I start going over with a pen I tense up and my arm doesn’t flow… It’s not a micron pen, but it’s me, not the pen, that is the problem. I hope you enjoy your chill time in the garden. You’d need a coat on if you went out up here… I better get back to this balloon. Love you xxx

    1. Brenda, I am not an artist at all but I’ve been doing Barb’s doodling. The micron pens definitely made a difference to me but if you don’t feel comfortable with pen then stay with pencil and don’t give yourself a hard time! It’s about enjoying it, not judging yourself.

      1. Thanks Zara. Now I know the pens do make a difference I’ll have a hunt in my craft room for them. I’m sure I bought some, just can’t find them where I’d expect them to be…
        Aye, that’s a hard one eh, not judging ourselves… I’m programmed that everything I do has to have a purpose, I have to put in every ounce of effort, and the end result needs to be exactly what it’s meant to be. Seems I’m not capable of just playing!!! Enjoy your doodling session tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be plodding on with the balloon, if I can stop myself cleaning and handwashing the day away…😉 xx

        1. Hi Brenda, I tense up too even when doodling. I get a bit better when I get into the swing of it, but still mess up. Try to think that you are just doing it for you, as Barbara says it’s not a competition it’s just filling our time and stops us thinking and worrying about thing we have no control of. Just enjoy the

  3. Hi Barb, I had to some work today, too, so that I am ready for tomorrow morning but at the back of 3 p.m. I headed into the garden armed with a cuppa and four pins to cast on a second sock! I did a wee bit of the rib and then decided I should do something about the dead stuff round the pond! Very relaxing. Just sitting on a cushion in the sunshine. What could be better! Hope you feel cool, calm and collected tonight. Love your garden. It’s a real privilege to have a large garden. I so appreciate mine. Lots of love, Hxx

  4. Listen to your body!!! Sometimes you just need to sit a while! Soak up the sun…. Vitamin D is good for you!
    Hope you manage to relax tonight and sleep well.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  5. Hope you are able to have a relaxing evening after all your TV preparation. I often find that mental concentration is more tiring than physical work except when I’m parching.
    Having said that I got the washing done, blitzed the kitchen, bent over to pick up the bin to take out and got stuck. OUCH!!!
    Feet up now, tomorrow’s another sunny day.
    Looking forward to the ODS shows for ideas but may have to record them.
    Take care all 🍒🍒🍒

  6. I’ve only just started watching your Facebook Lives, but on Youtube. So far I’m up to day 6. I’ve never been any good a drawing, but have been quite pleased with what I’ve done so far. Thank you for being a great teacher Barbara. xx
    It’s going to get better, I’m making a cuppa

  7. Been a busy bee today, beds changed, washing done, all dried and ironed too! Made cauliflower cheese with roast potatoes, peas and did hubbie a pork chop to go with his for a tasty lunch. Good progress after having had a few ‘under the weather’ days! Onwards and upwards while the sun shines! Take care everyone x

  8. I am totally confused this evening. Having failed to get a shopping slot this week, I found one this morning for 9-10 this evening. That was a shock, but then it arrived an hour and a quarter early. Bonus points though as I can go to bed early after eating my fresh raspberries. Just finishing off today’s doodle in my little book. Nice and relaxed. Thank you, Barbara. Hope you have a good sleep tonight and no nasty panics. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  9. Never sent a comment before but want to thank Barb for setting me off doodling. I loved the flowers and vines around the word so had a go. So far finished smile and dream and am so pleased with the results plus I feel much calmer.

  10. I love your garden, looks very peaceful. I seem to end most days absolutely shattered, seems that I spend so much energy trying to sort out how to get food into the house. Never appreciated how nice it was to just walk into a supermarket and get my shopping. Thank goodness I can retreat to my craft space and relax. Glad you got the recordings done ok. xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    First let me say this mornings SHAC doodle time made me laugh not smile but laugh out loud my other half wondered what was going on. Haha
    If you fake it to make it you deserve an Oscar
    Aliens watching indeed .
    You have a relaxing evening with Dave and I will catch you in the morning. Hugs 🤗

  12. Well I had a funny old day. Had to go to the bank, on the plus side I found a parking space on the Main Street then had to queue for 20 minutes outside. Put the bedding on the line and it was blowing out beautifully in the sun. Then when I picked them in every sheet, pillow case and duvet cover had been s**t on by the gulls. They will go in the tumble dryer tomorrow! Although we are half a mile from the sea they nest on the roofs round here and it doesn’t help that some of the neighbours actually feed them. I get so cross, I scrubbed the back yard because it was so filthy from their droppings and it’s as bad again now.
    Anyway glad you got to spend some time in the sun, I had an hour weeding and that calmed me down xx

  13. It is exhausting being everyone else’s cheerleader and you have been doing it for a while now. Maybe you need a walk. Isn’t it Buddha who said there was no problem so big he couldn’t walk away from it? You work all week, do a death call on all of us and then pick or prepare at weekends – no one can keep it up like that. Look it in the face and take a break. You’ve earned your damehood.

  14. I’ve been feet in a few crafty projects finished. ..and a few more started. I am so grateful I have my craft to kerp me busy, I don’t know what I would spend my days doing otherwise. Xx

  15. Oh dear Barbara, maybe you should step away and have a break, you can’t always be the life and soul of the party. It’s a pity we can’t join in and talk to you, you always cheer us up but we can’t recipricate. I was way behind this morning as I got in a knot with the corners. Then with the flowers as they only had 5 petals to start with. Pete could hear me cussing and was taking the mick out of me all morning. Listening to you tho and crafting along is so enjoyable. Hope you feel more refreshed

  16. I did my doodle in the garden this afternoon.It was beautifully sunny with a clear blue sky but a very strong breeze. Had to put weights on my doodle to hold it down!! Still enjoyable though. Hope you have a good night’s rest and feel refreshed in the morning. One day at a time!xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Sounds to me like you need a rest! You are running yourself into the ground. Please, be careful. I know that you are doing all the videos to help us in this this awful time, but if you end up worn out and Ill because of it, I for one would feel dreadful and I know that everyone else would feel the same. If you need to take some days off ,then do it, nobody would blame you and we could always practise something that went wrong!!! Take care, stay safe and well, love Alison xxxx

  18. I agree with the others:
    This morning was genuinely laugh out loud at times – your chuckle is so infectious! BUT you were obviously not in a good place at the start. Bless you for making us laugh and it sounded like it really helped you too. You can’t hear us but we are all laughing and chatting away back to you, you know!
    Barb – if you need to take a break we can all spend the time practising the doodles we found tricky until you have recharged your batteries. Personally I’ll be weaving and making photo corners….
    You don’t have to do the sessions every day. Take a break if you need to.
    We love you, admire you, care for you and would hate to feel that our enjoyment comes at the cost of your peace of mind.
    Stay safe xx

  19. Evening Barbara,
    Though I’m not always able to join your doodling sessions live I catch up later and it’s really great how you teach, inspire and entertain us almost
    every day. However, it sounds like you’ve been doing too much and need a break. Hope you managed to sit in your beautiful garden earlier and relax! Bitte pass auf dich auf! Xxx

  20. Barbara please look after yourself. As they say in an aeroplane put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. Your daily videos are wonderful. But as everyone has said it is all give give give and hard for us to give back so that you can receive some of our help and love.
    I do hope you and Dave managed to have a rest from.It all yesterday evening.
    Thank you for all you are doing xx

  21. Loved the doodle session yesterday, less complicated and loved winging it with you. Couldn’t stop laughing with you such a tonic! But but but as the others have said take it easy we will all still be there if you take a break. Xx

  22. Take care of yourself Barbara. You only have one pair of hands and 24 hours in a day, and some of the care those hands dispense in that time needs to be for yourself. As I keep telling my team, you are at home in a crisis, trying to work, NOT working from home. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others x

  23. Hello Barb, hope you have managed to relax in that lovely garden a bit. I think with the circumstances, many of us are feeling challenged in various ways. Thankfully Clarity and creativity gives us something to focus on. Take care all. Bx

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