Floral Friends and Bluebells.

Floral Friends and Bluebells.

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Beautiful day here in Crowborough. Time for a little walk through the bluebells now….funny that. It’s even more important now than ever that we don’t miss them before they fade. I guess we are realising what is important ? Or is it that we are realising our frailty? The shortness and frailty of human life? And a carpet of bluebells is heavenly.

Tomorrow we are showcasing our wonderful collection of Floral Friends on HOCHANDA.com. Starts at 6pm. Paul and I have been recording demos to accompany the shows. I really like this system. The art demos seem more concentrated, and separate from the sales side. The sales side is very important of course, but so is the demonstration. This way is more balanced and uninterrupted.

I didn’t manage a Stencil demo using the Floral Friends Stencils, but I dug out a cool one from our Claritystamp Youtube Library, which shows them off really well.

Here are the lovely stencils. You get one with every 3-way stampset as a gift, or you can get the whole set separately.

Watch them in the order they appear here….

I love this technique! It is so arty!

Anyway, I must get on; those bluebells won’t hang around for long….

Stay safe, get with your hands – be creative!

Love always,

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “Floral Friends and Bluebells.

  1. Hello Barbara

    I agree with you. I love the current set-up on Hochanda, although I expect it is a bit weird for you and Paul without a presenter to bounce off.


  2. Hi Barb,
    You certainly sound brighter today. Hope you have a lovely walk through the bluebells. It’s been beautiful up here too, although there is a really cold wind. I like the set up on Hochanda too with no interruptions from the presenters, and with your new cameras, the demos are extremely professional! I’ve just got back in from a walk – managed 11/2 miles today which is brilliant for me. Mind you, I’m now sat with an ice pack on my knee as it’s really swollen. Still I was proud of myself for doing it. Stay safe and well, love Alison xxx

  3. Hi Barbara and everyone, hope you are all keeping safe and well.
    Looking forward to seeing the tomorrow with the floral dies, I have had one of them but looking to buy some more.
    Looking forward to the demos on these, the designer papers are second to none.
    Keep safe and well.
    Lynn xx🌈

  4. Hi Barb, glad to hear you are venturing out to tiptoe through the bluebells!!! Wish I could join you. I hope you are feeling better today? I like the new set-up at Hochanda too. (and far easier to edit for the bits I want to keep!!!) I just wish there was a way to make the video screen part bigger, i.e. the full screen rather than a reduced screen inside the product info, it’s hard to see detail when you only have smaller TVs. But it’s far better than nothing. I keep forgetting about Hochanda with me still being glued to the news pretty much all day and night… I like these wee stencils, and how you’ve used them. Just might be needing to do another wee order…!!! I just need to somehow swap the cleaning and handwashing for crafting… I hope you have a good evening after your walk has cleared your head. Love you xxx

  5. Hi Barb, I have to agree with you about the demos. I much prefer the present system with no interruptions during the demo. My working week is getting busier for all the wrong reasons but it is what I do! Anyway, it is another beautiful day. 19 degrees registered in the car so that’s not bad. I can live with that. Heading out into the garden for a bit to clear my head before I deal with the next thing. Hope you enjoyed your walk. Lots of love to both of you. Hxx

  6. So glad you got out and about today! Our garden is full of bluebells on the bank!!! It looks fabulous to see the wall of blue!
    Looking forward to seeing your shows tomorrow and I’m sure that you’ll have some great demos for us over Wednesday and Thursday
    Have a relaxing evening.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. I really enjoyed doing the kite today can’t wait to finish it off tomorrow. Have set the recorder just in case for tomorrow as well. I too like the Hochanda set as well although it must feel strange for the presenters. Keep safe everyone xxx

  8. As others say, I’ve enjoyed the new style Hochanda demos. It must be difficult for the presenters though, but they are doing a great job. I’ve got a day off tomorrow (we’ve switched to working 4 long days each week, so we can have a rotating day off, which is very welcome given all the stresses at work. We have got a lot of staff support in place though, which is good. Planning to do some more crafting and doodling tomorrow, and hopefully enjoy some sunshine.
    Stay safe everyone

  9. Will be watching. We have a few bluebell in our garden but will miss the usual woodland carpet. You are right, we should savour ever moment. I have spent my afternoon in the craft garden.

  10. I too like the demo’s on Hochanda at the moment. I applaud everyone that’s embracing the challenge so well. Thank you guys.
    What I’m finding hard to watch is a presenter talking with food in her mouth. Once is risking it but tonight was the same. You wouldn’t see Fiona Bruce on Evening News, or even Simon Mayo on Scala Radio, eating while they’re at work, even if it was tea time. It doesn’t make good viewing. 🙈 Thanks for the space to have a rant.🥺

  11. It seems that I am not lone in preferring the current set up at Hochanda. Everyone is doing a great job in very difficult circumstances, so hats off to you all.
    I loved doing the kite today, but like you, I was in a better head space today. I gave myself a good talking to yesterday, spent about 5 hours cleaning and woke up this morning feeling in a much better place.
    Enjoy the walk through the bluebells. I envy you, having somewhere beautiful to walk. See you in the morning. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Bluebells always remind me of my lifelong friend Helena. She lives not far from you, in Crowborough. She was brought up in Shorne where her parents had a beautiful house with a lovely garden with private woods at the bottom. We all loved this time of year when the woods were carpeted with Bluebells. We actually called it Bluebell Woods! Sadly, she has lost both parents now. Their ashes now lay with the Bluebells that they loved so much 💖💙xxx

  13. I wish we could get out to enjoy the countryside for even half an hour but it is verboten as Ray is high risk so I envy you your walk in the bluebells. I hope it helped you to relax.
    I already have these dies and stencils and they are a go-to for general cards, notelet sets and so on.
    I have a confession – in the past I have always recorded the Clarity shows so I can skip the sales part. The products and the demos sell themselves. Once I’ve seen the products and placed an order with Clarity I walk away and watch later. The presenters do a great job, more so now they don’t have you or Paul to bounce off but being able to watch the demos right through without interruption does make it easier to concentrate on the art you create.
    Perhaps Hochanda would agree to continue with this method which would save you the travelling and you wouldn’t be so shattered at the end of the day.
    Keep safe, keep calm, we are strong and we will get through this eventually.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  14. Love bluebells, saw some on my walk today. Thanks for this mornings shacshack brilliant. Keep safe see you tomorrow x

  15. Bluebells are wonderful. I have a handful in the garden but the smell brings the carpets of the past back. Wonderful demos.

  16. Love that technique Barbara. Must try to find some time for crafting, but the weather is so fabulous I’m out in the garden or walking whenever I’m allowed to instead! Trying not to think too much about what is going on in the world, and the danger my former nursing colleagues are putting themselves in every day at work. So grateful to them all, and that my family and friends are safe and well.

  17. We do get bluebells down here but not in the profusion to be seen in the south east. I just think the colour is amazing when you see them carpeting the ground. I hope you enjoyed your walk Barbara. x

  18. I also love the uninterrupted videos and have also been guilty of fast forwarding recordings just to get to the demos.
    It is a sales channel and we wouldn’t want to lose the lovely presenters! Enjoying the 10.00am doodle slot in the day thanks Barb. X

  19. Hi Barbara
    I also like the new format but do struggle to hear some of the videos from other supplies. No problems with yours!
    I made a card yesterday using the Cornflower and friends die on designer card. I then spent an hour adding SHAC Shack doodling to the image, really pleased with the results. Looking forward to seeing your demos.
    Stay safe everyone xx

  20. Hello Barb, I can just imagine you and Dave strolling through the bluebells. Am going to grab a look at these videos, and as I have a day off after working the whole weekend, maybe I can get some crafting in. Take care and stay safe all. Bx

  21. I made a card with the Meadow Flower Spray this week. I managed to put the Happy Birthday off centre. Almost without thinking I drew in some flowers to balance it out, something it would not have occurred to me to do before we started doodling! Been there since day one and I am so proud of my book full of doodles. Xx

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