Lockdown? Lockedout!!

Lockdown? Lockedout!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Quite a day today! Have you ever left the house, and then just as the door closes, you realise you’ve left your keys on the kitchen table? With your phone? Yep, that was my first party piece today. Was all set to go out to my little SHAC-shack above the garage, to fire up the cameras and get going on our daily doodle session at 10am – and gasp. Locked out of the house. Locked out of the Studio. Nobody here except me – not even the window cleaner. Gulp. Then I remembered that we had hidden a key at Christmas, so that Grace and Mark could get in late one evening. Perhaps….

Yesssss. Key was right where I’d left it for them. Hallelujah!! Back on track, didn’t miss a beat really. Well, a few heartbeats!

Here’s a step by step of the doodle thus far…

If you need a good ruler, here’s the link to the Pergamano ruler. There’s a special price on the Ruler + Groovi grip sheets!

If you need the Micron Pens, here’s the link

If you need the pink eraser pencil, here’s the link

If you need a little company, and a little love, here’s the link. Claritystamp Facebook page. See you tomorrow morning at 10am. There’s plenty of room for EVERYBODY.

What are we doing? Well, we’ll be finishing off this Loveheart together…

Stay safe, keep smiling and keep doodling!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “Lockdown? Lockedout!!

  1. So scary locking yourself out! I speak from experience!!! Thankyou for all you are doing to keep us all in some semblance of routine and sanity! It means a lot! Looking forward to finishing the loveheart tomorrow! Love and hugs to you and yours! Xxx

  2. I’m loving these doodle sessions Barbara, the only trouble is that don’t seem to be able to stop!!!

  3. Enjoyed today’s doodle more than the air balloon that I messed up completely!! My friend is a zentangle enthusiast (she’ll be 90 in June) and we’ll be finishing our hearts together in the morning, after coffee-we watch the am programme in the evening.
    I have a key hidden in a special hollow rock – looks just like all the other rocks in a mini rockery made from all the flinty stones in our area. Did it after locking myself out and having to have a window broken to get back in !!

  4. I had to walk away today and admit defeat. I am obviously really challenged when it comes to lines and diagonals and parquet flooring!!! I sat back and watched the master or mistress and totally awestruck.
    Let’s hope that in the fullness of time, I will make it. I am going to settle down with a groovi jelly fish and relax and just colour.
    Once again thank you for the Shac-Shack and just sorry I was vertically challenged (in statue too!!!)xx

  5. Oh dear Barb, that must have put you on edge all day. I used to always have that fear, I think it stemmed from as a wee kid I had to let myself and my brother in after school and I forgot the keys one day… Glad you had a key hidden. I went up to my granny’s to get her key. Still got into trouble for it though…

    I’m way behind on the drawing lessons, only just finished the shac shack one, and got all agitated and upset doing it because I was rubbish, only part of it being because I hadn’t done any since last Saturday, the biggest problem is I’m just rubbish!!! But I’ll keep going, unless it gets too upsetting. This heart looks way too hard, as does the balloon which I think is next for me.

    I need company and a lot of love…!!! And some garden fairies to sort out my gardens which are turning into a horrible mess. I know I like things to look natural but dead and dying plants and the mess around them doesn’t look so good…

    I hope you’ve managed to chill this evening. Love you xxx

        1. Thanks guys. My autistic brain never thought of that… And if it had, it would have told me it was cheating!!! But since you guys have done that maybe I can tell myself I’m just joining the challenged club!!!😉 xx
          Now if only I had a hot air balloon die…

          1. I also was having trouble with the heart, never thought if drawing round a die shape. My heart looked very out of sorts, kind of deflated. Ha ha I’m loving this, even if I’m the worst (he)artist ever. Thank you Barbara. Xx

  6. Lucky you to have a hidden key !!! When this happened to me (28 years ago) I had to call my husband from work, took him over an hour and a half to get to me. Luckily the man across the road asked me in for a cuppa, we had a nice chat and I found out he was 85 years old. Said his bowling events kept him young. I always check for my phone and purse now before leaving the house and can’t forget the keys at this house because we need them to lock the door.
    The Thursday clapping event seems to be getting bigger each week. Most of our neighbours were out tonight. Even Soldiers in Iran were out clapping. And what about Captain Tom? Isn’t he great raising all this money for the NHS (currently over 15 million) Just goes to show that in adverse times we Brits can still rise to the occasion. Well done and thank you to all who donated.
    The Love heart looks great. We have some doodle catching up to do at the weekend. Should be fun. Thank you for doing this for us all, it must take hours of your time and we do appreciate it.
    Hope everyone is staying well.

  7. Like Anne, I had to stop this morning. It was just too much for my brain and I couldn’t keep up, so started to stress. I just watched instead, then watched again later, so that I could stop the recording and rewind when I needed to. That seems to work better for me.
    All my pens seemed to run out today as well, so I have new set on order. All equipped now for next week. Thanks Barbara. Hugs. Annette X

  8. Not been in ‘doodlealong’ mood past couple of days but….I know I can pick up again where I left off thanks to You Tube. Glad you had the ‘secret’ key Barbara…might be an idea to put it back there…just in case! Today’s project looks interesting and will have a go, once my head is in the right place again. Sadly CV has had an impact on us both family and friend wise so got a lot to fog my brain at the mo. Take care everyone x

  9. Well I have got over my meltdown over the gondola on the balloon; I shall keep practising and will get there in the end! Loved the heart. In the 80’s my daughter created a huge (A3?) zentangle, and I think it helped her to chill out towards the end of her school days. I know I am not excellent at arty things, but I am really enjoying the doodles, and they are “me”! Thanks for all your hard work – hope you are enjoying it too!!

  10. For some reason I found this the hardest of the lot to do and I thought the balloon was hard ! Still I got there and now looking forward to some shading. Thanks so much for carrying on with the morning meetings – I’m loving it. X

  11. Funny how we’re all different- I loved today’s doodle but struggled with the house! Wonder if it depends on our frame of mind at the time? Thank you for these sessions… I tend to watch later- then it’s a treat after I’ve done my jobs!

  12. Hi Barb,
    This one looks easier for me! I’m way behind but I do try to watch every day even when I’m doing something else ( if that makes sense). Went for a walk today and managed a mile , which doesn’t sound a lot , but believe me at the moment, it is like completing the marathon! My knee is like a pudding tonight , but it will get better. I am full of admiration for Captain Tom and what he has achieved.
    I once locked myself out and had to call a locksmith to get back into the house. Ever since then, we have a key safe on the wall which is really good. I wasn’t keen on the idea but my dear aunt had one fitted at her house so that anyone of her carers and my sister, cousin and myself could get in if she was too ill to get to the door. It was a godsend then as the Macmillan and Marie Curie nurses could get in too. See you at 10am tomorrow, love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Loved the heart today but am a bit slow and tried to hurry myself up then got in a right mess with the parquet floor pattern. Never mind will start again another day and watch on you tube to catch up, still have the balloon to redo as well. So enjoying it all though. I do love Zentangle, I had lovely book of it bought for me one Christmas years ago.

  14. I love our 10am gathering, have a bit of catching up to do today although I did the heart border whilst talking to my Mom this morning – she was checking what she had in her freezer – so there were moments of silence !!
    I like the You Tube videos for catching up with bits I missed whilst I was so engrossed in what I was doing or reading the comments flying up the side of the picture. It also means that we can work at our own speed. The whole idea is relax & doodle – not stress over it so I just do bits then go back to it later when anything really important or necessary has been done. Its amazing how many people are joining in from around the world – the Clarity family is growing. See you tomorrow at 10 x

  15. Love the heart today, after the birds i think it’s my favourite. Think I will draw round something to get the heart shape though

  16. Oooooo its that heart sinking moment just after you realise, and then you know why your inner self had been trying to make you stop, but you’d been ignoring that little voice! Lucky you had a hidden key. I just got a delivery of my flower stamps by Tina that you had on Hochanda…I am so glad i went for the set as they are all beautiful. XX

  17. I also was having trouble with the heart, never thought if drawing round a die shape. My heart looked very out of sorts, kind of deflated. Ha ha I’m loving this, even if I’m the worst (he)artist ever. Thank you Barbara. Xx

  18. Might have a go with the heart tomorrow. I watched part 2 this morning live, but I’m behind the curve with all the doodling; really relaxing to watch though, and I doodled along with the flower. It was too beautiful today to stay inside crafting, so we went for a walk then sat out in the garden.

  19. Hi Barb, glad to hear you had a hidden key. Love the look of the Heart doodle. I have a lot of catching up to do. Take care all. Bx

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