A Gelpress Step by Step…

A Gelpress Step by Step…

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Beautiful sunny day here in East Sussex again. Thoroughly enjoyed the daily doodle this morning. Hope those of you who joined in did too! I am loving the finished artworks you are posting on our Facebook group, Clarity Worldwide! Who knew we were all such great illustrators?!? Well, you never know until you try, do you.

We are on HOCHANDA TV today too, showcasing some of my very favourite designs: the Birds in the Tree and the Happy Couple. In fact, I thought I’d do a quicky stencil demo for you, using one of said stencils. The one I did for the TV demo didn’t work as well as I had hoped, and it has been niggling me (said the recovering/relapsing perfectionist..). So here’s one which turned out MUCH better!!! All 4 stencils would do the job brilliantly – I just had to pick one!

Easy. Right. Here goes….

Piece of cake. Put the Gel Press on its Megamount.

Dab a couple of Distress Oxides on the 6×6 inch Gelpress, which comes with a half price megamount if you click HERE

Spread the ink out with a Speedball Brayer (special price today!)

Attach the stencil to a piece of 7×7 Clarity Stencil Card, then flip the Gel Press on its megamount, and press the inky side down onto the stencil on the card. Squish it down hard on the stencil , then remove the Gel Press.

Remove the stencil from the card. Voila! Very VERY nice print.

But hang on! There’s still something on the Gelpress…let’s have a look…Spritz the Gel press lightly with water, and then press the wetside down onto a second piece of Clarity Stencil Card.

Mmm. Not bad. Let’s park that to dry for a bit, while we clean the stencil….

Spritz the inky stencil with a little water, then place it down on yet another piece of Clarity Stencil card!

Run it through a Die cutting machine. ANY one will do. It’s just a mangle which will press the ink into the card.

Wowee! Now we’re cooking with gas!! Look at the wonderfully mottled effect! Love this!!

Looks like a bonafide William Morris print!!

Two out of three ain’t bad. But. I want to have another look at that middle one…

Replace the stencil over the ropey card. Let’s add Black Shadow Artistry ink over the top using a Clarity Stencil Brush.

Concentrate on the area in the centre, where I am holding the brush.

Now THAT’s better!

So there we have it. Three prints from just one process. I like that! In fact, I may just have to try this with a different stencil!!

Stay safe and keep crafting!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

Don’t forget! 5pm HOCHANDA!! x

17 thoughts on “A Gelpress Step by Step…

  1. Love the effect with the black ink. Have to try this. I joined Facebook this week after years of resistance so that I could watch live when my husband went back to work. Turns out my iPad is too old to make it work and my laptop gave me a black screen! Thinking I’ll have to splash out. Expensive this doodling! Ha ha. Looking forward to see what you have in store for us tomorrow. Xx

  2. Beautiful stencils. I love using my stencils (and nearly out of storage space for them) with pastes and paint like Sam showed me at her class in September. I also love using my inks with brushes to get a more subtle look for cards.
    The highlight of the month, is when my clarity Happy post arrives with my club stamp and stencil in it, so I can play with new things and have fun!

  3. Fantastic technique, have been meaning to get my geeli out and have a play. Crafting is certainly keeping me out of trouble, doing lots of different things. XX

  4. Hi there, Not such a nice day today. A bit overcast but still dry so that’s good. Clarity packaging from recent deliveries was handed over to a mum today for her three young children along with three of yesterday’s cucumber plants! More still needing re-homed! The kids headed off home to build robots and motorbikes and quad bikes, no less. Great imaginations! Anyway, that is one way of recycling. I had a go with one of the floral stamps today. It took four attempts to get the infills in the right place but at least a bit of progress has been made! Hoping to turn it into a card tonight to send to a friend for her birthday. Note to self – you must do some work!! That said, enjoyed the demos today and your step by step above. Doodling was also good today although I’m glad to see the back of the hot air balloons!! Lol. I don’t think I’ve made it far enough to be a relapsed perfectionist! Still practising! Lol. However, doodling is helping me to break the habit! Maybe I’ll recover yet! Lol. Have a good night. Relax and unwind. See you tomorrow. Hx

  5. Brilliant blog as ever. Doodling- well hope it is easier tomorrow. The weaving as defeated me. I would love to have a bit of your “piece of cake” you mention. Mine is hard and tough 🤣. Much love and thanks

  6. Lovely day here today. Had a peek outside, the blossoms are starting to go off but the Magnolias are blooming well and the neighbours tulips and aubretia make a very colourful display. Took a photo for arty reference.
    Enjoyed your demos today, great results.
    The three-fer above is something I will have to try again as I’ve only managed a two-fer successfully so far. Being a bit of a perfectionist I am trying to slow down, take my time, think things through so less goes in the bin and more in the finished card box.
    We are saving the doodles for the weekend and are going to have a doodleathonalongaBarb on Sunday.
    The pattern dies arrived today and of course I had to try a couple out – oh joy – 5 cards made in less than an hour. They are certainly different.
    We have had more texts and phone calls from the NHS, our pharmacist and local care. I know we shouldn’t complain as it is nice to know someone cares but it is becoming a bit of a nuisance. The lockdown is OK, not a problem for us as we have plenty to do, but peace and tranquility are slowly being eroded by others telling us what we ought to be doing. 😒 All things we’d hate.
    Moan over – back to parching tonight – the projects are coming along nicely.
    Take care everyone. 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Hi Barbara. Having a difficult week as a close friend died suddenly on Monday morning. Now waiting for the Coroner’s decision about post mortem – there are long delays at the moment, and then the funeral arrangements will depend on whether we are still on lockdown. These are tough times for so many people – am very thankful for Crafting and will be catching up on some more doodling on my next day off on Friday, just to step off the hamster wheel for a short while.

  8. Hi Barb,
    Who doesn’t love a three – fer ! They are all lovely and the black ink certainly makes that one pop. I really should get my gelli plate out and have a go. Been a beautiful day up here – for the first time, we were able to sit outside enjoying the sunshine without having to put thick jumpers on because of the cold wind. It was glorious. Tonight, I’ve been sitting looking at my dancing flame solar lights around the garden and it just looked to pretty and peaceful. Haven’t had a chance to watch the doodling today yet, still trying to catch up. I don’t know where the time goes!! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Isn’t it amazing how many different doodles are appearing when we were all following the same instructions. Love all the extra bits people are adding as well.
    Haven’t got my gel plate out yet but have been using stamps & dies that I have accumulated to make a supply of cards. Plenty to keep me occupied for now. Must finish watching the shows from today & then I will probably have yet more things I want to try !!

  10. Great demo, enjoyed the doodlealong this morning even though I could only do part of it on a separate piece of paper as I’d make my balloon too large, no room for the scene. Will do it all over again when I have time. Productive day today, decided to go through some of my Design Club stamps and use them. Used the instruction sheet that came with them for two cards and made another card too. Thanks to Dee and Maria for their jnspiration.xxx

  11. Hello Barb, Show was great and now this is just brilliant, love all 3 images and there is definitely something to use them all with. I got my Gel Plate out on the weekend to make a sea themed background for a frame, with some Glass Nautilus shells we bought in Wales, and I am very chuffed with the results. Need to try this one now too. Mmmm do I really need to do the day job. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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