Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Hope your day has been a good one? Beautiful and sunny here in the Southeast of England today! I ran a food delivery over to my parents’ house this afternoon. Dave ran the shop gauntlet earlier, while we were all merrily doodling; then I took over, so that he could get back to PPE production. It was good to see Mum and Dad, even at a distance. We had a good old catch up, and then I came back to the SHAC-Shack! Got so much going on at the moment, with just a skeleton crew trying to keep the good ship Clarity afloat while most are staying safe at home. Not easy – especially when the engine driver is mostly holed up above her garage doodling!!! But hey! It is working.

We are on HOCHANDA right now, showcasing those lovely Floral Friends. Magnificent designs by our Mel. I LOVE these floral rounds. They are great as dies, stamps, stencils AND Groovi! I could play with these all day long.

I got out the new Dee Fitzsimmons stamps out earlier. before I shot over to Medway. Dee and I are launching them on Friday. This little addition to the Dee Family is called Innocence, and when you see her, your heart will melt…

We also designed a Mixed Impressions Texture Stampset to compliment her. Really lovely…

Dee will be launching this beautiful little girl on Friday at 9am. Whilst we have been working on her for months, and developing this collection with Dee, I don’t think there has ever been a more meaningful little stampset launched at a more appropriate time. It’s as if Dee preempted the World Choas, and gave us a little Innocence to comfort us.

I made a card for a Friday TV demo, to show off how the backgrounds work and how to use the masks. Here she is….not quite finished yet!

We’ll slot this little project in somewhere on one of the 2 hours on Friday. 9am and 1pm. Then you can see how it was made. I have seen what Dee wants to show you too, and it is beautiful.

Stay safe. keep calm – and carry on crafting!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Innocence…

  1. Glad you got to see your mum and dad today and that they are doing well. Aren’t you fortunate that you live so close to them?
    I got a lovely delivery today from Clarity so thank you to those of you who are taking time to pack those things for us.
    I’ve had to work today and run a few errands for folk but the sun was shining and it was just lovely to be out and about.
    Oh, and I might need to borrow Dave! I got a pump delivered today for my pond but I’m not going to be able to install it myself without falling in the pond and even at that, it wouldn’t work! I really need an electrician! Therein lies a challenge! It might not seem important in the scheme of things but it is to the fish!
    Anyway, so that I can get out to do some work in the garden tomorrow, I’m going to do some prep for Friday for another family. Strange times. Have a good evening. Hxx

  2. This is the stamp set I have been waiting for! I love Dee’s designs, but this has to be the best yet. Looking forward to seeing the demos on Friday. Lots of love.

  3. Really fun card design. Yes, we are certainly living in a strange time right now. I have a checklist before leaving the house to make sure I have all my PPE gear with me.

    Hugs Diane

  4. I will have to email photos of my samples to the studio on Friday as they are still not showing as delivered. It will be 8 days since I posted them if they arrive tomorrow and they went first class signed for. Love the look of your piece. Glad you managed a long distance chat with your parents. Hugs and thanks for your company each morning.

    1. How frustrating! It is worth looking at the Royal Mail site to see what compensation you are entitled to but it won’t be much, certainly not compared to the stress.

  5. Thank you Barbara for all you are doing to keep us on the right road during these trying times.
    Grace’s blog today was very thoughtful and encouraged me to search for my CD’s of waves and sea birds – so relaxing. Just what I needed.
    Recording this weeks shows and will watch them all together at the weekend.
    Glad you got to see your parents and that they are keeping well, so nice to have a face to face chat albeit from a distance.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  6. Glad that your parents are save and healthy and that you meet them in a distance.
    Our sons are living more than a hour drive from me so I didn’t see my grandchildren since end of Januari .But they are all in good health so that’s good.
    I enjoy your daily doodling very much-it breaks my day!
    Thank you and stay save and healthy!!!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel ⚘

  7. Great programmes and blog, not to mention doodle session. I had a very strange experience doing it! I was trying to follow you drawing the kite bows. My brain was saying move the pencil but my hand became static. Each time I tried to do it the same thing happened as if the pencil was a lead weight. I had to give myself a shake back to reality. Very surreal. Perhaps you are a hypnotist!! I leave you with that, happy dreaming xx

  8. Oh bother, I forgot your show! That’s upsetting. Clearly I’ve been fooling myself as to thinking in my head was a wee bit more settled… What demos have I missed? Nae crafting either. Me no doing too good again. I’ve missed the live streaming of our charity night up here too, for the love of Scotland, we are collecting to buy PPE for our frontline NHS staff and the first lot of kit is already here and about to, if not already, be delivered to where it’s needed. Our totals of deaths from Covid up here, hospital as well as community, jumped up today, now over 1600. Och, things aren’t good at all are they. Global famine levels never seen before forecast for the poor countries. Life will never ever be the same again for sure, I hope everyone realises that… How is there ever going to be an end to this and how many of us are going to be left standing…
    And those Tories are still ploughing on with blimmin Brexit…
    Sorry, can’t even look at your artwork, big eyes and all that… I’ll be trying to remember to record and watch your shows tomorrow!, and listen in on Friday. Love you xxx

  9. I think Innocence will be very popular along with the background stamps. Looking forward to Friday to see what Dee & you have lined up for us with demos.

  10. I haven’t been over to see my mum since this started, my sister sees her everyday and gets her what she needs as she’s in next road. She has also FaceTimed me when she’s with mum so that’s nice. I could drive over (only 10 mins away) and stand at the gate but I know I will just get upset so have avoided it so far and same goes for my great niece and nephew, we’re seeing them on facetime but I’m missing them now. It’s not as if we see them every day or even week sometimes, it’s just because it’s odd. Anyway, enough of that, I’ve left a thank you message taped to the wast bin tonight, I hope he notices! Need to do something for the paper boy (I think it’s a him – I haven’t seen him yet ! ) Hoping to get my postcards tomorrow or this week as I know they are out there somewhere and a couple of groovi plates that fell into my basket….. Love Innocence and the bear, will look forward to that. See you in the morning, thanks so much for the doodling. X

  11. I absolutely love that floral set. They are my favourites of all time. I’m glad you saw your parents, even at a distance, and that you are all well. I shall include Dave’s quiet contribution in my thoughts when I am clapping tomorrow. He may save one or more of our lives but he is also giving the gift of hope to NHS workers and others, just as you do doodling.

  12. Hi Barb,
    Glad that you got to see your Mum and Dad today – your visits will mean a lot to them even if you can’t be too close to each other. Love the floral friends – I have them as dies and am always impressed with the cards that I’ve made. Recorded the shows today as I wanted to get an 80 th birthday card made that is for my sister’s friend. Used one of the floral sprays ( new ones) and am super pleased with how it has turned out – I don’t really want to give it away!!! Tried to watch your Facebook live session this morning but for some reason it wouldn’t play so I’ll have to catch up with it later. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  13. I tried to watch the sky last night, but too much light pollution in my neck of the woods. It was 5 years yesterday since I lost my dear mum and I have just heard that my best friend has lost her dad. I need my doodling fix today to clear my head.
    I do love Thursdays – clapping and appreciating all those wonderful people. My granddaughter took her violin outside with us last week and played ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, which was beautiful.
    Hugs. Annette X

  14. Hello Barb, hope your Mum and Dad are doing ok, not easy when you have elderly relatives that you worry about, but I am sure being the close knit family that you are, that the love and care abounds. Love the new stamp sets, the mixed media backgrounds are fabulous. Take care and stay safe all. Hope Dave is not overdoing it. Bx

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