Ink & Brush Bloggy Special – and a Whole Heap of Gratitude!

Ink & Brush Bloggy Special – and a Whole Heap of Gratitude!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Early start here – and feeling so much better for it! Lying in bed underneath the featherbed does not make it all go away; in fact, it seems to wriggle in under the duvet and start worming its way into my thoughts. So the best thing to do is….


These are strange and frightening times. Our routines have been upended, completely capsized, and we are all out at sea. I can only speak for myself when I say that making a list and ticking the boxes helps me stay on an even keel.

The daily doodles in the SHAC – SHACK are fast becoming my favourite hour in the day.

I love getting together with a load of kind folks who are all in the same boat, and just hanging out doing something creative. It does require a little preppy effort and thought on my part, since I’m supposed to be steering the ship (gulp), but the rewards are plentiful – and at many different levels.

  • I have a purpose as soon as I open my eyes
  • The 10am daily doodle gives my days structure
  • I have a reason to dress nicely and put my make-up on
  • I have to clear my head in order to be able to explain the doodling processes
  • I have to smile and be cheerful – so I do -and I am
  • I have to stop worrying about shit I can’t control – just for an hour
  • It’s great to feel appreciated
  • My artwork is improving day by day
  • Seeing all your lovely artwork posted all over Facebook makes me very happy.

There. That’s my list. What about yours? It is a great distraction and escape, isn’t it? And addictive, and relaxing, and constructive, and fun – and cheap!!!

On a coolio note, here are a couple of CLARITY Web Shop offers which might speak to you, as they say! Great products – Great savings!

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Been going like the clappers today. Must be that new yoghurt….

A demain.

Stay safe, keep calm – and carry on crafting!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “Ink & Brush Bloggy Special – and a Whole Heap of Gratitude!

  1. Yoghurt? Sure it’s not a sugar rush! Had to catch up fast this morning as nothing happened when I logged on. Thankfully my daughter sent me an invitation to join and that did the trick. Hope my new iPad is not going to let me down… see you tomorrow. Xx

  2. I am really enjoying the day doodles, although I did struggle to get up this morning, as I was reading my book snuggled in bed and it’s a really good book.
    I am finding that afternoons are harder as I flitter about unsettled. I need to get myself more organised, so I can achieve more.
    I am looking forward to doodles tomorrow.

  3. Hi Barbara
    Loved watching you this morning.
    You are a tonic, and you inspire others to just forget what’s happening in the world for that hour or so.
    So thank you Barbara and everyone involved in this massive undertaking, ohh and not forgetting the team that keep getting our orders sent out thanks
    Have a lovely afternoon. Hugs 🤗

  4. I watch everyday, usually have to catch up later as you can guarantee phone goes or doorbell in that hour. Today it was our daughter dropping off some essential supplies. I love the frame and am looking forward to doing mine in a while. Just got to get on with it all, can’t change what is happening. Stay safe everyone. xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Did manage to watch you this morning and loved it even though I didn’t do the doodling as I’m so far behind. That doesn’t matter though as I’ll catchup in my own time. It has been gorgeous today and warmer as the wind has dropped. Dave and I went for a walk today and I have to say I could have throttled him! We were walking through some parkland and he said,”We’ll go this way for a change” , to which I replied ,”It’s too far for me”. So we would go another way and needless to say we couldn’t get out as all of the gates we locked! So we ended up going the way he’d wanted to go! He hurried back to get the car and I walked on a bit further to actually get out of the park and he picked me up. It was about 2 miles which has really put a strain on my knee and I’m now sitting with a blinking ice pack on it as it is like a pudding! “MEN” is all I can say!!! I’ll just have to have a rest tomorrow. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  6. Lovely doodling today! Your snippet about going like the clappers today made me chuckle! Wasn’t sure if you meant you had more energy or……. Xx

  7. I have been with Barb everyday since the beginning and told 100’s of people through social media and word of mouth. Many of those have in their turn, passed it on to others. I absolutely love the sessions and look forward to them each day.
    Today was one of my favourite days because I got totally absorbed in the lovely border.
    Also my sister’s Clarity package arrived today so she has micron pens, the set of postcards and Perga crayons to colour in with so she is all sorted 🙂 An early Birthday present 😊

  8. Bonjour Barbara
    I had to laugh this morning when you were talking about your massage! And then I thought that you could be called a « masseuse » for the brain with your soft voice which makes me zen and focus only on the design with an empty head 😊.
    Thank you for the useful tips like « pull the pen » « don’t look at the wheel while riding😅 » it works! I did not fell off my bicycle ! I never thought I could draw anything and I am quite proud of my designs and it makes me happy and wanting to learn more so thank you again !!! And these designs would make beautiful shac stamps and Groovi plates too. I send you peace and sun from Brittany. Amitié Elisabeth

  9. We too have structured our days and it does help. Depending on which day it is:
    Mornings………… housework and other essential jobs like mowing the lawn or cleaning windows
    Afternoons……… crafting, art, other hobbies
    Evenings………… reading, crosswords, TV (where it is even watchable!!) cross stitch or knitting
    Weekends……… shopping, total relaxation, doodling together
    Overall………….. listening to lots of lovely music
    This keeps us focused and we are never bored, are actually enjoying the lockdown and now that there is more daylight are finding more time to enjoy the garden.
    Enjoyed the shows (watched 2 so far) BUT HANGED IF i CAN FIND THE DIES. I know I have them, have used them a lot, but can only think that our house elf has spirited them away for the time being. They will turn up eventually. That’s the problem with being too tidy, if things get put away quickly it can often be in the wrong place.
    There is an up-side to this isolation – have you seen on the news that the atmosphere is improving – in places where there was lots of pollution the air is now clear. This could be a wake up call for those who don’t believe in climate change as we now have proof it is/was real.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  10. My hubby is the one for a list during the lockdown. He has been known to do something that’s not on the list & then write it on so he can tick it off.
    I just need to know the days of the week. Sunday is Melton Vineyard Church on Podcast & then the evening to put out the bins ready for Monday’s collection.
    We’ve also been satellite spotting & watching the shooting stars/meteors. Looking up helps put everything in prospective for me.
    Loved the demos on Hochanda today, especially the pruning, Paul. I immediately dusted off my plates & papers to have a go. Thank you. Much appreciated. Keep up the brilliant team work you guys. Hugs. 🌈👬👭👫👬👭👫🌈

  11. I really enjoyed doing the frame today and it helped me no end. I also put my face on every morning, as I have always done, as I seem to function better if I have made the effort. My granny always told me to dress properly when I went out, never wear ‘curlers’ and always wear lippie, just in case I had an accident. I have always lived by that! At least now we wear tights, so don’t have to worry about having a tanner to replace a broken suspender. 😂 Those were the days!!
    Looking forward to finishing the kite background tomorrow. See you in the morning. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Another lovely morning, spending an hour with you then another hour catching up. You are a real godsend to us all Barb. No walk for me today as my back is so painful, so put on a heat pad, it has helped a bit. Must go shopping after our 8 PM clapping and banging my wooden spoon on a place mat session for the NHS and key workers. We go around 8.30 pm in the hope that it will be quiet in Tesco. Hope you have had a good day. Will be joining you again tomorrow, looking forward to finishing our little scene. Take care Barb and keep safe, lots of love and hugs Pam xxx

  13. You look lovely every day. Your session is doing me the power of good. Really distracting. Mind you the house is suffering because after watching you, I go off and craft! Lots of 💖

  14. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Loved watching the shows over the last few days.
    You and Dave are amazing, thank you for ppe.
    An inspiration to everyone.
    Lynn xxx 🌈

  15. Really enjoyed what I could manage of the doodle today. I can only sit upright with legs down for half an hour max, so do what I can at the table then do the rest the next day – watching the programme from the settee while my 89 year old friend carries on!! My 005 an 01 micron pens have virtually run out and I only got them last week!! I’ll have to try and get repeats of just those. And not doodle so much… I only do the daily lessons but it must be too much. Friend’s pens have also run out and now she has a new set of microns. Really looking forward to colouring next week -got the bookmarks as well as the postcards! No wobbles at all and no problem keeping occupied (I love the lockdown)-I think the wobbles will be when I first go out again!!

  16. I’m not a list person nor particularly a person of routines. But I do enjoy doodling live with you at 10am. Around once a week i join late but it never seems exactly the same which I find strange for me.
    I’m glad you introduced the Groovi project for the weekend as I was beginning to feel lost without the doodling session.
    Thank you Barbara because I wouldn’t be doing it without your guidance and chat.

  17. I doodled live with you all today for the very first time and I LOVED it! Apart from a few phone call interruptions & taking cooking out of the oven I was in the zone & really chuffed with my work can’t share as I’m not on FB. This is also the first time commenting on your blog Barbara, I’ve been a lurker for far too long! Will have to play doodling catch up as being a key worker I’m still going into work but now I’ve started it has lifted my mood and I want to continue…
    Keep up the motivation & brilliant work … Steph x

  18. Thanks for the daily fix of doodles Barbara, I so look forward to it! A complete change of art work for me but has been a game changer just as I needed one. Forget all the jobs I had promised myself I would get done, I’m doodling. A tip for doodlers: I photocopy my work in progress so that I can doodle whilst watching without spoiling the original. X

  19. I had a lovely day yesterday doing the balloon and then the heart. I haven’t shaded the heart as I have yet to find a pencil but I may move on to this week and leave it anyway. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.

    Vitamin D3 may raise your immunity and help you if you get the chest condition ARDS. Listen to the evidence and decide for yourself. The man talking is a nurse and professor. We may be able to help ourselves more than by just staying in but I’m not a doctor.

  20. Hey Barbara!
    I was so excited when I found you on you tube about a year ago….I love your videos, the other designers are great as well, however, your sense of humor and outlook on life are what I can’t wait to hear. I have been following you every day at the SHAC Shack as well, I catch you a bit later on You Tube. My 10:00am in Birmingham Alabama is quite a bit different than your 10:00am in South England. My daughter (11) has absolutely loved listening to your accent (as apposed to the southern draw she hears everyday around here) and drawing what you teach for several days now as well.
    I have so enjoyed the daily hour we spend with you on so many fronts.
    I wanted to let you know, I ordered the post cards as well and some Groovi things to do on the weekends. I haven’t received the post cards yet, so I have my fingers crossed they get here in time, but if they don’t would there be a chance that something can be downloaded for us to start with until the cards to show? Thanks so much for all that you are doing for all of us around the globe. Sending many hugs your way.

  21. I love your daily doodles! I live in Edmonton, Canada so you are live at 2 AM here.
    But i watch you everyday since I saw by chance one of your live programs. Then I went on facebook and I almos gone through all the Shac_Shack videos.

  22. I am so far behind with the doodles but will catch up at some point. this is because I have gone rebel and have been addicted to make gelli plate backgrounds. I am blaming Sam Crowe for that, or rather thanking her. Having fun doing it but I have loads. Now to plan what to do with them next. Wondering if I can doodle on top of them now. Really looking forward to Dees new stuff today too

  23. You should have been at my table yesterday!!! Suddenly my darling husband Michael came in with all different plates, pudding bowls, cups as I shouted “need to make two circles” Panic…. phew it was such a laugh. He said “I thought all you needed was a piece of paper, pen, pencil and rubber not the kitchen sink!. Bless him he gets me ready and on time so as not to miss my daily doodle. Just love it thank you Barb xxx

  24. Dear Barbara, I would like to add my thanks to your brilliant sessions! I do my work list first – out in garden, digging or planting seeds, or sewing bits for NHS workers, washing, that sort of stuff. Then at 3.30 to 4 o’clock it is my doodle hour. I shut the door of the bedroom and sit on my bed with my iPad and am lost for an hour. It is wonderful. Last weekend I made a doodle frame for Jacob, my number one Grandson and this weekend I will do one for Isaac. We miss them so much and video calls are not the same as giving them a cuddle or crawling around on the floor with them. The doodles will be framed and gifted as they both drew us rainbows for our wall last week. I have even passed on the link to my sister and a good friend who is in a different county and they love it too. Thank you for what you and your team do. You are magical. Xx

  25. Hi Barb, I am going very slowly with the catch up of the doodle sessions, due to the day job, which as I work from home anyway, I cannot really get away from. Have not seen this one yet, and am looking forward to it, it is so beautiful. Well done to everyone posting theirs on FB, they are fabulous. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  26. Dear Barbara I am so loving the Doodling sessions. I know you hear this a lot but I never thought I would be able to draw things like this. I am so pleased with my efforts thank you for all the guidance. I am already looking forward to next week. It is good to have a plan. Stay safe and take care. Hugs Jackie

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