Away with the fairies!

Away with the fairies!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Hope you are staying safe and keeping busy? BUSY??I’ve already blitzed the bedroom, the bathrooms and the kitchen! Listened to 3 chapters of my book at the same time, emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher and folded the laundry (I draw the line at ironing today!) . Oh. AND had my yoghurt!! What next ???? It’s TV day today. At 11am and 3pm we are away with the fairies! Showcasing magnificent Fairy dies, stamps, stencils and Groovi plates. I like these designs very much; beautiful and original artwork by our dear friend Mel Turner. Here are the fresh Cut Dies. Paul will be showing them off at 3pm, together with the Groovi plates.

I’m on at 11am, demming the same gorgeous images in the form of 3-way stamps, and the stencils.

Oh! And I’ve also managed to get some of our Wee Fairies and Elves made! They are just delightful to use! And really rinky dink, but very detailed.

Hope you can join us today at 1 and 3 for the fairies!

And there’s a very special hour at 1pm too. Sandwiched inbetween the lovely fairies!

It’s a one-hour special, launching a fabulous DOUBLE Alphabet and Numbers Stamp Set – at an irresistible price. Just when you really wanted to personalise a card for a very special person…I have made a card for a very special gentleman indeed – I am sure you will already know who. What a legend! And what a surprise achievement! An uplifting story in the midst of this carnage.

Tune in at 1pm for that. And maybe get there early – because I have a feeling they will fly – and we weren’t able to make as many as we usually do!

Love and Hugs.

Barb xxx

Best go figure out out to skype HOCHANDA at 11am so we can all get together over there! It’s all go here!!

23 thoughts on “Away with the fairies!

  1. Morning, I have just spent the last hour looking for my box of embossing powder, which I have now just found. Thankfully found it as I need it for an on line class shortly. In the process I have managed to empty 2 bags of “stuff”, filled the bin and organised a few boxes better, and put some stuff away too. Perhaps I should loose things more often!
    I am recording the shows today, as habbie and son will no doubt commandeer the TV today and declare a hochanda free zone!
    I love the wee fairy stamps and use them often.

  2. Morning Barbara, I too, am cleaning, but just about to sit down with coffee and catch up on some Shac Shack videos. I came across them on Good Friday, so whilst I can’t watch you live, I sit in the afternoon and doodle along and answer you (I’m not mad really🤪, well maybe just a little). I generally sew, but have dabbled in paper craft in the past and I didn’t realise how much fun doodling can be. I’m now playing catch-up on the few days I have missed, which will fill my weekend. I love fairies so going to try and watch Hochanda later, what to do first!!! Thank you Barbara for using your time to make these videos they truly are inspirational and loving every minute of them. Take care, stay safe and have a great day xx

  3. Wow! You’re on the ball today! All I have done is watch most of yesterday youtube again so that I could finish off my doodle – such as it is – and redo my flower. Now got you doing demos on Hochanda but I really do need to work! That said, I also have lettuce to plant and more moss to take out of another bit of the grass! That is definitely a work in progress. Lol. Had to order a new mower the other day as well! Just hope it is not too heavy when it gets here but at least it should cut the grass! Hope you have a lovely day between Skypes! Another beautiful day here. If you want to have fun tonight, you could get a zoom team together – all the family – and join in a quiz. All you have to do is find Martin Fair on FB live at 8 p.m. tonight and message him your score at the end of the quiz – if you want. It’s good fun. Will post on your FB pages is that is ok. Maybe others would like to join in. There are hundreds take part from all over the country. Have a good day. Hx

  4. Just got in from doing some weeding, so I’m sorry I missed the shows – hopefully I’ll get to see the 1pm show whilst I’m having my lunch. It’s boiling up here today – shame I can’t go for a lovely beach walk, but feeling so very grateful that I have a garden. Hope you can enjoy your “day off”, although it sounds like it’s been busy so far! x

  5. Beautiful Barb. And you put another smile on my face seeing you on Skype. Yep, how wonderful Tom is, and the way his efforts have gone viral. He’s now got a star spot on a song, you’ll never walk alone, that is going to be released for charity. There’s a lady in her 90’s up here who is walking up and down her stairs equal to the height of a mountain up here… I did think what could I manage up and down my hall, but with no one to sponsor me it would be quite pointless!!! Maybe I should just stick with the cataloguing I was doing until I fell down the blackhole, eh…! And support those who are doing so much be that essential workers or those raising funds for them.

    Methinks those alphabet stamps will be heading my way, just waiting to see the size of them, that they aren’t too big for the size of things I make. I can wait until you make more, don’t want to get trampled under the stampede, me being a little one 😉 I already have the wee fairies and I have actually used them, more than once…

    I’m off to change my bed and get the washing on, today’s chore, then I can sit and watch you at 1pm. Hoping to tackle the hot air balloon lesson this afternoon in the sunny craft room hopefully. We’ve got blue sky up here for once, that lifts the spirits a wee bit eh. Still cold though.

    Good luck with your shows. Hope your blitzing the house this morning means you can chill this afternoon, in your garden if the weather is ok down your way. Love you xxx

    1. Proud to say the alphabet stamp bundle will be heading my way! I beat the stampede by ordering from Clarity. Plenty space to social distance there folks!!! A set of the postcards fell into my basket too… I did already have a set, but, numpty me, I know I will be making too many mistakes when Barb teaches us to colour so another set was essential, one for practice and one to do properly… Thanks Barb xx

      1. Aww, warms the cockles of my heart Barb, that you can do your bit for our heroes and heroines. Face shields are such an important piece of kit for those most at risk. I hope some comes up this way too as we are also running out. I was thinking, have you thought about slitting your thin paper bags and wrapping the stamps inside them before putting in the proper bag? Or even wrapping them in clingfilm. That way they wouldn’t stick to the paper, but also you could use all that extra acetate to make even more face shields. I’m sure all of us wouldn’t mind getting our stamps just wrapped in plastic/clingfilm. If anyone gives you grief, send them to me and I’ll show them what’s past the ends of their noses…! You and Dave, more unsung heroes in all this xxxx

  6. Loved your demo on Hochanda this morning, especially the fairies in the clouds. Hubby heaved a sigh of relief when I said I already had the Fairy bundle and the Cherry Green bundle. Didn’t like to tell him the tall alphabet letter boxes would be falling into my basket later – haha!!!
    Very overcast here today, although quite warm. Slept late this morning but managed to pop out for my Saturday paper before the 11am show so will still have the puzzles and crosswords to do later.
    Just watching the 1pm show now.

  7. Am not at work today, although have done a few things by email to keep up, and popped into one of the services to make sure they’re OK. We’ve got so many changes to our services – we moved all our antenatal clinics to Spurs football stadium this week so women don’t have to come onto the main hospital site for routine appointments (cos we can’t cancel those!). Have been shopping this morning, and got groceries for my friend who’s husband died on Monday. My sons went shopping for their grandparents and delivered those as well. So am going to catch up with Hochanda this afternoon, do some doodling and have a virtual coffee on Zoom with a couple of friends.

  8. Been busy making pastry ready to make some chicken pies later for tomorrow and to freeze. I then thought I’d stick all my doodles into a book to keep a record of our doodling sessions in the Shac Shack with you. So will catch up with your shows later today or this evening. You have certainly been busy blitzing the house, hope you manage to have relaxing time for the rest of the weekend. Stay safe you and yours Barb. Much love Pam xxx

  9. Love this fairy card, I must have a play. Rained this morning, so bit of housework done before your shows. Enjoyed your shows, ordered the tall alphabet sets from Clarity. Looking forward to seeing Paul’s show later, then it will be time for my pals dinner, and walkies. xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Well done to Clarity for your donation for visors. Brilliant! Another example of your thoughtfulness. Watched the 1pm show and guess what? Yes, the alphabet complete set fell into my Clarity basket! Love it! Great that it sold out so quickly and the extended stock too. I wasn’t alone in liking it then! Loved your card for Captain Tom as well, I’m sure he’ll love it. That man is such an inspiration to us all. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Dear Barbara & Dave
    I did wonder why my last stamps only had one piece of acetate and now I know. What a wonderful kind gesture not only donating the acetate but helping in the manufacturing process too. Hats off to you both! I have a sister working with Covid patients in hospital so on behalf of her and all other NHS staff – thank you xxx

  12. Afternoon Barbara, I am loving doodling along with you, although I can’t watch you live I do catch up in the afternoon. I didn’t pick up on your shac snacks until Good Friday, so I am now playing catch up with the ones I have missed. I just wanted to thank you so much for the time you are putting into these sessions, you are truly amazing. Take care and stay safe x

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  14. Finally managed to catch up on the shows but was too late to order the alphabet sets – they were such good value as well. What you Barbara and Dave have done regarding the acetate is brilliant. Can’t wait for next weeks shad shac as it has been the only thing keeping me sane this week. You really are a superstar Barbara, you deserve a medal. Keep safe everyone.

  15. Hello dear Barbara. I love all of your videos and you are like a friend for me. I often n giggle at and with you. Just now venturing away from the YTube site to visit more often with you.
    Barb, I live in Southeast Texas between Houston and the Louisiana border. We have been blocked from entering that state due to the number of C-19 they have over there. It is tragic how this has happened but folks like you are truly helping a great many of us, I want to thank you very much for that.
    Then what you and Dave are doing with the acetate is so commendable!!! thank you for that as well. xxxx
    Love and prayers for all of us… Bobbi in TX

  16. Well I knew I would have to get the alphabet stamps.terrific value too. Well done on your face mask endeavours too. Thank you

  17. Forgot to watch today and I love fairies!
    Perhaps I never grow ould and still in my toddlers time??? Who knows…
    Take care and see you tomorrow!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  18. Hi Barb, shows were just amazing, loved all the demo videos. Put some items on my ever growing wish list. Take care all. Bx

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