Bobbing and Weaving!

Bobbing and Weaving!

Thanks for popping in. Such a busy day !! So much for hanging out in the garden and honing my Lino Cutting skills! Not this week anyway!

Our SHAC SHACK daily doodling with the hot air balloon is coming along nicely, and tomorrow we’ll be adding a nice back drop. We got a great basket weave going today, didn’t we?! I nearly lost the plot there for a moment – but hey! It’s all just a bit of doodle fun – to help us all keep going during our lockdown, eh. It’s certainly giving me a purpose and a direction first thing every day! I love it!!! I hope you do, too.

So be sure to tune in at 10am on Facebook Live on the Facebook Clarity page, or catch up later on YouTube.

We’re definitely making waves as well as weaves! I got a phone call from the London Broadcasting Corporation, who wanted to interview me on live radio! LBC News! Apparently, they’ve heard about our SHAC-Shack, and wanted to find out what we’re up to. I actually had a 10 minute interview, where I was able to explain how doodling – and craft in general – is really working wonders for us. How we get together every morning at 10am for our arty doodle session, and how it is giving us a safe place to go hang out with friends and how it’s keeping us on an even keel through this awful time. They wanted an uplifting story for once, instead of constant doom and gloom – and we Clarity folk were able to give them that in spadefuls.

I was shaking like a leaf throughout the interview! But I managed to woffle my way through it. And just as I was getting warmed up – it was over!! But he said he’d like to speak to me again – so we shall see… Martin Stanford was his name. Nice man.

Then over to Medway, to take Mum and Dad their weekly shopping. We sat miles apart in the garden and had to talk very loudly to hear each other. God knows what the neighbours must have thought! Who cares, eh. And it was very fresh too! Brass monkeys! But it was great to see them after all these weeks – even if we weren’t able to have a hug and a kiss.

Then back home – lots of business calls and catch ups after the Easter weekend, and before you know it, it’s tea time – and I haven’t blogged yet!

Tomorrow we’re on HOCHANDA TV at 1pm and 5pm. I’m showcasing a set of my favourite stamps, dies, stencils and Groovi plates: The Happy Couple Collection.

You may well recognise this design. It’s the one I drew for our wedding invitations. Love this one. Has a very special place in my heart.

So tomorrow, I shall be demming it and the other 3 in the Collection, which were illustrated by lovely Mel.

There’s something for everyone – not only the lovely Dies, but also Stamps, Stencils AND Groovi plates!

There are also some great special offers on the telly tomorrow! Hope you can join us. 10am live Doodle session in the SHAC-Shack, then 1pm and 3pm over on

No time to get bored here!!

Stay safe, keep calm and craft!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “Bobbing and Weaving!

  1. It’s nice to see my dad when I take his shopping though I only stand in the doorway and he stands in the hall of his little flat. We wave at each other though. Still got a lot of catching up to do on the doodling front

  2. So glad that the word is spreading and more people will be able to join in the doodling. It is wonderful to see how many people are showing their work and benefiting from the daily get togethers. You are doing a great job for us.
    I am pleased to hear that your parents are well and glad that you were able to see them today. Even at a distance, it is so much better than FaceTime, although I don’t know how we would all manage without that at the moment. It is a life line for so many people who are alone.
    Looking forward to a Clarity day tomorrow. Sleep well. Hugs. Annette X

  3. Really enjoyed this morning learning to weave.
    After that my day kinda went not as planned! Started sewing a quilt, but after changing the spool and the reel it was getting all caught up on itself. Ended up doing another bobin, then taking machine apart to oil and clean out fluff, it still wasn’t going! So then decided to go and bake, but opened cupboard and trays came tumbling out. So two hours later after clearing out the cupboard I started baking. Made white chocolate and salted caramel cupcakes. This was all in between the Whirly collapsing on itself several times. Very interesting day!!

  4. How wonderful that such a great company like Clarity have been recognised during this unprecedented time as doing something to keep our spirts up, whilst educating and having a giggle at the same time. Great that you got to visit your parents, even though it was cold and at a distance. On our walk each day we pass a Care home and have started waving to the only old gentlemen sat in what we assume is the television room. He waves back and gives us a thumbs up and has even blown me a kiss or two. When this is over I intend to venture in and say hello in person.

  5. How wonderful that such a great company like Clarity have been recognised during this unprecedented time as doing something to keep our spirts up, whilst educating and having a giggle at the same time. Great that you got to visit your parents, even though it was cold and at a distance. On our walk each day we pass a Care home and have started waving to the only old gentlemen sat in what we assume is the television room. He waves back and gives us a thumbs up and has even blown me a kiss or two. When this is over I intend to venture in and say hello in person. Have the planner set for the shows tomorrow. x

  6. Lovely to hear you get to see your mum and dad, even from a distance. I to do mum and dad’s shopping and take it over on a Saturday morning. Enjoyed the balloon , on LBC radio today who knows maybe local and national TV before all this is over , you deserve all the recognition keeping us all sane . Will be tuning in tomorrow xx

  7. Wondered how long it would be before the media caught on to our lovely creative group. There will be so many more people looking on Youtube or Facebook to join you on your doodle quest. Told a non crafting friend about it and she is having a go, so far delighted with what she has achieved with the first weeks doodles.
    Lovely sunny day here in Norfolk, the part turned up for my unit, Ray put it together before lunch and I spent a useful couple of hours re-organising, so all in all a very gratifyng day.
    So pleased your parents are keeping well and that you are still able to see them albeit from a distance.
    Keep safe, keep well and keep smiling😊
    PS: does anyone know if we can hear the interview on line?

  8. What a fantastic opportunity today. Good news stories are few and far between so I’m sure that will give everyone who hears the interview a boost and there may well be a whole lot more doodlers join the happy throng!
    Glad your mum and dad are well and that you were able to spend some time with them.
    I was in the garage again today. Painted another panel and planted up cosmos and cucumber plants. I think I’ll be able to start a stall soon! Despite given some cucumber plants away to the children and neighbours round about, there are still loads! There’s going to be an abundance of cucumbers in our area before too long! Lol. Looking forward to your demos tomorrow. Have a good night. Hx

  9. I’ve not started the doodling yet but have watched every day since the beginning. I wanted to have a journal to put my drawings in. Thankfully it arrived this afternoon so will be starting at the weekend and will try to catch up by next Monday. I have tried to do the bird table on the back of an envelope but couldn’t get the proportions quite right on such a small piece.

  10. Haven’t been able to join the FB live Shac shack sessions but going to start tomorrow from the beginning. I have been so impressed by what everyone has created I want to have a go. It has been very warm here on the East Cost, bright sunshine, blue skies just perfect for my morning 4 mile walk with Molly dog. Looking forward to the new challenge . Keep safe .

  11. Great that word is getting out about what a great job you are doing to help us all through this awful time, I know I have been sharing the link with everyone I know to get them a doodling! Loved the ballooning today and had to master the weave later as I didn’t think I really mastered it this morning. Looking forward to creating a scene in the morning. Hope all is good with your mum and dad and that it won’t be too long before we can all spend proper time with our loved ones. Sleep tight and see you in the morning x

  12. Wow what a day. After my cow pat balloon of yesterday the weaving was a nightmare as I’m so directionally challenged. However I decided it wasn’t going to get the better of me and I’m so pleased I finally managed to crack it. All I’ve got to do now is scale it down to fit in the basket. This doodling lark certainly keeps me out of trouble and stops my mind from worrying about all the other stuff that’s going on. I can’t thank you enough Barbara for taking the time and effort to help us all focus on something far more enjoyable. All I need to do now is to try and work out how to post my efforts. Keep safe everyone.

  13. Very pleased your inspiration work has been acknowledged by the press. We all knew how fantastic you and your company is, now the wider community can know! Thank you Barbara.

  14. Just going to catch up on my doodling, I am way behind but enjoying them so much. My postcards and perga pencils arrived today- 13 days after they were dispatched!! I was beginning to get worried that they had gone missing.
    Glad you’re getting to see your parents even at a distance. I am so lucky as one of our sons built a house in our bottom garden and I can see my grandchildren every day and talk to them from a distance. Ella showed me the fairy house she has made using a 4 pint milk container with little pebbles glued all over it. She’s very creative.
    Stay safe everyone xx

  15. How great that you are being recognised for what you do, hope we get to see your interview in the near future, there aren’t many people who would give the amount of time you give us, I mean it’s not just the time of doodling it’s all the background time you spend working out the programme. Must admit I love it, need to try the hot air balloon again, mine was too small yesterday so couldn’t fit all the pattern in, started again last night but too big although I carried on today got in a bit of a mess with the basket. Nevermind it’s great practise. Glad you were able to see your parents today, so hard not to give hugs isn’t it. Saw my Nephew whilst on our little walk, we did have a chat at a distance but as we left he said better not hug then, we agreed, but it did hit home as we hadn’t seen him for over a year. Hopefully we will be able to in a month or so. We must keep

  16. I’m way behind with the doodling but have enjoyed what I’ve done so far. So pleased your kindness has been recognised by the media too – you thoroughly deserve it. How lovely to have seen your parents too, albeit at a safe distance. I have to rely on my nephews and siblings to drop by with shopping, but I did send a goodies parcel and some books last week to keep them going. Stay safe everyone x

  17. Well – my gondola will not be a woven style! After a few tears shed in frustration, and a worn out eraser – it will be a solid style with pretty decoration! I can’t draw identical squares !! I wasn’t allowed in the art room at school after age 12! Will carry on with the rest of the doodling, as I have learnt so much so thank you for that!! Why do I love clarity stamps so much? Because drawing is just not my thing!!

  18. Glad you managed a distant chat with your Mum and Dad Barbara whilst delivering the shopping, and your fame has spread with the LBC interview, how wonderful and so deserved! I think we should start calling you the Dynamic x

  19. Glad you are beginning to get the recognition you deserve. Londoners have been very hard hit, so there is no better place for hope to be spread as some come to terms and others recover. The message will spread as it is needed. My neighbour died last Thursday so my whole street needs you and General Grace to follow through the fear. Every doodle is an act of resistance.

  20. Hi Barbara
    Your Basket weave looks amazing not tried it yet but I will
    Glad you were able to see and talk to your mum and dad. As for being interviewed well I bet you just took it in your stride. I am loving your doodle sessions but more than that I love the way you give a little of yourself on a personal level sharing your feelings and just chatting in general. Thank you 😊

  21. Hi Barb,
    How fabulous that the word has got out! I hope we will be able to hear your interview with LBC sometime . I’m really glad that you are getting some recognition for everything that you are doing for us. I love the basket weaving – it was one of my favourite zentangle patterns. Great that you got to spend some time with your mum and dad even though you had to stay apart – it would have meant a lot to them as well. Stay safe and well, love Alison xx

  22. Hello Barb, what brilliant news to know that crafting is making waves, good ones. Hope Mum and Dad are ok, at least you could get to them and have a chat even from a distance. Like the look of the basket weave, must catch up with that one. Take care and stay safe everyone, looking forward to catching up on FB and Youtube (actually found out yesterday that the wife of an ex work mate, is a clarity follower and avid doodler). Bx

  23. Good morning all,
    Another beautiful sunny day here on the outskirts of London.
    Can’t wait to hear your interview Barbara.
    I have listen to LBC every day since it first broad caste in 1973, it now airs nation wide in the UK, so all you crafty girls and boys will be able to hear our Barb spread the joy of crafting.
    If anyone deserves recognition for lifting the spirit it,s Barbara!

  24. Hi All
    Never commented before but I am thrilled you were interviewed by Martin Stanford. When we were much younger he worked for BBC Radio Northampton and I listened to him each morning when the children were small. He even phoned up our son on air when it was his 4th birthday. He is a first class broadcaster. I am loving the doodles. I am quite good at craft but not good at drawing but I am learning such a lot. My 7 year old grandaughter and her mum who live in Leicester are now doing it and my 8 year old grandaughter in Holmes Chapel is also doing it. I found the steps tricky and for “elf and safety” had to put in a rail so that they were not floating. I managed the weave in large format but struggled somewhat when shrinking it. Managed it in the end. Just have to persevere and as I have plenty of time that is OK. Looking forward to completing the picture today.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  25. I am retiring at the end of the month and looking forward to time to doodle and follow along with all of the videos. I love you website, products, videos and everything about Clarity. It is great fun.
    Thank you,

  26. Hello from Cape Town, South Africa. I’m a very late newcomer to your fabulous Shac Shack – thank you so much! You’re a gem. I’ve just been bumbling through episode 13 – so so much loveliness still to get through – and spent the last few hours trying to get the basket weave right – and I’m a hobby weaver with my own 8-shaft loom and attend weekly classes! – and I’m ecstatic to relate that I’ve finally got it right by following the blow-up on your blog! Eureka! Long may you continue! Lots of love

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