Stop the Clock…

Stop the Clock…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Left Glasgow at 7.30 am, and just flicked the kettle on in our lovely warm kitchen at bang on 5pm. Made good time, and even swang by the TV studios to pick the car up, which we left there a week ago! Still a long way though.

Don’t ping back like I used to. Thankfully we’ve got a week off before the NEC…

So what did I do for 4 days at the SEC? What demos did I do? Nothing new to you, but there were plenty of folks at the show who had never heard of Clarity or me, which I really liked actually. I enjoy the anonymity. It’s OK being able to just entertain people who have no expectation, no preconception. Anyway. I took a few pics….

Showed some shading tricks, using Tina’s lovely Floral Spray and Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.

All were very popular and sold well. The pencils too, which are a considered purchase indeed.

You’ll notice I used our new Dots and Spots Mixed Impressions mat in the background too. Sold out of them!

The little card on the new Toscana Parchment with the blue tit certainly attracted a lot of people, so I just showed off the way the designer parchment works. -and they flew out the door with the garden birds stampset!

Then I made loads of samples with The Happy Couple Fresh Cut Die – until that one sold out! Then moved on to others of course.

The trap-the-scrap technique certainly impressed them!

I did push the boat out and make a lovely gilded canvas board using the Queen Anne’s Lace Die, which I blimming LOVE. Very simple and very effective:

Yes. Non stop, to be honest, with loads more inbetween. 3-way overlay stamps, stencils, gelpress – the list goes on. But when you have a friendly, grateful, creative audience, you just keep going. Well – I do.

And I shall do it all again at the NEC!

But now it’s time to stop.

Until tomorrow.

Love and Hugs as always,

Barb xx

Bath. Bed…..

23 thoughts on “Stop the Clock…

  1. Good to hear you have made it home safe.
    Tonight I finally have time to get out the stamps I bought on Thursday from you. It has been full on for the last few days, but going to enjoy my down time tonight playing with my inks.
    Hope that you catch up on your sleep and feel recharged soon.

  2. Glad your home safe , and the shows were a success . Nothing beats a cuppa in your own home after being away , it’s the first thing I do as soon as I get home .

  3. Hi there. Glad you got home safely. I got home about the same time. Maybe slightly later. Sleet or rain all the way but a good run up nonetheless. I take my hat off to the three of you. It’s incredible the work that goes into putting the show together, keeping us all entertained and taking it all apart but an incredibly well oiled machine – only none of you is a machine but genuinely lovely people who do your very best for all of us. Thank you from me. I’ll say goodnight now as I suspect you’ll hit the hay quite early tonight. Enjoy a well deserved rest. Hx

  4. Great to hear you had a smashing time up North & lived to tell the tale. Meanwhile it’s all happening in The Archers 😱 We can’t lose Linda……
    Can’t stop……

  5. Busy as always. Now take a few days to catch your breath…you know you can rely on your team. Hope you feel restored soon x

  6. Evening Barbara
    You were probably at Oundle at about the same time we were. Four of us have spent a great Groovi weekend in Scarborough with Josie Davidson and Chris Walker and we were our way home, having dropped Karen off in Boston.

  7. It was fabulous to see you back at Glasgow for the craft show. Me and mum had a fabulous day. Love watching your shows too. Remember and get extra loo roll you never know when you’ll need it 😆

  8. Sounds as though you had a great time at the show & a good trip back today. Hopefully you will have a quieter week to come before packing up again for the NEC. Fingers crossed this doesn’t get cancelled.
    I have started a challenge to myself to use all my club stuff starting with the dies. It could take a while but I am also using card/papers from my bit box rather than going for a new piece.

  9. Thank you for coming to Glasgow it was lovely to see you on Thursday and great demonstrations.
    Have a restful few days xx

  10. So glad you are home safely. Have a good rest before getting on the road again.
    Your demo’s are great as usual and I think that the blue tit may be my all time favourite. Groovi has been my saviour this last week, kept me from tearing my hair out following the car write off. The insurance company have been brilliant and our new car is being delivered on Wednesday.
    See there are more lovely plates coming up on TV but I’m sitting on my hands this time.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  11. Glad you back safely. What a long trip, so glad you were appreciated. I have spent some time this afternoon looking back at some early design club sheets. Need to get some of the older stamps out. X

  12. Hi Barb, glad you are all home safe and sound. Thank you so much for making the huge effort to come up to Scotland, such a gruelling week for the 3 of you. Hopefully the word will spread and the crafty tartan army will descend on you in even bigger droves in October.

    Thank you for showing us your demos too. Your shading is amazing on Tina’s floral stamp, it looks so raised from the background, like it’s a die cut just lying loosely on the background. Thanks for showing the spots background too, I couldn’t decide between this and the rusted metal set, but I like the look of the spots one you show here, so I’ll go for that set. I guess the big stamp will still work with the smaller size stuff I make, just mask off the area on the stamp eh. I’ve been feeling in the mood to colour in, couldn’t find anything I felt like I wanted to colour in though…

    Hope you have a really good sleep in your own bed tonight, and it starts to recharge your batteries. I’m going to be curling up all cosy and comfy in my bed too soon, been a rubbish day cfs wise, feeling fluey and sleepy as a result 🙁. Love you xxx

  13. Wonderful inspiration, glad it went well, very lucky people indeed.

    My mothers day order arrived today, thank you very much to the team at Clarity towers x

  14. Hi Barb,
    Glad you’re home safe and sound and you will be looking forward to sleeping in your own bed tonight. Lovely to see the demos you did and good that you had lots of sell outs. Just had an email for this week’s shows and the new 3 way overlay stamps look fantastic. Get a good night’s rest, love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  15. Glad to hear you are home safely. Your demos look fantastic the flower sprays seem to jump off the page, must get my background stamps out as I have only used a couple, love the colours you’ve used too. Glad your sales went well and that you had a lot of visitors that hadn’t even heard of Clarity. Hope you manage to slow down now a bit before you start again at the NEC. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  16. Glad you made home safely. Take lots of rest…you deserve it. I can’t wait to see Maria on Wednesday to showcase the city stamps. Hopefully, it’ll be available in Groovi soon. Thank you for making such wonderful products for us, crafters.

  17. Glad you had a good journey home Barbara, and hopefully you will be taking it relatively easy for a few days..oink! ..oink! ..ooh, was that a little winged piggy I saw x

  18. So good to hear home safe long day but did it in good time rest up a bit today at least. Demos like great that you did . Hope you get a lay in

  19. So good to hear home safe long day but did it in good time rest up a bit today at least. Demos like great that you did . Hope you get a lay in

  20. Hi Barb, so glad to hear that you all got home safely. Hopefully you will rest up before NEC. Love the look of all the demo pieces. I am sure everyone enjoyed meeting up again or meeting for the first time. I remember well the first time I met Clarity at Stamperama in Stevenage. what a life changer. Take care all. Bx

  21. Glad to see you’re all back safe and hopefully you’ll get a decent rest until the NEC

  22. great that you had a smooth journey back home. Looks like it was a really good show. Hope you get enough of a break before the NEC starts. Thanks for the inspiration as well – I haven’t used my new Tina’s floral spray stamp yet, and am now going to get it out of the packet 🙂

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