London Paris New York! We’re all in this together!

London Paris New York! We’re all in this together!

Hi there, bonjour!

Thanks for popping in.

What a crazy world we are living in just now. All very worrying for sure, but at Clarity we are striving to keep things upbeat and positive! The show must go on!
Maria is showcasing some fantastic 3-way overlay stamps tomorrow. Very appropriate too actually, when you consider that wherever we may live, we are all most certainly in this world together.
Mel drew these wonderful Paris, New York and London images for us. They are so brilliant! So detailed too! When you look closely at them, the different iconic elements begin to pop out. Look….

See the DoubleDecker bus?
I added a little shade to herself, the Statue of Liberty, to make her stand out too…

And in gay Paris, spot the Metro!

There are so many clip arty Paris London New York Images out there. These are totally original and different. Mel is so talented.

Follow my how to trail through London, Paris and New York below….

I stamped the First of the 3 stamps first – the outline. It’s the top one in each of the three City sets. Black Archival or Versafine ink is best for a crisp image.

Next, I went to the third stamp in each set, the background fill. Dabbed red and blue Artistry ink on the stamp surface, spread the colour bands over the stamp with a brayer, and planted the in fill within the line art.

Lastly, added a drop shadow here and there, to make some of the iconic elements pop.

Maria will be on HOCHANDA at 12 noon and 4pm. I look forward to see her work her magic with these beauties.

Be safe. Love Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “London Paris New York! We’re all in this together!

  1. Quite like these, don’t usually do buildings, but these, yes, I do like. Who is the girl I see waving in (almost) the middle of the gay Paris stamp? Will be getting these, soon.

  2. Evening Barbara! Hope you are recovering from your trip to Glasgow!
    I love these new stamps and stencils. Really cool iconic images. I enjoyed working with them.
    Have a relaxing evening.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Looks like you were busy today with all that stamping.
    Great blog from Grace today – didn’t they do well with their fund raising 👍
    Will have to record the shows tomorrow as we have to be out most of the day.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Hi Barb,
    Hope you managed a good night’s rest. These stamps are fabulous. Well done Mel, they are truly original. Looking forward to the shows with Maria tomorrow and to seeing what the super DT have come up with yet again. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  5. Can’t wait to see the new stamps in action, will fit really nicely on my scrapbook pages of New York, already used the Statue of Liberty and Stars and Stripes stencils.

  6. Hi Barb, aye, we’re in scary times alright, with no idea where, when or how this is going to end… And with no prospect of treatments, nor vaccines, for at least 12-18 months… This only makes the vulnerable and elderly even more at risk to an already far more infectious, and deadlier, infection than the seasonal flu. It’s not the overall numbers of infected, and people who sadly lose their lives. You can’t compare a virus that’s been around all these years with a brand new one in this way. No. Covid-19 is a brand new strain of coronavirus, so of course the numbers are going to be much lower, until it has spread around the world and become established everywhere. It’s the other statistics that show the dangers of this one, the percentages of infection rate, and death rate, both of which are currently showing to be much higher than for seasonal flu. Scary times indeed.

    We all need to do our bit to slow down the spread of this, both for ourselves, and for those in our communities at greater risk of becoming seriously ill with it. Like Barbara says, be sensible everyone, take precautions, but still carry on as best you can within the rules set by our Governments. We are actually a luckier group of people in one way, we can craft away all through this in our own homes, and still get our crafty fixes, shopping via the Clarity website, and the youtubes and Barb’s blog. Mind, nae cuddling and handshakes or anything else, everyone! How about we come up with our own unique safe Clarity way of greeting each other when you attend groups or shows or whatever? Any ideas everyone?

    And please don’t panic buy! There are lots of us out there, who are trying to get their normal weekly shops, and dreading how much is going to be missing from them because so many people have been out there clearing the shelves as fast as they can be filled. What are we meant to eat and use as soap and all the other essentials?! Do you really think the Government is going to be incompetent enough to let us all starve to death?! They’ll ensure we all have food and essentials, if for no other reason than they are desperate to put on a good show so they can get their good trade deals around the world! 😉 And if they don’t we can always ask for aid packages to be dropped in…

    Mel has outdone herself this time! There’s just something special about these designs. And, I love what you have done with them too, thanks for sharing. Drop shadow and shading demos are always welcome too…!!!

    Hope you have a relaxing evening. Hope you get to pottery tomorrow. Love you xxx

  7. Wow! These are amazing, love the city scenes. The crisp clean look of your artwork is beautiful. Will be recording to see all the amazing things Maria will do with these. On my ever growing list for sure. XX

  8. Great art by Mel, talented lady! Looking forward to Maria’s magic tomorrow and seeing just what the ever fabulous DT have come up with too! Glad Glasgow was a successful trip and hopefully being back in your own bed has recharged the batteries….at least until the NEC! X

  9. I’ve still got a good bit to go with stamping! I tried the dots and spots and Maria’s poppies today but just on paper to see how I would get on. Mmm! Let’s just say it’s a work in progress! Once I manage it successfully (by my standards!), I’ll try it on card! Lol. Got the shows set to record tomorrow but will be in to watch them anyway as it is quite a quiet week this week! Missing the buzz of Glasgow! Hope you are getting a break this week. Enjoy your pottery tomorrow. Hx

  10. Love those really like they are 3D when look into them look forward to watching Maria tomorrow working her magic great stamps joy xxx

  11. Hi Barb, such awesome designs from Mel, love them. You have worked your magic with them, and no doubt Maria will as well. Hopefully will catch the shows. Take care all. Bx

  12. morning Barb. More fab designs from Mel – she is so talented. and more stash now to go on my Clarity shopping list for when my pension finally gets sorted out (still waiting….!). Not quite down to beans on toast for every meal yet, but have had to suspend my crafty shopping for now 🙁 It’s turning into a long list 🙂

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