Colouring Postcards Idea

Colouring Postcards Idea

Hi there

Greetings from my little Clarity SHAC-Shack! How are things in your little SHAC-Shack? I do hope you are okay. Our daily Artworkout is going well! So glad you are enjoying it too.

I was thinking about the weeks ahead, was thinking that we should really make the most of all this time in isolation (together), to learn different colouring techniques too. Colouring-in is one of THE most mindful, calming pastimes out there. For ANYBODY. But we crafters are a curious bunch. Curious as in inquisitive! Enquiring minds! SO why not use this time to master shading, blending, feathering, stippling, dropshadows, eyes etc etc.

I’ve got the time to teach you, if you’ve got the time to learn.

I also think it would be ideal if we were all working on the same project together, so we can tackle the same elements together. So I came up with the following. Remember the Clarity Feathered Friends Colouring Book? Bit big for a chill session, and not everybody has got it. But there were some little bite-size Postcards from the same collection, which would be absolutely perfect as little bite-size lessons. Many of you may already have them, but many of you may not. To encourage you to take part in this virtual colouring course, we have reduced the price and packed a load of sets ready to go out ASAP – before Tim the Postman stops coming to collect.

All 3 sets for £10.

Get them for the kids. Get them for the grandkids. Get them for the neighbours. And even if you don’t use them, get them as Easter presents for somebody who’s stuck indoors! If you want to buy 3 blue ones, or 3 red ones or 3 green ones, Jim assures me the 3 for 2 sale will also apply. But I will most definitely be using pictures from all 3 of them as we go along.

Now I’ve cracked this recording thing, I can record little colouring lessons for you, you see. We can do some together, to get the gist and the mindful benefits, and I can record little how-to videos for you to refer back to.

These images are also fab for adding doodles to. If you have got a set of Micron Pens, we sell them too. £13 for 7 different sizes is a knockout price.

And if you haven’t got any colouring pencils yet, then now’s the time! We have dropped the Perga Liners Box from £30 to £20 and the Polychromos from £130 to £99.

Sounds like I’m pushing? Well, I am!! In a few weeks time, when I reach for the postcards and focus on those colouring techniques, I really really want you to be able to join in. And when I listen to the news, I have the feeling ours days of shipping product out are numbered. I blimming hope we can keep going. I really do. There’s so much we can do to help folks struggling with the isolation and confinement! But hey, let’s be realistic. In the scheme of things, we really would not be classified as essential, and I totally understand that. So we do what we can while we can.

Stay safe and keep crafting!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “Colouring Postcards Idea

  1. i would be very interested in this my grandson lives in Montana and i live in Florida he is a lot like me cant set still need something always to do so if i could get these i would love it.

  2. I have all 3 sets but was never brave enough to start colouring them in! Ready & waiting to go – can’t wait xx

  3. For me it would be good to do something with the postcards. I’m one of those people who want to colour but never start in case I make a mess of it.
    Yes I have a rubber and can therefore undo but this knowledge doesn’t help me start. Now I might be glad I saved them.LOL.
    Loving the sessions on so many levels.

  4. Hi Barb not very good at this messaging lark, This is just to thank you for your time and the inspiration you are giving us in these troubled times we all need these boosts to keep us on an even keel and help us survive the days to come. Thank you again Love Jan x

  5. Just been catching up on your first video lesson,drawing the little birds. Did laugh when you wondered what Fred was saying to me. Just might not be repeatable after 12 weeks isolation but hey we are heading towards 50 years together so reckon we can do this. Thank goodness for my brilliant kids, they are being fabulous keeping the food supplies coming and lifting our spirits with video calls. Think I might get the postcards, always happy to improve my colouring. Thanks for the little arty lessons reckon I am going to enjoy them. xx

  6. Too late for me I’m afraid, here in Spain we are already shut down even my alcohol inks are stuck somewhere, as a norm we have snail mail, now we have no mail. Not to worry they will hopefully get here eventually. Always wanted to be able to draw so enjoying your sessions, birds are ok, trees well that’s a different kettle of fish, not good, how can it be so hard, did figure out you were going in the opposite direction to me, perhaps that’s why. oh well keep trying. Take care and stay safe. God Bless Lynda in spain

  7. Looking forward to the colouring sessions. Have had a go at the larger book but not yet tackled the postcards. We both have a set so will be colouring along with you.
    I signed up to Facebook on Sunday. Tried to log in yesterday – what a farce!!! Finished up watching on Youtube. Assuming there had been some glitches in the system I tried again today but it kept telling me I didn’t exist. Funny that as they have sent me emails. I will therefore ditch Facebook and carry on watching you on Youtube.
    The tree was a very easy and relaxing project. This afternoon I tried 3 different shaped trees on a card and was so pleased with the result I added some colour and a sentiment. I think we are all going to enjoy these relaxing half hours each day.
    Each evening we are making a list of 5 jobs we must do and 5 things we would like to do the next day. This way we will keep focused and not become couch potatoes.
    Beautiful sunshine today, hubby got to mow the front lawn and a neighbour came over to replace and repair the front wall knocked down by a reckless driver recentlyso things are looking up all round.
    Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

  8. Day 2 of the ‘together’ sessions – thank you Barbara for showing us how to take drawing slowly. No race,no competition.
    I have the postcards somewhere but will order another set then when the first set come to light, the grandchildren can have them when we next meet up.
    I hope the tempo has settled down a little for you but I don’t suppose it has.
    Sweet dreams. Keep safe and keep healthy. xx

  9. Just placed a wee order for the postcards and a couple of other things fell in the basket too!
    Really loving the daily class. Thank you x

  10. Really distressed trying the tree doodle. Also had a lovely message from Grace. What stars you are. Feeling less stressed and thank goodness blood pressure down from 200. Looking forward bro joining tomorrow. Lots of love anne

  11. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks again for your class today. Tree not as good as i would have liked but will keep practicing. Have just ordered postcards and the micron pens and a couple of other things. Was keeping my pennies for the new dies coming out but don’t want to miss the opportunity to have your expert training on colouring. Think this is going to be a long haul, so trying to make the best of it and come out if it with new skills. X

  12. Fab idea Barb, was really hoping we could do colouring, as I love your work on the Owls but not been brave enough to start them. Think postcards perfect place to start. I have them somewhere, will try and dig out tomorrow and if I can’t find them will place a little order for them, think micron pens will be a must too. Loved todays doodle but it needs some work so will have another go and see if it gets better. My basic tree shape was not great, so think I need to do a lot until I am happy with shape. Do hope we are not going to lose deliveries, they have been keeping me going. Trying not to get too paranoid as have had a little cough for last couple of days and fear I am coming down with it but then of course I might just be imaging it all. Anyway self-isolating just to be sure. Keep well and safe and keep going I think our daily doodle is wonderful and keeping journal of my efforts to publish later!. Cheers Karen

  13. Hi Barb,
    Really enjoyed the tree session – thank you for taking so much time to make these sessions for us to get together. It does help. I bought the postcards when they came out as well as the book and weren’t there some bookmarks too? I started a page in the book, but was a bit daunted as I didn’t want to mess it up!! Got an email today to tell me that Sam’s goodies are on their way to me yeah! Started a wedding card using the floral alphabet Groovi plates for a friend’s daughter today. Unfortunately her wedding has had to be cancelled but my friend still wants me to do the card so that it’s ready when the wedding goes ahead. Such a shame that events such as that have had to be cancelled – I would have been absolutely gutted ! Thanks again , love and hugs Alison xxx

  14. Could have sworn I had the postcards but having gone through all likely hiding places – finding several other things I had forgotten about – they are not to be found !! Will order them so I can join in when no doubt the others will turn up but the grandchildren can have them in their Christmas box of goodies if they do. ( ahh that might be where the 1st lot went !!) Looking forward to the colouring sessions – another skill that has room for improvement.
    Loving the 10am sessions each morning – thank you Barbara & thank you Jim for making it happen.
    Crafting should be classed as essential for keeping everyone occupied during these most unusual times. We must almost thank the post people for getting our Clarity orders to us even if it takes a bit longer than usual in some places. If the post is restricted to essential post only as long as we have a pen & paper we can doodle our days away xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    I found the postcards when I was tidying the study the other day and I’ve even remembered which drawer I put them in, how clever am I! Need to catch up with today’s session, spring cleaning took over most of the day.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. Loved the drawing session as yet not had a go but have been crocheting and finishing a poncho I started very pleased with completed it today so ready to get drawing so when get pens paper pad out in morning mojo has been gone for while been so much happening family wise etc but things settling and colouring I think my shoulders will let me doing crocheting has helped through winter so time to get in that craft room but don’t think I have the post cards so guess better pop over and get them 😍👍 thanks Barbara will be there again ready in morning thanks Joy xxx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Thanks for the wonderful lesson yesterday and today. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson too.
    I tend to watch you at 10 then I start it all again and try the art work.
    Love & Hugs

    1. Hi penny! I’m watching too! my attempt at the trees is looking ok, I’ll have a go at the bouquet later. Great to think we are watching Barb ‘together’ gill x

  18. What a great idea and will be ordering mine today.
    Happy birthday to Mark!
    See you at 10. Hugs. Annette X

  19. Have the book and will be able to use the lovely polychromos my husband treated me to for my birthday in December. Loving the doodling lessons too. Thank you so much Barbara for you generosity of time, it is lovely to share with other crafty people

  20. Hi Barb, a great idea and as I have them, plus some pencils, am raring to go. We have some younger kids in the street, and I decided that I would give them some of my extra paper (like copy paper), pages from a design book with various images, some older coloured pencils and some shape templates. Their parents were so pleased, and hopefully started off a whole new generation of crafters. The idea comes from the inspiration and kindness and caring of the crafting community out there, your good self included. If you can help me I can help them. Take care all, and stay safe. Bx

  21. Still not caught up on the initial virtual workshops….but I will! I already have the beautiful book so, while I won’t be indulging with ordering the postcards I will be adapting the tuition to the book. Stay stay and thanks for keeping us entertained and educated xx

  22. Hello Barbara. I always read your blog but rarely comment. Thank you so much for the time you share with us. After dealing with breast cancer for a large chunk of last year – I’m ok now thankfully – I was looking forward to catching up with the visits etc., this year. Ah well, The best laid plans…! So crafting will keep me busy. Thank you again for all you do. I will look forward to watching your videos.
    With best wishes,

  23. Hi Barb. First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to set up the shac for us and for teaching is so many things. Who would know little birds are so easy to draw?! I love mine!! I have just ordered the postcards so now have everything crossed they arrive in time for your lessen with them. I’ve always wanted to be able to draw/colour properly and now I feel I’m on my way. Thank you again. Stay safe, love and hugs xxx

  24. Thank you so much Barbara for your daily inspiring and calming sessions – fabulous. Thank you to the Clarity Team for all your work and efforts to add calm to the craziness in the world. Very appreciative and grateful. Looking forward to your colouring lessons! Take care.

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