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Hope you’re safe and doing ok? Greetings from the Clarity SHAC-SHACK!! Been quite a morning, getting our first Facebook Live session under our belts. But after the initial streaming issues, I reckon it went well! Thank you so much to everybody who watched and joined in! It was really cool to know that so many of us were all doodling away, grabbing a quiet half hour TOGETHER. It felt right to me, and it felt like it was coming from the right place – so my hope is that it was received in the right way. If you missed the first CLARITY SHAC-SHACK ARTWORKOUT or just couldn’t find it, you can go check it out on our CLARITYSTAMP PAGE. Click Here. We will be back at the same place at 10am every morning. Great way to start the day!

The reality is that we are – ALL OF US – going to be confined to our homes for quite a long period of time. We have to develop a routine if we didn’t already have one, or if our pre-existing routine has just been obliterated, then we need to build a new one.

My lad Mark, he who is on lockdown in San Francisco, is working from home, but is allowed out once a day to do exercise. So he runs, because he’s an athletic type. He runs to keep fit, to get fresh air, to clear his head. I don’t run – never enjoyed it, never got into it. I remember when he was a teenager still living at home, he tried to help me get over the initial block he thought I was having. “Once you get over the first pain hurdle, you’ll grow to love running”, he insisted. So I obediently dug out an old pair of trainers from the 90’s and a track suit which belonged to somebody but not me, and walked to join him at the farm gate.

“Right,” he said, after we’s done a few stretching exercises together, “I’ll run ahead and keep running back to you. You run to the first fencepost, then walk to the next fencepost, then run to the next fencepost – and so on”

Six fenceposts in and I was done. Six fenceposts was all it took to ascertain that I was a hopeless case. So. Mark runs round the Presidio in San Fran every day – and I don’t. Simples. But. I need some kind of mental exercise. And I certainly got mine this morning! What a lot of responsibility I felt, until I just let go and went with the flow.

I guess that’s what we have to do, isn’t it? Let go, build a routine of some description, make a daily plan – and just take it one day at a time.

It’s Mark’s birthday on 1st April. It was his sister Grace’s birthday last week. They’re both such lovely young people. I miss them dreadfully – always do, but especially at this time.

Grace and Mark….

I imagine it must be very hard for a really sporty person to be confined for weeks on end. But he’s a smart lad; he will figure a way round it.

Did you see that bloke kicking the ball around in the kitchen? Hang on….

Oh how we laughed! Anyway, back to our daily workouts!

But now I must go and think about what to do for the upcoming TV Shows:

Thursday – Pergamano shows 11am and 3pm, featuring a beautiful new Lemontree plate by Linda Williams.

Thursday – a little ONE HOUR SPECIAL, featuring a set of four brand new, magnificent floral stamps by Tina Cox. (As Groovi plates too) More of these anon….

Stay safe, happy and creative in your SHAC-SHACK! See you tomorrow at 10am on the CLARITY FACEBOOK PAGE.

Click here for that Facebook page 


 If you follow us there, when I go live, you will get a notification

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

37 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Hi Barb. I will now be able to see the Facebook live because I couldn’t find it before. All I seem tomhave done over the last few days is sleep, cough, gasp, sweat all in different order. Coming out the other end now, it’s mostly sleep and sweat!

    Hoping to get some routine back into my life soon. Thank you for keeping us going,

    1. Glynis you sound like you are definitely going through the mill
      Hopefully your symptoms will subside soon. Sending hugs 🤗

  2. Thanks for today Barbara, thoroughly enjoyed it ! I might not make tomorrow morning as I might be standing in a q somewhere for some fresh veg etc. for us and next door but I will definitely catch up ! I’ve just started having a go at Tina’s gem demo. It’s good to be able to make use of the technology we have and be able to facetime etc. I think I’m seeing and hearing from people I don’t normally ! Enjoy rest of day X

  3. I’m with you on the running Barbara. My twin sister was originally planning to run her 100th marathon on our 55th birthday this year but she will be a few short if it goes ahead. I love her dearly but she is a complete lunatic lol. I will be there to support her though if the race goes ahead.

  4. Hi Barb, thanks so much for this morning. I sure needed that. And, guess what, that’s the first time I have had the confidence to actually join in! You made that happen for me. And now I am in it every day until the end. A wee change to my morning routine, and my cfs and autistic brain no likey that, but, tough they’ll just have to, I ain’t missing it…!!! The rubbish bit is the live feed keeps stopping, every time a car goes past, so please go slow so I can work out what I have missed and catch up…

    I feel it for/with you re Grace and Mark. I imagine every bit of you yearns to bring them home and tuck them under your wings.

    Yep, routine is vital when housebound, and sticking to it every day no matter what. That’s what has kept me going all these many years. Keeping occupied and stimulated too. I know only too well what it is like to go off the rails, and how hard it is to get back on track. At least all you guys know this is only temporary, that must help too. And you can all still keep in touch with your families and friends. Maybe at the end of this society will realise what they have done to people like me, and give us the help we need instead of slamming doors in our faces and pushing us out, forcing us to live like this. Maybe many more people will volunteer and help their less fortunate in their communities. We can but hope.

    I hope your day is going well Barb. I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning already, something real, and happy, to get up in the morning for🤗. Looking forward to the new stamps. Maybe a wee cheer me up spend is in need, eh folks 😉 Can’t spend our money anywhere else, food is rationed, or non existent, no shops to go to, and many online shops are closed, closing, or reduced. A good time to support our favourite crafting company, and keep Paul busy and out of mischief…😉

    Love you xxx
    Spring brings hope

    1. I am so sorry everyone. I realise how insensitive it was of me in trying to be cheery to use us all spending our money on more Clarity stash. I have been very well aware that a lot of people aren’t getting the income they are used to, I have been feeling it since before it actually happened. I hope for all you guys that things will get better for you as soon as possible and you can start earning what you are used to having, or more. Please forgive me xx

      1. Nothing to forgive Brenda, as no offence meant and I am sure none was taken. Anyway, dedicated crafters are used to living on beans, when you can get them! Take care. Annette X

    2. Hi Brenda, I replayed the video this morning as I missed the beginning and it doesn’t stop and start when replayed so maybe you could try that if the connection is lost at some point. Hope that helps. Stay strong, safe and well. Hx

    3. Hi Brenda
      You have a lovely ability to put into words what many of us are thinking and feeling, please don’t apologise for your posts – I always look to see how you are and your thoughts on the world around us. I’m interested to hear what you decide will be your ‘wee treat.’

  5. Thanks for this morning Barbara. It was great to feel part of a group again, I am on my own 24/7 with daughter just dropping things at the door, so it’s really lonely, I will join in with you as much as I can again thanks for doing this xxx

  6. Thank you, Barbara, for your wonderful FB Live today! Although I wasn’t quite up yet due to the time difference (Michigan here), it was nevertheless wonderful and completely enjoyable! I shared it on my FB page for my friends to take a look and enjoy also.
    Keep up the great work you are doing to help keep us sane. Take care!

  7. Hi there Barbara. I loved watching you this morning and will add you to my daily routine for the foreseeable future. I just need lots of mindfulness in my life right now to keep the darkness from consuming me… I won’t let it. I can’t. I’m the one who has to stay strong.
    My plan was to do a project that I can blog a step by step but that’s been put on hold for today although I have something up my sleeve that I can blog later. I just needed to do something inky and so got my journal out. I do find that this is my way of being able to express myself in a very freeing way.
    Enough of my waffle.
    Try and relax I little tonight if you can.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

    1. Hello Barb
      You are truly wonderful, reading all the comments it shows how many of us appreciate and rely on you. Loved the SHAC SHACK – your laugh is infectious – not the virus variety ! Hugs Anne

  8. Enjoyed working alongside you this morning Barbara although I was late to the party. I hope I find you quicker tomorrow.
    Good luck with the shows later in the week.
    Tipping with rain outside so good reason to stay indoors. Just about to light the fire for a bit of cheer.
    Keep safe and keep healthy xx

  9. Really enjoyed today’s video , didn’t catch it live as doing lots of overtime due to all the extra on line orders coming in , worked 4am -9am , need to get those deliveries out 😁 x

  10. I don’t belong to Facebook but I was able to watch it on there later but not comment. So happy I managed the birds and leaves. Thank you xx

  11. Hi Barb, thanks for all your hard work to keep us going in this crazy world we are living in at the moment. Stay safe and healthy.xx 🤗

  12. So happy just watched on YouTube as I couldn’t get it to work on FB. What a lovely programme with you. What an absolute star. You were so right – use the hands and the brain stops whirling.
    Will I be able to watch rewind on YouTube every day. I really don’t want to miss any days.
    Best wishes and love to you and yours.
    Words are not enough. I am so much more relaxed.

    Such difficult times for everyone. You always look after your crafters. You really are as Tina would say “Simply the best.”
    Love Nadia x

  14. Thanks for doing this for us Barbara and Jim, it was fab and now there are birds everywhere. I know how you feel Barbara, my son and three young grandchildren went to live in US 3 years ago and I thought I missed them before but, being on my own, I really really miss them now. They had flights booked for their first visit home, which are now cancelled, but won’t it be special when all this is behind us and we can all meet up again. Thanks again for your support x

  15. Hi there, You did a great job this morning. Braver than me! I haven’t tried Facebook Live yet but think I will have to in the coming weeks. I find it all a bit daunting but have been given a few hints on what to do so that while I practise, I am the only one who sees it! Lol. Don’t stress over it. It needs to be relaxing for you, too!! One of my colleagues thought he would have a go with a zoom group on Thursday morning at 10 a.m.!!! I’ve asked for it to be moved to 11 as I already have an appointment at 10 a.m.! Lol. Might get away with it!! Re exercise… sport has never been my thing so jogging would have been a non starter. I have, however, been doing a wee bit in the garden now and again which I have enjoyed and I have now lost 9 lbs since the SEC!!! Happy bunny! Real incentive to keep going now. Enjoy your evening, you two and stay safe. Lots of love Hxx

  16. Thank you so much for this morning Barb. I am so proud of my little birds and my granddaughter thought it was brilliant.
    You are doing a lovely thing for so many people who are on their own too. Look forward to tomorrow.
    Hugs. Annette.

  17. Hello Barbara, sadly missed your Facebook Live this morning but I was still trying to sort out my refund for the cancelled flight to Germany when you were on. Glad I can catch up later. I can relate to you missing Grace and Mark, especially at these difficult times. I am over here in England at the moment and will be until further notice. So while I’m happy to be with my boyfriend, of course I’m missing my family in Germany but video call my Mum every day. As for running, I’m hopeless but I love going for brisk walks. Hope to join you for your 2nd Facebook Live tomorrow. Have a good evening and stay safe Xxx

  18. Hi Barbara. Its just brilliant what you and the Clarity team are doing to keep everyone going through this time of isolation. I’m absolutely with you about running- I did train with colleagues for a 5k run a few years ago, but never managed to get through that mental barrier to find the buzz others describe. I’m working this week, so cant join the FB live sessions, but will be there on Friday when I’ve got a day off, and will then binge on all the sessions from this week 😁

  19. Have just watched the video from this morning -just couldn’t find it then – and 10 am isn’t a good time for me as it’s when I get together with my friend (we are isolating together) for coffee, so we have just done the exercise now and really enjoyed it (6.30 pm). Looking forward to tomorrow -I hope you don’t mind us joining you in the evening instead of the morning. The dogs want to go out at 10.30 and pester while we have coffee, so it was lovely and peaceful at 6.30. Couldn’t get the ribbons though -I’m hopeless at scrolls!!

  20. Hi Barbara
    I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this mornings FBL it totally put me in the relaxed zone .
    You have a empathy with us all that shines through in the way you share you time and talent to help us all through this awful time.
    Take care and stay safe

  21. Enjoyed making the birds and scrolls this morning. Unfortunately we couldn’t get Facebook running but we finally found you elsewhere and had a giggle with you and your very infectious laugh.
    I put off doing the ironing this morning to watch and then got so into drawing that I got out my Zentangle patterns and made a few tangled cards instead.
    We will be watching every morning and filling up our small sketch books but if this lockdown goes on as long as they say we may have to get larger ones.
    What a lovely photo of Grace and Mark as children. He certainly looks fit but the thought of running wears me out. Did get some exercise today though. When we cleared out the conservatory the other day I thought we’d got rid of all the items no longer required. Wrong!!! 2 huge boxes of old videos and books had been shoved aside (hidden?) and while hubby sorted through I spent a good hour going back and forth to our skip. Think it was the equivalent of a good long walk in the park!!!
    How lovely that the evenings are getting lighter, it really does lift my spirits. The birds are singing earlier in the morning, the trees are shaking out their petticoats, the cherry blosson and magnolias are in full bloom and apart from this manky virus all seems right with my world. I also heard that pollution has decreased by nearly 50% since people stopped driving and factories stopped manufacturing. As I have said before – every cloud has a silver lining. We will get through this TOGETHER.
    Keep well everyone 🍒🍒🍒

  22. Thanks so much for the fab tutorial today, will need to keep practicing to be consistent. Didn’t watch live as don’t do Facebook and on the Clarity link you kept breaking up on my phone. Fortunately I was able to watch on my tablet tonight on YouTube. Please keep broadcasting through you tube it works well. Your presence is very reassuring that the world is still going on and that one day it will be over. I am sure you won’t run out of ideas to encourage and educate us. God bless you and your family and all the crafting community.x

  23. Really enjoyed the session, though I linked via the e mail so listened this afternoon. No idea what the birds are like but had such fun. Really took me out of the isolation. Thank you so much.

  24. Hi Barbara
    We didn’t manage to you live until after you had started so we watched on you tube in the afternoon instead. We had a great time, it was so nice to craft with Emma and gave her a break from her dissertation proposal that’s due in this week. Must say our birds looked like they could do with going on a diet but we can practise them and it was good fun. Looking forward to seeing you today.
    Love Diane xxx

  25. Hello Barb, loved yesterdays FB live, great exercise for the brain. I think a lot of people are starting to struggle with Cabin Fever. Had to laugh at hubby this morning, he said where would you like to go today? The Kitchen? Front Room? Dining Room? Had a good laugh. Good for Mark getting his daily exercise, and hope Gracie and her Mark are getting on ok too. Take care all, hopefully see you on live. Stay safe. Bx

  26. Twenty four hours behind as I don’t do Facebook, but found it on YouTube this morning and joined in.
    Thank you for this, Barb, a much needed respite from worries and strife, even though my little birds looked more like avian Sumo wrestlers!
    Looking forward to joining in again when today’s vid is posted on YouTube.
    Keep safe and well, all of you out there, and thank you for being such a supportive group – it restores my faith in human nature reading all your comments xx

  27. I loved the doodling, just what we all needed Barbara, something to focus on, and you were so afraid there was no-one out Thank you again for all you do to keep us sane. x

  28. Not watched the FB sessions yet as had other tasks to do….but will catch up as am looking forward to them. Stay safe everyone xx

  29. Had a lovely hour this afternoon catching up on the two doodling sessions. I’m not on Facebook but found I could watch them as soon as they weren’t live anyway. Very focusing and calming and I was very pleased with my tree. Looking forward to the next one. Sending a virtual hug. Xx

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