Limp Internet stopped play….

Limp Internet stopped play….

Hi there,

I hope you are well and keeping safe? Our SHAC campaign SAFEHAPPY ANDCREATIVE/STAYHOMEANDCRAFT is certainly keeping me on my toes! Blimming internet just keeled over this morning, so we had to abandon ship and record it instead. Ironically, the message I had wanted to weave into my patter today was to work with what you’ve got ! Tell you what, God’s got a funny sense of humour! But here’s a little landscapey-bunny doodling session all set for you, which I hop you enjoy. Hahahahaaha. Hop.

Another strange adjustment many of us are making in an attempt to keep things going is to record demos for HOCHANDA. That was my job yesterday until stupid o’clock. So I do hope you tune in tomorrow after all this! For the first time ever, I’ll be at home watching WITH you, instead of pedalling up at the Studios.

Massive pat on the back for HOCHANDA. I think the crew and the presenters are doing a brilliant job of keeping you entertained.

So tomorrow, we have 3 live hours. 11am and 3 pm are our usual Pergamano Shows. Linda Williams has designed a delightful Lemon Tree Groovi plate to add to her other lovely Garden plates,

and then she has prepared a veritable Parching feast of tricks and techniques in the form of one very beautiful piece of artwork. Over the 2 hours, I shall try my very best remotely, to show you how she made it, and all the parching techniques she used.

In between those 2 hours, there’s a one hour Clarity Special and 1pm, showcasing a new and very lovely collection of Tina Cox designs, made into Stamps, stencils and Groovi.

Dee Paramour
Julie Dunn
Chris Walker
Josie Davidson
Glynis Whitehead
Josie Davidson
Karen Jackson

Yes. A whole loada loveliness by Linda and Tina tomorrow. I hope you can watch.

Stay safe. It’s a funny old life, innit. But we have to make the best of it. And stick together.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

26 thoughts on “Limp Internet stopped play….

  1. Oh my goodness I feel a spend coming on 😂😂 all the samples are stunning especially Josie’s. Keep up the good work Barbara, Paul & team xx

  2. Hello Barbara
    A big thank you to you and all your team are working to keep everyone in the Clarity loop.
    I am enjoying the SHACK Shack. Enjoying this experience, however, need to practice more on my doodling skills.
    Looking forward to watching the shows on Hochanda tomorrow.
    Keep well and safe

  3. Hello Barbara
    Thank you so much for keeping the inspiration coming. Tinas designs are so lovely, I know I will want these. But at the moment posting services in northern Germany seem to have collapsed completely, so I can’t order for fear it will not be delivered. That brings me to my question. Could you maybe do some kind of order now, play later thing? We could order and pay now and the items would be produced and delivered when this virus thing has run its course. That way we could support clarity and help to keep you going even when you can neither produce nor ship without major problems. We do this kind of thing to support the neighborhood restaurants, why not for our favorite crafting company?
    Just an idea. Keep safe, all of you
    Anja from Hamburg, Germany

    1. Brilliant suggestion Anja.
      I support this idea. It also means those of us who are self isolating to protect ourselves could still order things as we see them, and all our stuff could be sent out in one parcel when the pandemic settles a bit, keeping us safe. Maybe your techy team could add an option for this on the checkout page, Barb?

  4. Thank you so much for putting the video link on. I can’t believe I’ve just finished a picture and it doesn’t look a two year old has done it. My trees didn’t work so well yesterday -more practice needed. Looking forward to tomorrows shows. Keep safe everyone.

  5. Loving the doodle classes as well as loving the new stamps & plates. The samples from the Design teams are fantastic as always & Tina has done herself proud with the lovely designs in the first place. I feel a spending spree coming on. Hope Paul is ready for 11.01 tomorrow when the floodgates open & the orders start flying in !! Hope the postal system doesn’t give up non essential deliveries just yet x

  6. Very much looking forward to tomorrows 3 hours of Clarity shows on Hochanda. Tina and Linda’s designs look beautiful and so do the samples.
    Actually turned up on time for the live broadcast this morning at 10am sharp with Barbara, then the internet gremlins arrived. Nevermind…… REALLY nevermind, please do not get stressed Barb, we can catch up on You Tube. So very grateful that yourself and the Clarity team are doing your best for us crafters, connecting with us in whatever way you are able given the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in.
    Stay calm, stay safe and thank you.

  7. Looking forward to seeing Tina’s stamps tomorrow. I have the first two already out,and love them.
    I think I’m a bit impatient to be a good doodler -I want it get it done and get on!! My tree was NOT my best effort at all . I am not good at mindfulness exercises yet. Still looking forward to doing today’s exercise with my friend, in a few minutes as I love watching and trying to get an approximation of Barb’s drawing.

  8. Hi Barb,
    Well, it seems I didn’t miss anything this morning after all! I’m sorry you had internet problems. I hope you managed to turn your day around, or to start again? My internet is so slooooow this week, even late at night. Don’t know why it has taken this long to happen since you’ve all been in lockdown for a week or so now. I’m not sure if I can manage to join you at 10 am, it’s proving to be not conducive to my cfs and autistic brain at that time of the morning, making me more ill, and having bigger autism meltdowns, not the intended outcome eh…!!! I’ll try again tomorrow though, maybe now my messages are sorted out my head and body will have some space to play ball.

    Can I share a good thing? My first bit of good thing since before all this mess. Sainsbury’s has just identified me as being in a vulnerable group for priority to home delivery slots. I can’t tell you the relief I feel. You wouldn’t believe what I have been through in the past couple of weeks. It’s not only the fear of getting no messages, it’s not only the battle and fears of trying to find a slot somewhere at midnight every week. No. It’s even bigger than that. Me being able to be self sufficient in shopping, especially messages, via online ordering is my last bit of independence. Having that taken away from me, even taking everything else out of the equation, was a huge devastation, the one thing I have worked so hard to cling onto having. It felt like I had been robbed of my last bit of dignity too. Now I know that no matter what I should be able to get food every week, even if what I normally buy isn’t available, maybe I can start to work on getting my body, and mental health back on track, and making my days a bit better, and easier, and able to join in with stuff. I feel soooo alone, even by my standards where sadly that’s the norm in my life. I got to speak to my volunteer through the glass a wee bit yesterday when he dropped of a few messages he found while out foraging for someone else in need… Leaving them at the back door for me.

    I forgot you were on telly tomorrow! I’ve forgotten about Hochanda somehow, seems my only focus is the BBC news these days. I’ll need to try to remember you are on so I can watch you…

    I hope you can have a chill evening, doing something that takes you away from the reality. Not sure about anyone else, but I know it’s all too huge for my head, and that means my head goes into overdrive – input, input, input it yells at me, in an attempt to gather enough pieces of the puzzle to try to start to process what is going on, and to keep me safe. I’m not fortunate enough to have people I can talk it all out with, but I’d encourage every one of you who do have to talk it out, as much as you need, it will help your head to process and then to heal. Please don’t bottle it all up thinking you will be brave, you must be brave for your family, or whatever, you’ll get sick. I’m already sick, so I guess it doesn’t really matter for me eh!!!

    Love you xxx
    Remember routine, everyone. Routine is key to getting through this. As well as finding enough different activities to keep your brain occupied and stimulated. And exercise, exercise every day. No couch potatoes…

    1. I have a wee request everyone. There is a huge Covid-19 data collecting going on, and the scientists need our help. Please go to this page and download the app. It is completely safe. It’s Uk scientists needing to collect as much data as possible so they can learn everything about this Covid-19 virus for treating and getting rid of it, or at least controlled. The more people they have the better, they want everyone, whether you have had symptoms or not. They are especially desperate for over 60s as they only have a small number from this age group. You just go to this page, click on apple app store if you have an ipad or iphone, click on google play if you have anything else. Click on install. Once it has installed, you just need to open it, put in your email and a password, then answer a few questions. After this you just go back in each day and provide an update. It’s only takes a minute, but is hugely important in fighting this pandemic. we can all do our bit. Here’s the link to the page. Now, I don’t think I am allowed to put links on here so I written it with spaces in it, you’ll need to take out the 2 spaces after copying and pasting into your browser. (actually you don’t need to take the spaces out, it still brings up the right website at the top of the search results. I promise it is safe. It is scientists at King’s College London. Lets help beat this for everyone. Lets do our bit. Thank you
      covid .joinzoe .com

  9. Hi Barb,
    You did really well today even after all the problems with the internet. Really liked today’s doodling – I’ve always liked that stamp so it will be good to have a go at creating it myself along with the little bunny. I’m off to have a go after I’ve finished this. Linda’s plate is gorgeous and as for Tina’s floral sprays ….. they are absolutely stunning and a definite. I’m thinking I might get them in stamp form and then get the a Groovi a little later on. Bought myself a balance cushion which came today and it is quite hard to balance on it ( obviously) . I’m hoping that it will strengthen my knees a bit as I had to use one after my knee replacement revision. It’s amazing how many exercises you can do with it – a full body workout. I’m trying to persuade Dave to give it a go as he is missing the gym. Looking forward to the shows, love and hugs Alison xxxx

  10. Barbara. Simply thank you for finding new creative ways to keep us sane and safe. “It’s just a piece of copy paper and a micron pen” …. No, you’ve invented the emotional lifeboat. Well done you; it’s a beautiful thing you’re doing.

  11. Watched on Youtube today, means I can select a time that suits me. Loved the trees and bunnies. These doodles are just the right size to fit in my small sketch book with notes.
    Looks like being a costly day tomorrow but as I haven’t been spending much on anything lately I don’t think the bank account will mind too much.
    Our post is still coming at the usual time although large items are being left on the step, the doorbell rings and we get a wave. It will be devastating if we lose even this means of communication as not everyone is internet savvy and anyway, who will decide what is essential post and what is not? By the way has anyone received their letter from Boris yet? Considering how urgent they made this sound they are certainly taking their time!!!
    Stay well everyone 🍒🍒🍒

  12. Barbara, you were inspiring today, so forget the internet. I watched on YouTube and you were great. The more people who are at home, the more the internet will slow and play up, just like it does in school holidays. We’ll get your message, if not live. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make of Hochanda when you can watch it.

  13. Really enjoyed my doodling today and not too displeased with what I achieved. Having read your blog tonight, I can now see that we are all going to have problems tomorrow. With social distances in mind, how are we going to deal with the naughty step thing? That could be interesting. Looking forward to all getting together tomorrow. Sleep tight and stay safe. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  14. Cannot praise you enough. Today’s session really did the trick for me and calmed me down. You are certainly right – doodle concentrating gives the whirlpool mind a rest.
    Looking forward to you and the TV shows.
    Many thanks and much love.

  15. Wow. Love Tina’s stamps! Really enjoyed your demo today. You make it all so doable. Please don’t stress if the internet plays up. We are all on your side and not getting frustrated because it always comes right in the end, as it did today. You know now that there is an alternative so no pressure. Just go with the flow! I did a Zoom meeting with folk in Glasgow today and it was all fine. I had another zoom conversation with someone up the road and it worked but he disappeared every now and again. Poor internet connection it said! It is what it is. Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow, the doodling and the demos on Hochanda. Enjoy your day. Lots of love. Hxx

  16. Enjoyed today’s “doodlealong” but wasn’t able to join in today….so will catch ASAP via the videos. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow, doubtless my card will be in use from the snippets already seen. Xx

  17. Just caught up with today’s doodle. My bunnies need more work.
    I know where I will be for most of tomorrow, looking forward to all the programmes. I hope you will enjoy being able to sit back and go with the flow.
    I hope Paul is not too inundated with orders.
    See you tomorrow xx

  18. Hi Barb have not caught up with the doodling from yesterday yet. Will catch up later today. Love the new design stamps and stencils. I think there will be a lot of happy shoppers today between those and the new Groovi plate. Take care all, stay safe and creative. Bx

  19. Hi,
    I’m really enjoying watching you doodle, but I don’t always join in, but I do find myself having a conversation with you. The family really think I’ve lost it.
    I’ve made some Easter cards using the wreaths stamp and sent them out with a hopefully amusing letter of how we are coping with the trials and tribulations of todays crazy world. Would you believe when I went on to Ocado to do my shopping there were half a million people in the queue and no order slots for more than 2 weeks and then it was middle of the night delivery.
    Thankfully (or not) I am now on their vulnerable list and am expecting Something !! to be delivered next week.
    Anyway back to the cards, I am now getting calls and emails to say what a lovely design, so I think I might use the winter one and do some Christmas cards. Never been this early so thank you Barb.
    I hope Paul is prepared for some picking and packing later although I feel a little guilty in that he is out working whilst we are safe at home. Although I suppose on the other side it is these orders that keep the business going. We must just do the best we can. Thank you all and keep well and stay safe.

  20. Loved the flowers so put my order in for them. Not having much luck watching you at 10am live so have been catching up on YouTube. Loving the doodle time. Stay safe. Xx

  21. Hello Barbara,
    I’m one of those who looks in but rarely comments!! Sorry about that! I’ve loved your SHAC Shack Shows and have learned loads already. I’m planning to do a journal about this Covid 19 lock down and I will use my doodles to illustrate my pages!! Someone , one day might read it!
    You are so right we need to keep up-beat and have a routine . What would we do without craft – eh!
    So thankful for family and friends even though FaceTime is all I can do at the moment! So pleased I can.
    Stay safe Barbara and thank you for doing this.
    Love to all.

  22. Absolutely loved my doodling session with you ! I am still not great with this facebook live thing but found watching u tube excellent .After the session with you I found myself free associating my own doodle flowers so really helped to get creativity flowing .
    Don’t know if post working to Dublin so unsure if I can place an order.Would love to get the postcards so I would be follow colouring sessions when you get to that .In the meantime to all the clarity family and members stay safe and well .Carmel

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