Saturday 4pm – it’s a floral frame!

Saturday 4pm – it’s a floral frame!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Tying up preps and demos for this weekend. First up, 11am and 2pm Saturday, it’s those Chinese lanterns I drew, together with a smashing new Clarity Mixed Impressions set of Texture Stamps. Our clever Saffron created these – blimming excellent – so brilliant to use!

Paul and I will be working together, and he will be demonstrating the Groovi version of these designs.

Clever Karen Jackson has masterminded the demos for us, and Paul will gently guide you through the how-to steps in his wonderful calm way.

Then at 4pm, for just one sweet hour, I shall be showcasing another little set of my own illustrations: the floral framers. Remember last month I showcased them in stamp format?

Well, this Saturday at 4pm I shall be introducing them to you in Groovi format.

As you know, things here at Clarity Towers are all over the place – literally! Up the road, down the road, in a box, on the van – everywhere!!! Moving a factory whilst spinning TV shows and Club members’ Sales is no mean feat. Throw in the random storm and the occasional hip replacement – and suddenly my dance card is pretty full ! So. I have called on the help of that lovely Welsh friend of ours, Linda Williams to put her spin on these plates – and she has come up total trumps. I am so excited to show you the ideas she has come up with! Really ingenious actually.

Mmmm. Let me show you the artwork we are going to make, shall I? So many tricks and tips packed into this beautiful piece – I shall give it my best shot! At first glance, I thought, blimey. How am I going to replicate this?!? But then, once dissected and reconstructed, it’s actually very, very doable. And if I can do it, you can do it, too.

Even if I don’t get close to finishing it during the 4pm hour, I shall certainly do a proper Youtube tutorial on it – once we set up the new recording suite in the new building! Linda even did a second project for me to do! Bit optimistic! Also very beautiful. I have a feeling this will make another cut too. Thanks Linda. You are a good friend. You know I am disappearing in ever decreasing circles, so you reach out and you lift the load. Teamwork makes the dream work.

That’s Parchment Art for you. It takes time, doesn’t it? In fact, it takes as long as it takes. It’s also probably one of the most beautiful, relaxing and mindful processes out there – especially using our Groovi System.

Until tomorrow.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Saturday 4pm – it’s a floral frame!

  1. So looking forward to the shows. I need a bit of Clarity to free my mind too( other half very poorly today) safe journey up there. I know your demos will be brilliant xx

  2. Hi Barb, was so hoping you would bring out the floral framers in Groovi plates. Can’t wait to get these and also the Chinese lanterns. Looking forward to the shows on Hochanda. Timer has just gone off, must go and check my rice pudding. xx

  3. Looking forward to the shows. The DT have been showing some sneaky peeks today of the Chinese Lanterns which all look stunning & I love the Groovi frames done by Linda. Glad you have been able to delegate some of the work load which takes some of the pressure off.
    I placed an order yesterday & have had an email to say its on its way so the Clarity Elves have been working hard as always.

  4. I’m looking forward to a Clarity weekend. I’ll probably have to record, but that means I rewind and watch and learn slowly. I really admire your energy to run the business, blog, demonstrate on TV, look after your family and move. You are truly inspirational xx

  5. Looking forward to the weekend’s shows. Just take care travelling up and down the country, with Denis the Menace coming to visit. Why are they naming the storms? For goodness sake, this is winter and we get bad weather at this time of year. Meanwhile the beauty and delicacy of these designs will make our thoughts turn to sunny days. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  6. Hi Barb, glad you have good friends, and team members, who can help you out and ease your load a wee bit. Glad you are allowing yourself to let them take a wee bit off your shoulders too. I’ll be watching your shows at the weekend as there’s no freeview curfew on any of your hours this time!!! Hoping watching you has it’s usual bonus of calming in my head a wee bit, and a mojo boost would help too… Hope you can have a bit of switch off time this evening. Love you xxx

  7. Hi Barb. I’m new to all this Groovi lark but oh my am I hooked!!! Love these samples and will be watching the shows (but on catch-up when hubby is out!!) 😜

  8. Oooh looks like another lovely set of Groovi plates, so looking forward to seeing the shows. Barb you truly are inspirational, you keep so many plates juggling, so pleased you have such a good team and friends by you. Love and hugs and thanks xxx

  9. What beautiful work by Linda, she is such an inspiration.
    Saturday is our chill day, but between doing my huge crossword I will be watching your shows – and buying of course. Plenty of sell-outs predicted as these are stunning items.
    Hope you have a safe journey with “denis”on the horizon, hopefully he will be the last of the bad storms this winter.
    I cannot believe we are this far into the year already, there is so much I want to do and things keep getting in the way. Time is flying and I’m not getting any younger. Still, I look at all you pack in to your life and think myself lucky I can manage about half that.
    Hope your Mum’s hip operation went well and she is well on the way to recovery.
    Love and hugs to all 🍒🍒🍒

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Had a catch up today ,watching the lovely Maria doing her thing such a talented lady.
    Enjoyed the shows, but looking forward to seeing the weekend shows.
    The spring ,Summer plates etc look beautiful ,
    I have not done any parchment to a whole but did do some a week ago.
    Can anyone help , I have drawn a circle on my parchment with the design in the centre , when I glue the parchment to the card can I use this glue on the clear part of the parchment to attach it to the card without it showing once dry.
    Thanks in advance.
    Lynn xx

  11. I shall be watching the shows, we have another storm this weekend so staying put in the house. I have been using the club texture stamp and enjoyed using it, bit different for me. The design by Linda looks fabulous , I can see my wish list growing. x

  12. Hi Barb,
    How beautiful! I’m so pleased that you have brought the frames out in Groovi now. I bought the stamps and love them but the plates will definitely be falling into my basket along with the Chinese Lantern goodies. Good of Linda to help you out as well – I hope things are much better for her now. Just also want to say thank you – I placed an order on Monday and it arrived today – considering how busy you all are at the moment, that was brilliant. Clarity is definitely the best! Love Alison xx

  13. Really looking forward to the weekend shows and already have my heart set on the Chinese Lantern Groovi plates, that said I feel the framers will be added to my basket too they’re fab! Safe travels xxx

  14. Hello Barb, really looking forward to the shows, the Chinese Lantern stamps and stencils are really gorgeous and already on my wish list. Love the look of the Groovi samples, even though it is not my thing I really admire the beauty and delicacy of parchment craft. Take care all. Bx

  15. I love these stamps – really looking forward to watching the shows. Sadly there’s an ongoing delay in my pension being processed, so no crafty shopping for me at the moment, but they’re definitely on my list for when the funds arrive!

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