Happy Potty Saturday !

Happy Potty Saturday !

Hi there,

First of the month? February already? What is going on ?!? Here we are, hurtling through 2020 at breakneck speed! Still, we do gain a whole day this year – it’s a leap Year after all. 24 extra hours. To be fair, I’d need about 24 extra hours a day for a year to catch up. But there we have it – One day at a time, I will get there, wherever that is…

Back to AbFabFabFeb! Up early and off to a Pottery throwdown this morning. Learned some new tricks, how to make a belly (like that’s hard!)

Threw some much larger bowls too! Well, larger than olive bowls! It really isn’t that easy, you know, pulling those pots up up and up. But I love it. You can see here how I am getting bigger…. (let me rephrase that!)

On Wednesday, I shall turn these. Then at the end of the month, we’re having a Raku party and all of these are going to the party!

What else? Ah yes. ABFABFABFEB CLARITY CLUB MEMBERS SALE starts today too. Half price off loads of Clarity products. And as you know, it’s a proper sale, not a clearance. We make stock for the sale and we keep restocking all month. This may be quite a challenge as we’re trying to move the factory, so the sooner you get your orders in, the better! Mid Feb we HAVE to unplug the stamp making plant and move it over! So please bear with us during this busy time.

Member’s Sale link: https://claritystamp.com/collections/members-sale

Until tomorrow,

Love and laughter,

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “Happy Potty Saturday !

  1. Watched The Great Pottery Throwdown the other day. I was flabbergasted at what they came up with – and blindfolded!

    Have a good one this weekend – will be tuning in to Hochanda. I really NEED to look at the sale!

  2. Hi Barb,
    Had a look at the members sale, will check my stash and place an order tomorrow as there are a few bits I would like.
    Watched Sam’s second show again and she may have persuaded me to get messy geli crafting. She was so natural and explained it so well and obviously enjoyed every moment so no-one would know it was her debut.
    Your pots look great, when do we see them finished ?
    Hope the move is proceeding well.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Hi Barbara, Nice work love to see how they look when they are finished.
    I am working on a Birthday card for my dad , using Lindas Blue tit plate. It would be so nice to have a You Tube to guide us on how to make the tit fluffy, please.

  4. Your pots are looking really good! Can’t wait to see them after Raku.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good week.
    Hugs. Annette X

  5. Hi Barb,
    Your pots are looking good and it will be lovely to see them when they are finished. You certainly are making a lot of progress. Need to check out the sale goodies. Must go now off to watch Casualty – got my tissues ready! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  6. What a great selection of pots – now to wait to see them finished.
    Need to look at the sale after checking my stash as I found duplicates when looking at the Tina bargains last week. Not sure how that happened.
    Also need to check my list for the craftalong.
    Have a great time tomorrow & Monday – have put the shows on to record as we are still decorating, the end of the tunnel is getting nearer – I think. Just need to return everything to the right room, take the rubbish to the tip & unwanted items to the charity shop.

  7. Love the pots Barbara, your creative side coming through.
    Checked the recorder for Sam’s demos, Ugh, something wrong, no programmes recorded. I will have to watch on rewind on Hochanda but it is not the same.
    Will try tomorrow for yours, fingers crossed.
    I hope you have a good nights sleep xx

  8. I think of you every time I’m watching the Pottery Throw down on TV love watching them all creating their pottery art work. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow so recorder all set. Wow! Doesn’t seem that long ago when we had the last members sale…where is time flying off to? Xx

  9. You are getting so clever at this pottery lark Barbara and the raku thing is mind blowing. I was watching the Pottery Throwdown on the telly and they had everything on fire nearly, my they did look hot and bothered, but with some great results. I think you need a chemistry degree to understand it…lol. Looking forward to seeing the results. x

  10. Busy weekend back and forth to studios looking forward to shows tomorrow record set as back so don’t miss anything. Your good at this pottery lark what great pots night x

  11. Hello Barb, it is great seeing what you make at pottery, both in progress and the finished articles. Oooh a sale, got to go have a look at that then. Take care on your travel to the studio. Take care all. Bx

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