Sam Crowe 8 and 12

Sam Crowe 8 and 12

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Well today I get to spend the day with our Sam AND our Lucy.

SAM – You’ll be familiar with that name. Been on the Clarity Design team for many years.

LUCY is one of our super talented inhouse graphic artists, who took Sam’s sketches and ideas, and turned them into stamp and stencil designs for us. I brought her up to the TV studios for a jolly, so she can see what goes on behind the scenes…

Very, very early here in the hotel, all is quiet. But I won’t have time to blog later – I’ll be hopping about the studio! It’s Sam’s first time on TV, so as you can imagine, she’s pretty stoked! 8am very early start, too! Now I happen to know that Sam is a right old night owl. She comes to life at around midnight! So getting her up at 5am in a while, to get to the studios for 6am (2 hours before the live show) will be interesting!

I do hope you tune in to watch and cheer. She has been planning these demos for weeks!! All her own concept too.

Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Sam and I have been friends for years. She is a bright and beautiful woman. Super sensitive soul, great energy, mad sense of humour. What’s not to love?!

She is one of the most creative people I know. If you listen carefully, You can hear her head whirring – it never stops. Messy pup though. You always know where Sam was sat at the Open Day Demo – the black tablecloth where she was is always COVERED in PAINT!!! When we get the black tablecloth out for the next Open Day, you can easily spot Sam’s last performance and which colours she used!

She is a good woman. You know, one of those people who just exudes goodness. Makes a mean cuppa, too.

She has a very strong Geordie dialect , so I’m hoping she slows down enough for us to understand her !!! But actually, that’s all part of the arty magic that is Sam Crowe.

When I first met Sam, I remember her saying to me that she wanted to learn how to be a Mixed Media Artist. She signed up for workshops everywhere, learned the roped from experts. She called it her own University course of art. Much as you may think she is a scatty blonde ( and she can be for sure ) she is actually very deep and determined. Like me, she hadn’t been to art college, and with teenage kids at home, she was never likely to. So she beavered away at the skills, figuring out what worked and what didn’t. Her art went from strength to strength.

Last year, we spoke about her taking the next step, about designing her own range and presenting it herself on TV. She didn’t flinch. Yep. She was ready. I invited her down to Kent for a week, to record a series of Youtubes. For me personally, youtubing is more strenuous than live TV, because you don’t have a presenter to lean on. She did a great job. Ticked that box, too.

So this morning (I shall go and knock her up in a minute), it is the big day. The culmination of years of work. Years. I for one am so proud of her I could cry. And I bet her sisters, her kids, her Dad and her Paul are, too.

Live Art TV is no mean feat. Ask Paul, ask Maria, ask me! You get used to it for sure. But you NEVER forget your first show. I remember mine was a Thursday morning in May on C&C many years ago, with Martin. Stock flew out, and I was terrified.

Sam Crowe showcasing a set of formidable mixed media stamps & stencils: 8am 12 noon. Stock permitting.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

38 thoughts on “Sam Crowe 8 and 12

  1. Hello Barb, hope you and Sam got to the studio safely and are having your first cuppa. Go for it Sam, you certainly have the talent and personality for it. I love your art work, it is quirky and different. Will be trying to watch in between the day job, thank Heavens I work from home. Have a good day everyone. Bx

  2. Good morning Barbara and Sam, I am really looking forward to Sam’s show. It’s the last day of our few days away at The Palace Hotel here in Paignton, a lovely friendly place. I packed last night so I’ll be able to watch at 8am while hubby loads car. I love the variety Clarity brings, in fact I love all things Clarity. so go and smash it Sam, just be yourself. I can’t wait. Jac. X

  3. Good morning! Yep, it’s very early indeed. Sadly I’m off to work in a minute so have set the shows up to record. Planning to get there early though so I can catch a bit of the first show before I have to start work. Everything you say about Sam is true and now it’s her turning the spotlight and her turn to teach us. I bet her monthly workshops will be full now! Good luck Sam and see you at next weeks workshop!

  4. Yay just taking the pooches out so I’m back in time for 8am, looking forward to the show very much. Will have to record the 12pm show. I’ve been to some of Sam’s workshops oop norf and she’s very good at pushing you ever so nicely out of your comfort zone. I always love watching Sam create at the open days in Leyburn too, messy indeed but marvellous, Good luck Sam xx

  5. Ready to cheer Sam on from here. I know Sam is a night person cos last year, sitting on a beach in Australia i had to send her a message about something and even though it was the early hours of the morning over here to my surprise she answered straight away….
    Love Sam’s style can’t wait to see her stamps and looking at the picture above well done Lucy, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed

  6. Keeping everything crossed for Sam, I’m sure she will be nervous but she has no need to be with you standing by with plenty of moral support and if her you tube videos are anything to go by she will smash it. Can’t watch today unfortunately as I have to help put shelves up in my daughters flat! (Yep you guessed it mum and dad to the rescue while she goes to work! Where would they be without us) thanks for the great blog again Barbara, love reading them xx

  7. About to watch. Very excited!
    Good for you Barb, encouraging Sam to grow and share her talents with so many of us and good luck to Sam xx

  8. Lovely comments about our sandra (sam). Am sure she will do well. It’s been a long road to this day with lots of creativity even when she was in pain staying at our house after pulling ligaments in her leg at parents race! She asked me to bring all her arty stuff so she could create some beautiful samples for you Barbara. Hope you all have a great day. TV set to record. X

    1. Thanks Sis. Yeah I not only took over your bedroom and hour but I covered your table in craft kit! What a great support you have all been. Xx

  9. I’m so looking forward to seeing you on the TV. You are such an inspirational person, Sam. Enjoy the whole experience. Another sell out I think xxx

  10. Congratulations Sam, your doing great, I’m so proud
    Of you. I’m near to tears watching you.
    Well done Lucy for putting her ideas together and Barbara for seeing her talent.
    Lots of love from sister Pam x

  11. Just watching the recording of 8 am. Beautiful little stamps! When Sam said about getting lost in her art that for me is what it’s all about and her personality shines on TV.

  12. Hi Barb. Will be watching the shows later on catch up. I hope the 8am one went brilliant – you are so right about Sam, her demos are inspirational. I love watching her YouTubes. Don’t forget to enjoy the day in the midst of the onslaught!

  13. What a show. The stock just flew and Sam did so well. She was just Sam which was perfect. It’ll be good to see her using the Gel Press at 12. I can never remember what to do with it! I’m definitely a night bird so Sam and I would get on well. I would probably avoid you like the plague in the morning though!! Incredible that you had time to write a blog before making sure Sam was up! I’d be good for nothing at silly hour in the morning! Anyway, well done to all of you, Anna, too. Sounds like you have another very talented young woman on board. All the best for 12 noon. Hx

  14. Got the shows on record as working all day today. Looking forward to watching them later. I love Sam’s style and have really enjoyed going to her class at Newton Aycliff a few times. Looking ford to going again to one, probably in the spring.

  15. Had to go out early this morning so set the prog to record. Just watched the playback. So pleased Sam’s stamps got such a good reception, two sell-outs in the first show. Yannis was the ideal presenter to assist and with your support in the background she couldn’t fail. I hope she will be doing more in the future.
    Your tears at the end shows just how much you care for those who work with you and it was lovely to see the synergy between Sam and Lucy.
    Looking forward to the 12 o’clock show.

  16. Wow well that was a fast sellout. Well done Sam and Lucy and everyone else behind the scenes. Wonder what you have planned for the midday show. xx

  17. The 8am show was wonderful! Watching Sam was exceptional and everything she demonstrated just made me want to try it too, it was so inspirational. It was lovely to see your reaction too Barbara and I had the tissues out as well. xx

  18. You’ll be great Sam love your utube video’s.
    Missed 8am show in bed 😊 sleeping. Waiting for show to start now xxxx
    Excited to see what you do with the stamps x

  19. You’ll be great Sam love your utube video’s.
    Missed 8am show in bed 😊 sleeping. Waiting for show to start. Stamps sold out awesome Sam xxx

  20. Well done Sam! My step-dad came from Whitely Bay, so I am okay with a Geordy accent lol. Been trying to learn mixed media too and have enjoyed the few classes I’ve had so far xx

  21. Well done Sam you nailed it! Your demos were great, I’m not a mixed media bod but now I think I could be thanks to your inspiration.
    I met yo at the Clarity open day last year and you were fab, always inclusive and always kind- you rock Sam x

  22. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Well done Sam, so pleased for you that your TV debut has gone so well. Magic demos, so inspiring, so entertaining, so encouraging! And congratulations and a big thank you to Lucy for converting Sam’s ideas and doodles into such beautiful products. Brilliant Barbara, another Clarity success, and well done Hochanda for providing a perfect showcase for the talented and entertaining Sam – Mixed Media Mindfulness!

  23. I watched the last show and of course it was already a sell out on nearly everything but she was great showing us her gelli plate techniques, a super show! x

  24. Hi Barb,
    Just watched the shows and am so pleased for Clarity and especially Sam and Lucy for such a successful launch of Sam’s stamps. Well, they certainly flew out of the door and the look on Sam’s face was priceless. You would never have guessed that it was her first go at live tv – a natural! Yannis was a good presenter to have too as he is always so enthusiastic.As ever, the DT samples were brilliant and did you proud.
    A really useful selection of stamps. Well done Sam – you did the NE proud! Love Alison xx

  25. I always enjoy Sam’s YouTube videos and am very happy she has joined you on the Hochanda site. I know it will be a lot of fun to watch her with her most enthusiastic way of presenting unique ideas!

  26. Congratulations to Sam! As I have said many times, I am not a stamper, but I was blown away be these designs and the amazing samples from the DT. If I was younger, I would definitely be drawn into stamping and more messy mixed media types of craft, but I really can’t justify it, when I still have so much more to learn about what I already do and less funds to boot!
    However, it doesn’t stop me enjoying watching such talented people and being amazed at what they produce. Fantastic shows today and again, congratulations to Sam and everyone at Clarity. Hugs. Annette.

  27. Super Sam the shows were brilliant and you packed so much into them. You’ a joy to watch and make everything look easy and so much fun, thank you.

  28. Hi Barbara
    Sam did a fantastic job on her debut shows the stamp# looked fantastic I had to pass for now funds are a bit tight but they are on my shopping list.
    After seeing the samples and Sam working with stamps how could anyone not want them
    Hope you are now safely home 🤗

  29. Loved this morning show shed few tears with you Didn’t Sam do well was great heavenly watched lunchtimes show watching very soon on catch up. All great xxx

  30. Loved both shows this morning. Sam was amazing and so inspiring.WOW – Sam looked like a pro on tv – never would have guessed this was her first time on tv. I truly admire and appreciate the amazingly wonderful friendship and connection between all Clarity team members. Very touching when Barbara, Sam and Lucy were together and Barbara shared her tears and emotions – I was so inspired and must admit shed a few tears as well. Congratulations Sam and Lucy on your products -so creative. Thank you Sam for sharing your creative talents and using the gel press. I don’t own one yet 🙂 but off now to order the stamps/stencils and gel press. Barbara you are an amazing business women and leader of Clarity .

  31. Enjoyed watching the shows today, Sam did brilliantly didn’t she? Golly the stamps and stencils sold out exceptionally fast. I don’t normally do mixed media as I like clean cards but after buying the background stamps and doodleology stamps I’m sure I will have them on my list of wants. xxx

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