Cats, Dogs and Fishies too…

Cats, Dogs and Fishies too…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Early doors here. Revving up for today’s TV shows and off up to the studios again. I’ve just realised something – it’s all about animals!

2 – 4pm Paul and I will be showcasing Cherry Green’s spectacular Under The Sea stamps and Groovi Plates…What a treat! If you like colouring in, you’ll love these!

Then at 6pm, we will be launching a collection of superb Fresh Cut dies, designed by our Mel. Are you into cats? Or are you more of a dog person? Either way, we’ve got you covered here!

A smashing, funky, little set of Walk the Dog – Best Friend quarterettes and two larger centrepiece dies. I love these designs! So versatile!

Best Friends Quarterette
Debbie Mcmullin
Dee Paramour

And then there are the moggies too! Again, a fabulous set of 4 miniatures and 2 centrepiece armchairs. Honestly, if you are a cat lover, these have to be the best dies ever!

Cats on a Chair Quarterette
Dee Paramour
Sarah Brennan

You can pick either or both, depending on your preference. Me? I like cats AND dogs! We used to have 2 black cats, Romeo and Juliet, and 2 black labs, Dutchie and Duke. They’ve all gone to Rainbow Bridge now, and I miss them very much. But Dave and I both agree that we are away from home too much to look after pets properly. We barely have time to walk and water ourselves! Mind you, perhaps if we did have a pooch, we’d MAKE time… When the kids were at home, I was there more too! Maybe down the road a little, when things settle down a bit, we could get a cat and a dog or two…I miss having animals around, I really do.

Looking at mainstream TV schedule, we’re up against Dancing on Ice at 6pm for the whole 2 hours. Quite disheartening to be honest, but that’s life. The show must go on. And I am optimistic that you will love these designs enough to pop in quickly and snap up the great introductory offer before you skate off!

Must dash. See you on the other side!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “Cats, Dogs and Fishies too…

  1. Dancing on Ice versus Clarity on Hochanda???
    I know who is on thin ice!!!! ( sorry, couldn’t resist it) I’m sure the show will be a hit as always.
    Love & hugs
    Gayle xx

  2. I’d rather be watching you on Hochanda, I tend to record the other shows and fast forward all the waffle anyway.
    I’m definitely a dog person but I have many cat loving friends too. Would love some Greyhound style fresh cut dies , they have such an elegant silhouette hint hint x

  3. Safe trip to the studios, I think your car must know its own way there by now. Does it do funny things when you try & go somewhere else !!
    Have a fabulous day, although not on my immediate wish list I am sure everything will fly as they are something different to the dies, stamps & groovi plates that we have had recently. You come up with such a great selection of products that if people can’t find something they like they are hard to please.

  4. Definitely watching Clarity. Like others, I record Dancing on Ice and fast forward. No competition. Really looking forward to these dies! I was going to say ‘Safe journey’ but I hear Paul is already in the studio so thinking you might be too. Just as well you are a morning person! Hx

  5. No contest. Crafting with Clarity all the way! Can’t wait to see all these wonderful goodies in action. I predict another sell-out in record time.

  6. Hello Barb, there is no contest between Clarity or Dancing on Ice. Safe travels. I am going to have to record the shows, because not only am I off on my travels for work, but it is also 6 Nations time. But record I shall to watch when I come back. Take care all. Bx

  7. Clarity comes first. Love the stamps but not into cats n dogs. Shame, because I love the rest of the designs. Will have to look at the “snippability” of the dies to make them more me.
    Hope you had a good journey to Peterborough. Have cleared my day to watch all the shows which will surely be sellouts.

  8. Morning Barbara, definitely Clarity on Hochanda for me tonight. Love both cats AND dogs. Enjoy your day. Will keep you company from the comfort of my sofa and possibly with one of the cats on my lap. Xxx

  9. Clarity or Dancing on Ice? I am addicted to both – thank heavens for the “copy” button on my TV so I can see both!!!! Woopdeedoo!

  10. Dancing on Ice or Clarity….no contest…Clarity all the way! Not sure if today’s goodies are for me but will definitely be watching as there’s always something to learn!

  11. Great show this afternoon Barbara. Thank you so much for reminding us how to use Clarity coated card. I still have a lot but had stopped using it because it was so difficult to colour anything in. This afternoon you showed how to do it.
    No contest between Clarity and Dancing on Ice – Clarity all the way.!!

  12. Hi Barbara and Paul,
    Will be watching at 6.00pm looking forward to seeing the dogs and cats love them both.
    There is no contest with skating on ice, Clarity comes before that. Would not like to miss things as I always learn things when you both demonstrate .
    Had a quick peak at the cats may be cats can be used on lots of different things.!!!!
    I am sure all shows will go well, and quite a few sell outs.
    Lots of Hugs to you both.
    Lynn xxx

  13. Cant wait for 6.00 pm, I volunteer with Cats Protection, sell lots of cards at the local vets, these will be a must for me. Doggie ones too, can sell those by the shed load as well! Looks like I am going to be busy.

  14. I always record the Clarity shows so I can refer back to them as often as I want, so once I’ve checked out the first 10 minutes of Clarity I’ll be turning over -but I have a Clarity treat recorded to watch over when I want. I have Clarity shows going back 3-4 years!!

  15. Clarity for me but what a shame I can only watch the first hour of the ODS. I watch on freeview and Hochanda stops at 7pm. Recorder paying up so no joy there.
    I enjoyed what I was able to watch. I particularly liked the carp – and your demonstration with the embossing, colouring and background trick. Thank you Barbara

  16. Hi Barb,
    There was absolutely no contest – Clarity every time! The shows were great although I now get frustrated when I can only watch half of the ODS as Freeview viewers are abandoned at 7pm! I love cats and dogs – but cats are my favourites. The dies are great,I especially like the quarterettes. Loved Cherry’s new designs in stamps and Groovi too, the stamps fell into my basket as I loved your demos so much. It was funny that you mentioned the seahorse design from before as I had sent in a photo of a card I’d done using this stamp but it wasn’t shown. Hope you get a good night’s rest and I’m looking forward to more inspiration tomorrow. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  17. Oh dear more lovely stamp, groovi and dies. Be poor at this rate, they’ll be on my list for sure. Great shows Barb and Paul, just have the last ones to watch on catch up tomorrow. Lovely demos by both of you, super that you reminded us of the Clarity card, mine has been put away in a drawer and almost forgotten. Loved the gilding flakes canvas, well loved them all. Safe journey home to you and

  18. morning Barb – hope it all went swimmingly yesterday…!! am going to catch up on all the shows later today (no – I wasn’t watching Dancing on Ice!) so looking forward to all the inspiration

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