Groovi Tags A-go-go!

Groovi Tags A-go-go!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Boy oh boy! As I said to my Dad last week, when we were haring between home and hospital, Life is definitely a full time job, innit ?! Happy to report that Mum is getting better and stronger by the day. And for that I am truly grateful.

Paul is all set for 2 hours of Groovi goodness on HOCHANDA tomorrow at 8am and 12noon. He’s got a superb new idea to show you, which combine Fresh Cut Tag dies and matching Groovi tags. This is definitely a clever concept!

Here is a brand new Nested Arch Die – perfect for ALL occasions. What I love about tags in general is that they are pint-size – and that can be especially important when you do Groovi art and time is an issue! So finally a Groovi solution which come with a Fresh Cut too.

See here, how the nested die and the Groovi plate work together? Really excellent.

And here’s the second set. This time it’s a plaque. I think this tag and plate will be so useful when it comes to adding a personal message.

Hope you can join Paul tomorrow.

Love and Joy always

Barb xxx

PS. Please don’t be irritated by the ads which are now appearing on the blog. Take a walk in my shoes for a minute. If you blogged every single day for 5 or 6 years, spent hours most days doing so, and then somebody came along and said that if you sprinkled a few ads on your blogs, and your readers clicked those ads, and you would get paid a nominal fee each time they did so, what would you do? So whilst it may be a little distracting to begin with, I would really appreciate it if you clicked the ads too! At least get them working for us!!! xxx

21 thoughts on “Groovi Tags A-go-go!

  1. They are gorgeous, Barb! I love the rose style, so will definitely be getting that one. Will have to wait until next week though as I’ve got an optician appt. on Monday. Ick!

    So glad your Mom is improving too, and will continue to pray for all of you xoxo

  2. Ads are appearing every we’re glad your mum is doing well have set record for tomorrow as back up in case don’t get to watch looks great Joy xx

  3. So looking forward seeing those! Paul does a wonderful job in demonstrating. Thank you for another awesome product.

  4. Will be setting the recorder for Paul’s shows tomorrow (will be watching too!) and then looking forward to Clarity Sunday as I have my eye on at least one item already!

    Happy to hear mum is doing well, just remind her that it’s early days and not to overdo it.

    Re the ads, yes they can be a bit irritating but I’m sure we’ll soon accept them.

  5. Lovely Groovi tags, hope your prep is going well. In regards to the ads I tend not to click on them as some contain viruses or collect your data…

    Glad your Mum is on the mend. Xx

  6. Glad your Mum is doing well.
    These tags look lovely, have them prog’d to record as we will be out early on. Will watch later.
    I find ads annoying as they are rarely for anything I want. I doubt any virus would get past our security but I still wouldn’t take the chance so like Donna I don’t click on them. I also do not like those sites that take your data and suddenly you get inundated with more ads both e-mail and post!!! Understand where you are coming from though so I will try to curb my irritation.
    Looking forward to your shows at the weekend. Received some more money in a birthday card today so I know where it will be spent 😀😀😀 happy me.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Glad your mum is doing ok. I like the tags, will watch the shows tomorrow, I have also seen the ODS for Sunday, Linda Williams designs i just cannot resist. As for the ads I don’t mind just a bit miffed that those lovely boots would not fit my wretched swollen ankles. xx

  8. Hi Barb, ah, so that’s why there’s ads everywhere on your blog. I’ve just spent the past half hour or so in a panic, thinking I had adware on my system, or some other nasty, trying to remove it… Maybe I should have read your blog first but I was too scared to click on anything!!! Deep breath, panic over, just need to try calm down now!!!😉 Is it possible for you to move the ads to the side, below archives? It’s rather system overload for me seeing them scattered everywhere like that. No worries if you can’t, my brother might know a way to change it at my end for me. Sorry, I’m too scared of clicking on things I don’t know, but I’m sure others will happily click adverts for you.

    Good idea, I hadn’t thought of doing Groovi tags with my wee Groovi attempts. Mind you, I must have originally as I have the tag border plate, must look it out. I’ll be watching Paul tomorrow, I look forward to seeing his ideas.

    Glad your mum is on the mend. Must be such a relief for you all. Hope you have a lovely evening xxx

  9. Mrs Kynne Bishop -you got boots ads?? I got an air compressor, World business conference and yet more life insurance among others -no idea what the first two are!! Like others, I don’t click on ads on any sites -sorry. I’m glad your mum is doing well. I hope the exercises don’t wear her out too much, but they are well worth the effort.

  10. Liking the look of the tags, little projects that can be made into bigger ones as required. Glad your Mom is on the mend, I am sure you are all relieved it has gone so well.
    I did notice the adverts before I read your blog & wondered where they had come from but will reserve any judgement until I see how it pans out.

  11. I never click on ads they know too much about me anyway and are annoying and distracting .
    I don’t usually bother with sites that are plastered with them. Will always read your blog but probably no longer read the comments sorry.

  12. Hello Barb, so glad to hear that your Mum is doing well. Oh the ads are not that big an issue, and will certainly click on a few. Tags dies are always a worthwhile staple and they look great in groovi too, a very useful twosome. Take care all. Bx

  13. Hi Barbara
    I love the Groovi tag that you made, it’s really beautiful.
    I wouldn’t worry about the adds, yes they are annoying, but we’ll get used to them. I must say I find the moving ones the most distracting, but I just refreshed the page & the add changed.
    I would say that as you only earn from them if someone clicks on them, then you need to let whoever uploads them for you that some of them do not work if you click on them

  14. LOL! I don’t think I even would notice the ads. I have trained myself to ignore them, so they don’t bother me in the least. You gotta do what you gotta do 🙂 Love the tags and can hardly wait to see more of Linda’s work on Sunday!

  15. Sorry Barb but I find the ads incredibly annoying and certainly would never click on them as I would worry about security and getting too many emails if they get my details.
    Glad to hear your Mum is doing well.
    Yvonne x

  16. Strange how everyone is getting different ads! I have 2 for walk in showers, which must relate to the fact I’ve been looking at bungalows for sale!!! Made us laugh, as we’re only mid 50s. I tend to just ignore them usually, but sometimes needs must, so I don’t blame you for trying them out.

  17. So pleased your Mum is doing well.

    I still have several shows to catch up on but at least they’ll keep me busy whilst hubby is working away x

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