Messy? Me?

Messy? Me?

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wonderfully creative day spent prepping for the Sunday TV shows…

I know. It looks like a bomzitit. I start out with a completely clean deck, and during the course of the cardmaking process, my work area gets smaller and smaller and smaller, until everything is buried and productivity grinds to a halt. Sound familiar?

You know those machines in the arcades that push the coins back and back and back, so that they all pile up – and eventually tumble out for the lucky sap who is pouring his hard earned beans into the slot? Well, that’s pretty much how it works here in Barbiecardland. I just keep pushing the gear up the island. So I’ve got exactly 8ft until it falls off the other end.

But tell me I’m not alone! Tell me you also get lost in your stash!

Anyway. Time to clear up.

Love and hugs and

Barb xxx

PS Date for the diary: Sunday 1st March 2-4pm Then 6-8pm. Lovely stamps, Groovi plates and wonderful designer parchment being showcased. Hope you can join Paul and myself for what promises to be an enjoyable and entertaining crafty art session. Or arty craft session – you choose.

28 thoughts on “Messy? Me?

  1. At least you’ve got 8 feet. I’ve only got about a metre before everything falls off.😂🤭happens quite often😜
    Lots of love from Switzerland
    Christine xxx

  2. Hi Barb, glad you had a productive day prepping. Love your artwork that you are teasing us with!!! My craft room floor is my work space, can’t sit in a chair for long periods repeatedly. I have a floor chair, it’s a chair with no legs, very comfy. Maybe you should try it. Instead of the stuff falling off the other end, it just piles up all around the floor space. But, remember to leave wee islands, like stepping stones, or you end up marooned at the opposite end of the room to the door… Wonder how I learned that one…!!! currently my cat has more stuff lying around the craft room floor than I do, but hopefully I’ll start adding to her mess soon. Funny that, she can have as much of her stuff lying around and she’s happy, but if it’s my stuff I get the stopping in her tracks as she enters, and the look! Hope you have a lovely evening xxx

  3. Tell me about it😵 I can lose things and I’ve not even moved from my desk, and I’ve only got 2ft x 1ft to play on🤔

  4. Love that , mine is far worse ,felt came off craft shed so sume stuff in spare bedroom some in lounge some still in shed .roof been sorted but it cold in shed cause heater broke and got slung outside x

  5. Beautiful card, Barb! I’m so bad that I don’t even work on my desk, and the only clear craft space on my table is often my light panel!
    Hugs xoxo

  6. I have ¼ of our dining table…. theoretically! But it never works out like that when I’m getting creative. I take over the whole table…. And the chairs then I fill the floor space too unless Charlie my dog is lying there!!! And I still end up working in an 8×8 inch space!
    And I have to put groovi stuff away to get inky and vice versa! And when we’re eating it all has to be tidied up. I’d love to have a space where I could have zones for different crafts and to be able to leave it all out. Oh well a girl can dream.
    Looking forward to seeing your shows over the weekend.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  7. I can so relate to that …..😁😁
    I end up with a tiny space to work in and every surface is covered in “stuff”.. I now only have enough space to walk from my chair to the door .. I think I need to tidy up.. lol😁😁

  8. Hazel Edwards gave me a whole table to myself at our first class at Redditch. Everyone else was sitting two to a table. Within five minutes of sitting down, I had reduced my working space to the normal six inch square, and things were falling off the end of the table. I reckon we need the security of the walls of stuff around us. I would love to be organised and work tidily, but I know it is never going to happen. I am also incapable of sharing tools or pencils. I have vicious points on all my pencils (so sharp that they quite frightened Paul) and I tend to keep all the colours I want in my left hand. That tends to contribute to my messy working. Look forward to the shows. I love that blue tit, one of my favourite sets, so it is good to see it back. Hope you are a bit drier down your way than folks are round here. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  9. I end up with a pile of Groovi plates at the side of me but as I keep my lightwave on my desk I have that amount space to work in xx

  10. This describes my desk exactly. I’m such a messy crafter, but the more mess I make the more creative I seem to be !

  11. I know exactly what you mean! I have to be very disciplined and tidy away or next time I want to make a card I have about 6 inches square. Love your blue tit card. Xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    This is so familiar! At the moment instead of having about 6 feet on one table and 3 feet on another , I’ll be lucky if I can find 4 inches that’s clear!! I’m trying to sort out my cupboard and I’ve got stuff everywhere. I’ve sorted some out and put it away into the cupboard or the Deflecto storage that I treated myself too, the only trouble is now, I haven’t a clue where anything is!!! Even Scamp( my lovely little cat) has given up, she can’t get to her chair or sunbathing point( the printer) – she gets to the door, looks in and just turns around! Looking forward to seeing new goodies. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  13. My work space definitely is like yours, although I have a big double tabled work area, I end up with a working space the size of my Groovi black mat! I lose so many things under piles of bits of card that I don’t want to throw out because “it might come in useful” but never does! I then end up buying the things I’ve lost and once it’s arrived find the original! Glad I’m not alone!

  14. Love your card. Looking forward to seeing the demo.
    You think your desk is a mess?
    Let me tell you a story ………
    When we moved into this house we decided who was to have what space for our hobbies. Ray took over the 2 small bedrooms for his computer/electronics and his microscopy. I had the spare bedroom for an office and sewing room. The so-called dining room was for my crafting which is now so choc-a-bloc with “stuff” that all things Clarity have been moved to the lounge. The huge conservatory was meant to be our art studio. My corner finished up being about one eighth of the space. Ray took over the rest with all his gear some of which should reside in the shed, a cabin specially fitted out for him. However it seems that it is either too hot or too cold out there for him to work so he has taken over 7/8 of the conservatory. Having cleared a 2 x 2 ft space on the table yesterday I went out there today to do some messy crafting (not my usual forte) and guess what – the space was full of his gear and there were his things piled up on top of my art table. Had to do the die cutting on the breakfast bar!!! Am I mad? Not really – I love him to bits and have resorted to getting together everything I need for a project and crafting on my lap tray. I will forgo the messy crafting for the time being and stick to Groovi, stamping and pencil colouring.
    Do we regret downsizing when we moved – yes indeedy – but we will get it together eventually.
    Bit chilly out today but dry and sunny for a change so we had a nice walk and enjoyed the fresh air.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

  15. This is me too. I start out with an empty clear space and as i craft it gets more and more stuff piled up until I can’t stand it and have to tidy it all up. Love the bird card in the photo, looking forward to the shows. XX

  16. Love the blue tit card. I work on my kitchen table got some stuff in a kitchen cupboard. Some in the cupboards in the Dining Room so everything has to go away when I’ve finished 😩. Be nice to have a special craft room where I could leave it!! Looking forward to your shows.

  17. Hi Barbara
    I think large spaces intimidate us so we pile everything around us to make a nice cosy space to work in and then things pile out from there. Well that’s my excuse anyway. Looking forward to the shows at the weekend, sounds like some interesting new goodies. Good to hear your mum is home and the operation went well. Wishing her a speedy recovery, I’m sure she will be pottering around again soon.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. I think most of us crafters are similar regarding a messy table that definitely shrinks as we craft. I usually end up with the lightwave with the black mat on top and craft on that space. I craft in a double spare room with everything I’ve pulled out on the bed and on a drawer unit at the bottom of the bed that ends up crammed full. Love that set of stamps and looks so good in those beautiful frames that I have just ordered along with another few sets of lovely stamps. Well just had too seeing as theres no Ally Pally again in April.xx

  19. The blue tit and that beautiful frame are a marriage made in heaven Barbara and am looking forward to Sunday. I craft on an oval dining table and I’m afraid we never use it because I have nowhere to put it all away so it remains out plus some in plastic drawers and a bit of cupboard space. I do try to tidy up after each session so that it is ready next time but as you say whilst crafting the space on the table gets smaller and x

  20. Hello Barb, it does look very familiar. Hubby has just moved me into a bigger room in the house (craft room and home office, as I work from home) and his comment was “I wonder how long it will stay this tidy, and I don’t want to see craft stuff on your work desk, you have 2 craft desks/tables both of which are about 1m x 75cm”. Mmmm, but I love him for all the effort he is putting into making it work for me. Love the blue Tit stamp, think it is time to get it out and play. Take care all. Bx

  21. No judgement from me, as my desk is usually a huge pile of creative debris! It’s tidy at the moment because of the house sale and packing up, but for that reason only!!! Looking forward to the shows at the weekend, and sorry I will miss you in Glasgow – we’re away on holiday – I’ll put the autumn dates in my diary for a weekend break. x

  22. Yes, that’s me too Barbara. I end up working in a space about 8″ square. I also have a nasty habit of leaving everything out on the desk when I have finished, so I start the next project with that space or I have to tidy up before I start!! I am getting better about tidying as I go…( well, sort of…,sometimes??!) At least I have my own craft room so I can shut the door on the chaos. xx

  23. Think we are all same how ever big space starts of all ways ends up small piles all around know for dropping bits on floor all time anyway my dropsy hands 🤣

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