On the move….

On the move….

Hi there. Thanks for popping in. Stormy weather here in Kent. I hope it’s better where you are.

Had a bit of a day of it at Clarity Towers. The internet went down, which we assumed was down to the bad weather. WRONG ! The internet provider misread our instructions, to fire up the new building but keep the old building going too, and switched us off. Classic.

Thing is, we are so reliant on the internet ! You don’t realise until it is switched off just how much your business hinges on it !

So we took the bull by the horns today – and moved the guys who really cannot function with it most to the new building: marketing , sales and Youtube.

A couple of hours later and here they are, as if they’ve never been anywhere else!

And the internet is sooo fast here, compared to out on the farm !!!

Now we just have to move the rest!! Stamp manufacturing is moved and up and running downstairs already, new carpets are in, everywhere has had a lick of paint, and the super fabby chairs are all set to sit on too!

But it all takes so much longer than you think, and it all costs so much more than you think too. Ah well. Choices we make, eh. You makes your bed, you lies in it, as my Grandad used to say. But he didn’t mention lying in it and moving it at the same time!

I hate having to walk away from it all for 10 days though, from the move, from the relocation, but that’s the deal now. TV shows on HOCHANDA on Sunday / Monday. Then we’re headed straight up to Glasgow for a week, for the SECC Craft Exhibition, from Thursday to Sunday. And guess who’s got the van!! So they’ll just have to make do and mend until we get back…

What are we doing on telly? Well, 2-4 Sunday, and we’re launching a new pair of superb Designer Parchment Pads: Waimea Falls and Toscana. Dare I say it? They are my definite go to pads now. Perfect for Groovi, and fabulous for us stampers too. Come complete with storage folder and Faber Castell eraser pencil.

Here’s a peep of one of my demos on the Toscana parchment. The Garden birds and blossom stamps are pretty special too.

Then at 6pm, we are launching a beautiful collection of Groovi plates, designed by Linda Williams. Some lovely garden plates, just gorgeous! Wait till you see the demos we have lined up for you!! Not that I can take any credit for them! Thank goodness that Linda has prepared the creative feast for us, even if she cannot be there to showcase her designs herself. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m disappearing in ever-decreasing circles here, so her help is more than greatly appreciated.

The Hammock’s my favourite. I’ll show you more tomorrow. We used to have a lovely hammock when we lived in California. It was free-standing and had a canopy too, so you could snooze in the shade – anywhere. Lovely memories actually. Not sure we’d get as much mileage out of it here in England! Unless off course the canopy serves as a sail and it floats! But anyway, Linda’s Hammock is beautiful .

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “On the move….

  1. They are stunning papers. What a palava, losing the internet! Good job you had a plan B. Hope all goes smoothly for all your travels etc x

  2. Well the boys look happy with their new place! I am sure it’ll soon be all moved and up and running like a dream!
    The new Parchment and paper is fabulous! I think it is my new favourite but I can’t decide on which pad comes top!
    I am sure that they will be very well received by everyone!
    Travel safe and look after your self! Love and hugs xxx

  3. Such beautiful work – I have the shows recorded to watch when I can. Hope the internet provider will be giving you compensation for the inconvenience from their mistake? You were fortunate that the team could move so quickly and ahead of schedule. Enjoy your time in Glasgow – I’ll catch you next time, as we’ll be heading down to Devon!

  4. Hi Barb, oh yes, I do know that internet one only too well, when I was moving from my last place to here! They switched my internet, AND PHONE, off at my last place over a week too early, supposedly connected the phone and internet at new place but when I was moved we discovered it wasn’t! Took over another week to get the phone, and even longer for the internet. And me being housebound, on my own, totally isolated, and totally reliant on internet and phone. And at such a stressful time. Horrendous. Needless to say I changed company soon after…

    Love your artwork, beautiful. Love the chairs too, very smiley. Looking forward to seeing your shows. Hoping for inspiration and mojo finding!!! It will be a pleasure to spend a few hours watching you and listening to you.

    Aye, stormy here too, bitterly cold too.
    This coronavirus sure is getting worrying now. Washing your hands, fair enough, but what do you do about deliveries, including food, you can’t wash them. So, not only could the virus be on them but will transfer to cupboards, fridge etc. and it end up everywhere. Does anyone know what to do? I’ve read it is unlikely to happen because the viruses don’t survive long outside the body, but that’s an assumption for this new strain of virus, and there’s the delivery guys handling them, and my messages shopping is handled by pickers, and at the checkout too. I have an OCD diagnosis as part of my autism, and this virus ending up on everything I touch is running riot in my head and I’ve nothing to combat it with.

    I hope you have a lovely evening and a safe journey to Hochanda. love you xxx

  5. Dear Barbara. Looking forward to watching the shows this weekend. I haven’t seen them for quite a while, as I had a week in Bath with a few of the family. Love all the papers ,but have just replaced Northern Lights in the sale. You have such a lot to deal with, moving to your new place, T V, and two shows, you will need a holiday after.
    Have been catching up on your blog. Hope your Mum has been improving after her new hip. She must have been happy to have you there. Wish her well.
    Take care while you are doing all this traveling. Xx

  6. Looks like this new parchment will me a must on my weekend order. Adore this bird and blossom, the parchment absolutely complements the colouring.
    Got plenty of ideas from Paul this afternoon, he is so good. Fortunately I had all the items in the show except the plain arches.
    Having used Linda’s garden stamps and some of the hobby stamps for years I was thrilled to see the designs coming out in Groovi.😀
    Internet and telephone providers are quick to take your money but not so good with service when things go wrong as we learned to our cost when we moved, but we didn’t have a company to worry about. So glad you were able to get it sorted. The lads look very happy.
    With all thats going on in your life do remember to take time to breathe and eat. We don’t want you getting ill.
    As hubby has lost 40% of his lung capacity to possible asbestosis (we are still waiting for results of further tests) we are staying away from crowds, not just for the new virus but all the colds and flu going around. Our supermarket opens at 7am and is mostly empty, then to the butchers by 8 and in before the crowds start. It can be a bit of a bind but as the chest clinic is currently running a year behind on follow-up appointments we will not take chances on him getting an infection.
    Got all the weekend shows set to record so I don’t miss anything if my body decides to catch up on sleep – at the moment sleep is out of my control.
    Have a good evening. 🍒🍒🍒

  7. You are certainly going to be extra busy over the next few weeks, good idea to continue on to Glasgow from Oundle rather than going back to Kent first. Hopefully you will be able grab a few hours downtime before the show starts.
    Like the new parchment papers & the bird stamps. Shows on to record but by the looks of the weather forecast we won’t have any excuse not to sit down & watch you. Stay safe everyone x

  8. Hi Barbara & the team,
    They all look great in their new chairs, just showing off!!!!.
    Well you must be meeting yourself comping back , just remember to look after yourself as well, you all do a
    fab job.
    Looking forward to all the shows , still catching up with Paul shows today ,thought i did not like the tag dies but after seeing what Paul did with them today just may have changed my mind!!!!. looks lovely with the parchment.
    Have a good weekend and take care on your way up to Glasgow .
    Lynn xxx

  9. Love the new chairs & must say I am glad to see the boys had time to go to Gregg’s too! Looking forward to the weekend shows but not Jorge. Travel safely xx

  10. Hi Barbara
    Im going to watch Paul on catch up as the new plate and die combo look gorgeous. What a pain loosing the internet but it’s good they up sticks and moved without too much hassle. Have a safe journey on your travels and enjoy Scotland.
    Love Diane xxx
    Ps. Good to hear your mum is making progress. Sending hugs to them both. Xx

  11. It will be worth all the hassle once you’re all sorted in the bew building. When you’ve got good people working for you, you don’t have to do it all yourself- and the Clarity team are the best!! Enjoy the shows amongst the mayhem – i will have to dig out my stamps with the birds and apple blossom now you’ve inspired me again

  12. Hello Barb, that must have been a bit of a mare! Hope everyone counted to 3 before voicing your opinion. Hope all the shows go well, and I am sure the well oiled Clarity machine will continue going, but no doubt defer to you and Dave for decisions. Love the chairs, wish our office had those, seen as our corporate colour is Orange. Take care all and safe travels. Bx

  13. Very busy all of you but looks like coming together nicely hope internet gets sorted at right building recorded set ready for tomorrow the monthly Sunday shows come around quickly xxx

  14. Dear Barbara
    The garden plates are gorgeous! Sitting on my hands today, as I’m coming to Glasgow on Saturday, so hoping to get them then. Hope you can fit in a rest before the SECC! Looking forward to seeing you there. xx

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