Hi there. Thanks for popping in. Can’t stay long; got to get ready for the 6pm One Day Special on HOCHANDA! It’s a 2-hour launch. Phew.

What happened there at 2pm ?!? We thought you’d like them – the Doodleology stamps. But sold out within the first hour?! And believe you me – we have been making these sets in readiness since well before Christmas! So pleased and relieved you saw what I saw. We are going to have so much creative fun with these. Janice is great, isn’t she? I love working with her!

Anyway, on to the next show.

All aboard the Fresh Cuts Train at 6pm! There’s a fantastic view from the train….

On the subject of train carriages with a lovely view, and riding first class, I had a laugh the other day. Mo Melia – lucky winner of the Christmas Elf Hunt competition – wrote a very humorous post on Facebook, which I have copied and pasted below:

I live on Merseyside and I quite understand why Northern Rail may lose their franchise. If only Clarity could take over the Northern Rail franchise …

* there’d be no delays;

* staff would be on hand 24/7 with advice;

* there’d be daily blogs about different journeys;

* there’d be a Facebook page where people would contribute good things about their journeys;

* there would be 5* reviews at the ticket offices selling the tickets;

* Clarity would offer discounts every now and again on certain tickets;

* Clarity would offer new journeys;

* trains would be very comfortable, relaxing and stress-free;

* As well as food on board, Barbara and crew would entertain us with various on-board entertainment – videos, podcasts, radio …;

* their after sales service would be outstanding;

* but most of all, their staff are amazing! 😃

Now I know that Mo may be a trifle biased, having just won the £200 Clarity Hamper ! But nonetheless, it made me smile. It all sounds so do-able! If we can just get through this January, we’ll be laughing!

Must dash. Hope you can join us at 6pm for a double-hour ODS launch. Paul and I are sharing the load!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “OMG!!!

  1. Wow.. the stamps are amazing and I just couldn’t resist the big bundle. This is the first show of the year then I’m going to be bankrupt by the end of the year.. lol.
    Great 2hr show. Thank-you again Barbara for great productsxx

  2. You will all be fine with the move for as you say there is no I in team. Team work after all is the key to Claritystamp. Thanks for the birthday mention

  3. Loving the Doodleology stamps and stencils – they will work great with the texture stamps etc. Good luck with tonight’s ODS and with your move Barbara. x

  4. Hi Barbara
    Oh blow I missed the show, we took the tree to be recycled and it took much longer than we thought. I must watch it on catch up. Congratulations on the sell out though. Looking forward to seeing the Dies later, they look fantastic. Love the post from Facebook, biased?, perhaps but true? Oh so true.
    Have fun.
    Love Diane xx

  5. Loved the 2pm shows and will be watching again at 6pm. Knew they would be popular! Love that post, you often say about being on the Clarity train, we could all craft on the journey. Sounds like a wonderful idea. Xx

  6. Loved the stamps,so had to order the complete bundle, have always loved zentangle and doodling, think these will be great for mens cards to,just love everything about Clarity.

  7. I saw Mo’s post and agree with it! Just wondering if you’ll have the time LOL ! Great shows this afternoon will catch up with dies later xx

  8. Hi Barb, so pleased for you, that all your stock is flying out the door, both this afternoon and your ODS.

    Why stop at rail franchises. Hands up – Barb for PM?…

    Thank you for brightening my day. Hope you have a good sleep. Love you xxx

  9. I saw Mo’s post and thought how right she was. Reckon you could teach a few companies a thing or two. I watched this afternoon and love those stamps need to wait a while before buying but shall have them eventually. Been waiting all day for news of our latest grandchild but he/she seems reluctant to make an entrance into the world. Well I am getting some jobs done while I keep busy XX

  10. Wow not surprised you had a sell out, ordered stamp bundle set off clarity site . Mo certainly made me chuckle. The politicians did keep saying in the run up to the elections – we need more clarity . Good luck with next shows

  11. What a busy show and some wonderful demos and samples. Can’t buy any more at the moment but thank you for all the new ideas to use with what I have! Hope you have enough stock to get through all the planned shows x

  12. The shows went well today, Barbara. So encouraging for you all. I saw Mo’s post on FB. It was brilliant. Just a shame you can’t do as she suggests!! Hope you get a good rest tonight. See you in the morning. Hx

  13. I’ve got a job for square doodlology set (my predictive text thingy nearly had a fit then) I see a landscape with a spitfire flying over it – Pete’s birthday card! I will be placing my order when I ring to renew my clubs!

  14. I saw Mo’s post too, I agree you’d do a grand job. Haven’t watched the shows yet but it’s all recorded to watch at leisure.
    Glad they went so well but not at all

  15. I don’t think it’s bias I just think Mo has expressed how we all feel – the good ship Clarity has so many fans and we all are positive ones at that too! Love the new dies, just got to save my pennies at the moment xx

  16. Hello Barb, well Mo certainly got that post spot on. Being associated with Clarity as a customer is such a pleasant experience. Well done on the sellouts. Have not watched the shows yet. Looking forward to catching up. Take care all. Bx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Sorry this is very late -I got so engrossed in the shows that I forgot to look at the blog – sorry! The stamps did fall into my Clarity basket though. Unfortunately, the dies will have to wait as I also ordered some Deflecto storage , so had an expensive day! The shows were brilliant and I’m not surprised that the stamps were a sell out,they are brilliant. I’m watching Paul with Kathryn at the moment doing a wonderful job. I had to smile when Janice dropped a very “subtle” hint about when her birthday was and then you gave her the canvas as an early present! If I drop a hint about mine, will you do the same ?Lol! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  18. Loved the shows yesterday, bought the stamp and die bundles with the money not spent on splurging over the holiday. The 2 hour show certainly worked, am recording today’s shows as there is a lot going on here.

    Mo’s blog was great. Rail bosses take heed.

    Barb for PM? You could certainly get the country organised and profitable if only you had the time !!!

    Hope the move is going well and look forward to seeing some pics of the new venue.

    Safe journey home. 🍒🍒🍒

  19. Thanks for sharing Barb. Defnitely not biased as I love the Clarity products, which I normally buy through your website, Hochanda or Happy Stampers in Port Sunlight. They are fabulous products and I would recommend them all the time. Your staff are brilliant, your aftercare service is fantastic – I’ve only sent something back once and that was my fault because I ordered something I’d already bought previously so Louise kindly swapped it for me very quickly. How many heads of other companies do daily blogs or weekly Youtube videos? You inspire, motivate and encourage people along with all your team. I agree with Brenda M … Barb for PM?!! 😘

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