Enjoy the ride!

Enjoy the ride!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Busy times here! So glad you liked the fabulous Room with a View Fresh Cut Dies that we launched yesterday on HOCHANDA too! We did have to go up against Dancing on Ice at the same o’clock, but hey! We held our own!! Thanks for buying and investing in us, and thanks to Paul for taking over on the shows today. I had something unexpected crop up back at base, so had to bow out last minute last night. But Paul did a fab job as always.

Can I just say : I LOVE THESE DESIGNS !!!! Thank you so much Mel. This isn’t just a set of dies; this is ART. Proper ART. I just want to shut the door, and play with these particular dies. They have hit the spot for me. I see so much potential! I think these would make great stencils and stamps too…

From a little storybook…

…to miniature cardlets or canvases.

The new Quarterettes are just perfect.

The style is sublime. Here is a little revision step by step, on how to trap the scrap:

If you missed the TV shows, why not take a look at them HERE

Time to stop for the day.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Enjoy the ride!

  1. Hi Barb, hope it was nothing serious, and it’s all sorted now. I was worrying about what had happened to you. Love these dies, especially the wee baby ones. I’ll defo be investing in those at some point. I hope there are more wee baby dies to come?… Loved watching all your and Paul’s shows too. Some happy, calming telly. I’ve recorded them so I can watch them back properly for inspiration. I hope you have a chill evening. Love you xxx

    1. p.s. love this version of trap the scarp too, thanks for sharing. (my head seems to be on a bit of a strike today so it takes me longer to put everything together…!!!)

  2. I was watching the show and decided to add some gilding flakes to a card I was making. I die cut a few snow flakes out of double sided adhesive and placed them on the card. I opened up a box with silver gilding flakes and immediately dropped it on the floor. Fortunately I had a small amount in the box, but what a mess!

    Anyway, I love these dies, especially the Quarterette. Thanks also for the great step by step instructions for the trap the scrap technique.

  3. Hello Barb, hope all is ok back at base camp. Paul did a super job, and provided laughs when he got the scenes back to front. Dies and stamps on my wish list. Let’s see who takes notice of that Love the step by step. Take care all. Bx

  4. Hi, your show was very inspired. I remembered there is a stamping medium called Glue Pad by Tsukineko which doesn’t dry so quickly and is still sticky for several minutes. Even if I bought it years ago, I tried it today and it worked fine. I’m waiting for the new dooleology stamps to test them. Best regards Christiane from Germany
    Sorry for my broken English.

  5. Hope all is OK. I bought the rest of the dies to finish my collection. Thanks so much again for the shout out yesterday. I had a surge of blog views after the show. Back to work today but luckily I have the perfect timetable. 0.6 every other day with Tuesdays and Thursdays off. More samples to be made tomorrow ready to post Thursday. Wishing you a smooth move.

  6. These are beautiful dies and at some point I will get some but I would love, love, love them as stamps and stencils too. Hope you are well x

  7. Missed you today but Paul is a real trooper. He always manages to make us laugh as well as being an ace demonstrator.
    Hope your unexpected something has now been resolved.
    These are lovely dies and so versatile. I know I will be using them a lot.
    Now – guilding flakes. I recently purchased 2 pots of my favourite colours which were different from those I already had from various other companies. To say they are superior is an understatement. I am therefore raiding the penny jar to buy the sets. Am I bad? Too right I am. Off to order them now.
    Have a good evening. 🍒🍒🍒

  8. Hope everything is OK back at base. Have all the shows on record so I can watch them back. These new dies are super cute in the mini versions and I have added them all to my expanding wish list! Xx

  9. I really love these die designs and looking forward to having a play when mine arrive. Mel’s designs are jam packed with detail and it would be lovely to see them as stencils and stamps.
    Hope all is well and continues that way for your big move.

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Well you know when you say to yourself , NO these are not for me !!!!! well i have to retract that statement .
    I am putting in a small order for one at the moment as i need to make a new Home card for my stepdaughter and her husband. They wanted to live in a village so this one will be great.

    I know you are so busy but i wonder if you can help me.
    I have the Hare in the Meadow, but i am finding it hard when cut to get the die to release from the card.
    I have tried using 2 different microns of card but it seems to be the same on both.
    What am i doing wrong ??? I am putting the magnetic shim in when cutting out and all the dies from Clarity i have no problem with but this one is eluding me.
    When you have time !!!! i would appreciate your help.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Lynn xx

  11. Evening Barbara. I hope all is OK back at base. I wondered why you weren’t there but Paul always does an amazing job. He’s so calm and takes everything in his stride. He did make me laugh when Janice and him were looking for faces in the designer paper. I even got the pads out and looked for them myself! Haha.
    The larger dies are on my wish list now. I loved playing with the quartette dies especially doing the fabric sample.
    I hope you can relax a little tonight. Love and hugs Xxxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Hope everything is ok. Missed you on tv today, but Paul did a wonderful job. The dies are fabulous and I particularly like the quarterette ones ( so cute!) Unfortunately, as I bought the stamps, I couldn’t run to the dies, but they are definitely on my wish list. I hope Maria is recovering from her op well. Congratulations to all of the DT too, superb samples as usual. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  13. Sorry to hear you were called back to base unexpectedly – hope all is well now? I will have to watch back all the shows as I was back to work today, but I’m loving the samples I’ve seen so far on Facebook.

  14. I think they would be great as stamps. Shows were good yesterday and I managed to see some of Paul’s today. Hope you got your problem sorted. xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Hope everything and everyone is ok back at base
    Love the new dies I had to order them great deal and flex pay made it possible
    A big hit me thinks 🤗

  16. morning Barbara. hope everything is OK at Clarity Towers, and that the prep for the move is going smoothly. I got to watch most of the shows – enjoying my first retirement weekend, as I didn’t have to run around on Sunday getting ready for the working week! Have ordered the stamps and now waiting for them to arrive. Didn’t think I needed the new dies, as I’ve already got the panoramic ones, but……… they’re now on my wish list! Now I’m retired, its clearly going to have to be beans on toast all week to pay for the craft stash!! Huge thanks to you & Paul for all the inspiration

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