Nearly Here: Friday 8 and 12.

Nearly Here: Friday 8 and 12.

Hi there.

Thank you so much for all your competition entries! I don’t think we have EVER had such a huge response! Most of you got all the answers right too – which means that you definitely watched the video very carefully! But there can only be one winner. And this time the £20 Gift Voucher goes to …. drumroll….

Dawn Sirdefield !  Ta Daaaa!

Here are the correct answers, just in case you care! Lifted straight from Dawn’s email!

1. You refer to the Pergamano Pink Excellent Mat – Product Code: PER-AC-70075-XX

2. The designer pad you used was Indian Summer

3. You said “Pick a DAISY, any DAISY”

4. Your quirky expression was “On the Wonk” (Love it)

5. The pergaliners you used were 13 and 12 for the flowers and 17 for the leaves

6. You referred to The Circle Line on the underground.

7. Cor, that was a good word – Fragility

8. The wording on the black and white box is “If you’re waiting for a sign, THIS IS IT. More ideas than time”

9. The Parchlet design you used was Tina’s Daisy Flowers Parchlet. A6 Square Groovi Baby Plate – Product No: GRO-FL-40972-01

Thank you to everybody who joined in. I think we may have to do more of those Video Comps! So many entries! Thank you xxx

So much going on here!

Calm it Kermit….

Let’s see. Well, at 8am on Friday, our Sam Crowe is gracing our TV screens with her very first show. She is launching a fantastic set of Mixed Media Stamps which she has designed herself. They are sooooo clever!

I couldn’t help noticing these beautiful samples at the office yesterday:

This masterpiece is by Dee Paramour…

.. and this one is by Anne Dimitriou

Wowee. Why do I think these wonderful stamps with stencils will fly out the door ?!?!? Honestly, they are so funky, clever, neat, arty – can’t wait to see what Sam sees in her mind’s eye! She has been working on this collection for months.

Gotta go now! Business calls. But before I shoot off to a meeting, may I direct you to the Clarity Matters blog? grace has written a very interesting one today. Yeah. If you have ever heard of Papyrus, or you run a craft/ stationery company, you’ll get it. Yikes! I tick both them there boxes!

It’s a funny old life. You just never know what’s round the corner, do you.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Nearly Here: Friday 8 and 12.

  1. Congratulations, Dawn. Happy shopping! All the best to Sam when she makes her debut tomorrow. All set to record. Hx

  2. Yay!!! Well done Dawn! Enjoy spending your voucher! I’m sure you’ll find something you need!
    Good luck for Friday Sam! I’m looking forward to seeing what you had in mind for the stamps and stencils!
    Enjoy your evening Barbara.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Congratulations Dawn – well done.
    Hope all goes well for Sam’s debut on TV for Clarity.
    While these new stamps are innovative and funky and the samples are amazing, they are not for me, much to the relief of hubby and the bank account. I have to save some pennies for the Pergamano show later this month as I am sure there will be some awesome goodies available.
    Have a good day.

  4. Congratulations, Dawn! Have fun.

    Good luck, Sam. Enjoy yourself. You’re used to talking to us on YouTube and the rest is just technical stuff to learn over time. I’m glad you are using stamps you have designed to give you confidence this time. they sound great.

  5. Good Luck Sam,I shall certainly be watching you. You will be great and I will be interested to see your demos. xx

  6. Congratulations to Dawn for winning the draw for the correct answers to the quiz.
    Good luck Sam for Friday, as I have said before its just like doing an open day demo with us sat watching. Just a few more of us & a bit further away !!
    Off to catch up with

  7. Congratulations to Dawn, watched the video had my answers ready and then…forgot to send them in!! Oh well always next time. Xx

  8. Congratulations Dawn – really happy for you! And recorder is all set for Sam’s debut shows on Hochanda too. And my flights, car hire and workshop is all booked too – just need to book a hotel and holiday from work! I’m getting excited already!!!

  9. Hello Barb, firstly congratulations to Dawn, loved reading the answers here. And you go for it Sam, love seeing the samples here and I am sure that you will have tons of inspiration with these fab designs. Off to read Grace’s post. Take care all and enjoy the upcoming shows. Bx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Congratulations to Dawn, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble spending your prize!
    Grace’s blog was excellent yesterday and it is so worrying and sad to see so many shops going under.
    Looking forward to Sam’s tv debut on Friday and I bet she is pleased you’ll be with her. The stamps are definitely Sam – congratulations for your own designs being produced. I’m sure they will fly out in no time. Recorder is already set for the shows. Love and hugs Alison xxx

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