Grace and Clarity…

Grace and Clarity…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. Had a super meeting with a few members of the marketing team this morning. Teamwork certainly makes the dream work here. One thing became apparent very quickly during the meeting: we are all approaching Clarity sales from the same place – kind and caring. Whilst this may be neither the business norm nor the most lucrative way, we all agreed that it is the only acceptable way for us. Hey! When did we ever toe the line?! Look out for some nice little changes.

Something else that makes me sing inside is the fact that lovely daughter Grace is getting involved in our family business again. She always was when she was younger!

I was very proud to read her lovely introductory blog on our other blog platform: 

Please click to read how Grace sees Clarity – it’s in her soul. And the best part is that she is her name: Grace by name – Grace by nature. So what we discussed this morning in Kent regarding being a kind and caring company will come very naturally to Grace, in New York.

She’s so English though! Even after all these years of living in the States! I guess living in England in her formative years has stuck. Whenever we visit, we have to take Walkers salt n vinegar crisps, chocolate and PG Tips!

Happy days. Now Dave and I are off up to London, to buy a big new shiny machine! No. Not a Porsche! This new addition to the Clarity factory is far more exciting than a Porsche! Fork lift truck? Nope. (That arrived at the new factory yesterday!) I cannot wait to give this one a test drive! All I need is some card and a keen eye. More will be revealed.

Don’t forget to check out Grace’s FIRST BLOG!!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Grace and Clarity…

  1. Can’t wait to read about the newest addition to the Clarity factory. Please don’t keep us waiting for too long. I’d love to see a video tour of the new place as well as one showing just how you make the stamps, plates and stencils.

    Lindor chocolate and PG Tips! A woman after my own heart. Looking forward to reading more from Grace. Just like her mum, smart, funny and strong with that little extra something that comes from living in New York. So glad to see the Amazon US shop. It’s going to be a big success.

  2. Can’t wait to hear about all the new things coming
    our way via “The Dream Team” ie Clarity Towers.
    Loved Grace’s blog, you certainly got her & Mark involved early. It is lovely that things have come round full circle & she is back in the business. All you need now is to rope your Mark again & you will have a full house! Wising you all every success for 2020 & beyond, you deserve it!
    Gayle xx

  3. Haaaa that is funny, whenever I have gone to America I always take PG Tips! I am sure that Grace will hit the floor running and will take the ethos of Clarity to the heart of the US arm of the business. That Clarity is a kind, caring business has never been a doubt in my mind. Xx

  4. Bless her the roots are in good old England. Your customer service excels, unusually for me I have just lost my rag with a very large department store. I did not swear, not my way, but I shall be cancelling the order and looking elsewhere. Right I need a cuppa and calm down now. xx

  5. Hi Barb,
    Watched the video and read Grace’s blog this morning – she certainly is her mother’s daughter. I’m sure that her and Mark will make the US business very successful. I like the photo of her clutching the crisps and my very favourite chocolate Lindt Lindor! Unfortunately for me, Durham branch of Sainsbury have now got a Lindor Pick-n-Mix! It is way too tempting. I can imagine people just walking past the display and helping themselves! I’m intrigued as to your new machine can be. No doubt you will let us into the secret shortly. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  6. Superb blog from Grace, she certainly takes after her mum.
    Intrigued by your teaser about the new purchase, sure it will be something to make more temptation for us.
    Go careful on the new fork lift, I can just imagine you shifting stock around the new premises.
    Kind and caring always works no matter what. Clarity has it in spades.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  7. My mum always sent me teabags, curry spices and lemon puff biscuits when I lived in the US! Today’s blog was lovely and I still have those early club projects with the photos stuck on!!!

  8. Ooh, Lindor. ..gotta best the best chocolates around! Great that Grace is on board and I’m just off to read her blog post, doubtless we’ll have tales from across the pond as and when things settle fully into place.

    Hoping all is going as smoothly as possible for the move…now about that shiny new machine?

  9. Hi Barb, I wager that Grace is her mothers daughter whilst being herself too. Will be off to read her blog in a minute, thanks for sharing all your news with us, am now intrigued. Take care all. Bx

  10. Such exciting times, Barbara! Cant wait to see what you’re going to unveil next, but make sure you don’t forget to look after yourself in all the excitement. Enjoy!

  11. It’s lovely to hear about all the exciting things you and the Clarity team are planning, the success that you’re enjoying is certainly well deserved.
    Wishing everyone at Clarity and fellow followers of your blog a happy and healthy 2020 x

  12. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderful day for you, a dream team and your lovely daughter joining it, fantastic. I remember her from shows years ago helping you out, always a smile on her face. Love the photo of her with the goodies, you can’t beat Lindt chocolate can you. My friends mum used to send her mars bars and M&S knickers! How times have changed.
    Love Diane xx

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