Good n Grateful

Good n Grateful

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in! It’s blowing a hooley out there today! Happy to be in the dry and warm. The numbers of homeless people are soaring; must be dreadful when it’s cold, windy and wet. Saw lots of tents pitched on the pavements in London on Sunday. The idiot in me thinks “well, that’s a bit unsightly, bang in the middle of Picadilly”. The human, the sister in me thinks “Poor people. Thank God they’ve got some sort of shelter – even if it is only a poxy tent.” What a dreadful state of affairs. As we were walking back to Charing Cross, right by St Martins in the Field, there was a big black hatchback parked up. A few good men were handing out blankets, sweatshirts, shoes and pillows to people who were going to have to sleep rough. A few good women were serving hot drinks and food. Desperately inadequate, given the scale of the problem now, but wonderfully generous nonetheless.

Yes. So I am particularly grateful to be in the warm and dry today. I do wish I were really wealthy. You know, stinking rich. Then I would be able to make a difference. But all the time you’re just pedalling like mad to pay the bills, there’s only so much you can do, and there are only so many hours in the day. Sounds like a cop out.

So before we get despondent, let’s get grateful. Come on! Think of 5 things you are grateful for. I write them down. Top of the list: I have a roof over my head.

Love and hugs, stay safe.

Barb xx

21 thoughts on “Good n Grateful

  1. The five things I can immediately think of are, I have a roof over my head, food on the table, electricity (that provides heating and hot food), a wonderful husband and very good friends.

  2. I have my faith. I had a fantastic mum. I have a lovely home. I have a beautiful garden and a wee cat I love to bits.

  3. Evening Barbara.
    I am grateful for my home, my hubby, my daughter, my family (and that includes friends who are like family. I am also for making this far in life.
    That sounds strange but so many people I know didn’t get this far.
    I frequently drive past a centre for the homeless. They open up everyday and serve 2 hot meals to people who go there. They operate on donations. They also make sure that the people going in there have clothes and blankets. When I had a sort out at home I took a couple of coats to the centre and they were given to people on the streets who needed them. I also made a blanket and took that in. It’s not much but at least I feel I’ve helped.
    Anyway have a good evening.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

    1. Yes, so very much to be grateful for. To add on to what most have already said, l’m quite sure we’re all grateful to Barbara for her brilliance….putting this incredible Clarity Stamp business together from scratch; with grace, humor and incredible creative mind that she shares with all of us. Looking forward to having her presence here in the United States.

      Well done, Barbara and congratulations!

  4. My wonderful husband, so kind and caring, a good solid home, warmth and light, food on the table, reasonable health and I’m still alive to appreciate it all.
    Add to this enough money to pay the bills with enough left over to indulge our hobbies and retirement ain’t so bad.

  5. 1. The roof over my head.
    2. Food in my belly
    3. Loving family and friends.
    4. For the NHS – keeping me mobile.
    5. Last, but definitely not least – a loving, caring and thoughtful husband x

  6. Good thoughts for today. The fact that you noticed is a testament to your caring nature. There are so many who make no notice of what is right in front of them, literally in some cases. Thank you for being present and bringing us all back to remembering how much we have and to be grateful for it.

  7. I am grateful for my friend next door;
    For our dogs;
    For working 5 senses to see, hear, smell and feel and touch he wonderful natural world just outside my door -birds, flowers, even the wind, sun and rain.
    Finally for good health care that keeps me fairly mobile, able to cope with pain and disabilities and keeps those senses working!!

  8. I am incredibly grateful to have a roof, a kind loving and supporting husband, food, warmth and crafty supplies to keep my mind and hands busy!
    I feel for those poor souls tonight and I know exactly what you mean – it is dreadful that in this day and age we can’t feed, clothe and house everyone! I think it will get worse too over the next few months and years xx

  9. I’m extremely grateful for my wonderful husband, my lovely family and friends, a roof over my head and being alive even though in pain.

  10. 1. Health
    2. Food
    3. A place to call my home
    4. Family.
    5. The knowledge that if I have nothing good to say then I don’t say anything
    People have feelings and I would be devastated if something I had said hurt anyone
    Barbara you keep peddling and may the wind always be at your back. Hugs 🤗

  11. 1. My family
    2. My home
    3. My job – it may not be perfect, but it’s not horrible and it pays the bills.
    4. Enough to eat
    5. The internet – it entertains, informs and lets me see the world, and most importantly when there can be so much sadness in the world, I can also so see so much good and that gives me hope.

  12. Hello Barb, it is getting worse and worse, and yes I also wish I was really rich, so that I can help others, starting with family, but as you say it is not always possible to help financially when you have your financial obligations. I am grateful for all that I have, especially for my lovely hubby who is always there to support me. I guess being grateful does not stop us wanting more, but that is human nature. Take care all. Bx

  13. I wake up every morning, my loving family, a roof over my head, friends and I am lucky enough to have enough food etc. It really is a terrible world when people have to sleep on the streets.

  14. I’m so grateful for my health, my lovely partner, my family, my home and my jobs. But in reality, there are so many things I am grateful for every day.

    I saw a lovely family on TV the other morning, who had lost their son, Billy. Before he died he had an idea about introducing a “chip” system, where people could buy a chip that they gave to someone who was in need, and it could be exchanged for food, hot drinks etc. I thought it was a brilliant idea – it’s based in Bristol I think. We have lots of “pay it forward” schemes in Inverness, where cafes let you pay on account for anyone who isn’t able to pay for food/drink for themselves. We can’t solve the problems of the world alone, but we can all make small differences to the lives of someone else who is having a hard time. x

  15. Hi Barbara,
    I have so much to be grateful for:
    1. My wonderful family, which includes our little dog.
    2. My home, although it’s up for sale it’s been our home for over 27 years.
    3. Good friends who are there when I need them.
    4. Reasonably good health, although there’s been some difficult stuff it’s not as bad as other people may be dealing with.
    5. Good food, which is so much better when it’s shared.
    Thanks for reminding us about gratitude xx

  16. I am grateful for
    The roof over my head
    A fabulous family, especially our kids and grandchildren
    Reasonably good health
    A wonderful husband who is my best friend
    Enough of the things I need, ie, food, Warmth, water

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