Calm it Kermit!

Calm it Kermit!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. New Year’s Resolution: CALM IT KERMIT! I have a tendency to spiral. Starts out fine. Picks up momentum. Pedals like a loony. Forgets to eat. Spirals. Starts running around waving arms in air. So this year: CALM IT KERMIT.


Let me give you an example. Tomorrow we (Paul and I) were scheduled to get up at 5am, hit the road early to avoid congestion, drive up to Peterborough, do a 12noon hour and a 4pm hour, then pack up and head back home in rush hour, to land back at base at about 9pm. Then we were going to repeat the whole exercise on Saturday, for an 11am a 2pm and a 4pm.


I could feel the pressure and resentment building up, physically feel it. So I decided to CALM IT KERMIT. Do you know Kermit was born in 1965? So he’s coming up for retirement too!

So. Change of plan. We’re travelling up together this evening, after the traffic has calmed down. And we’re staying up there until Saturday evening.

We may be away from home for a few days, but we will not be worried about getting to the TV studios – because we’ll be there! We can have planning meetings – and do plenty of business from there. Call it stress management; I shall call it CALM IT KERMIT.

And now I am off to pottery for the afternoon. It really is crucial to maintain a Work-Life Balance, and pottery is all part of a Clarity-Controlled diet!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. We did agree to do an extra LIVE TV show at 8pm tomorrow evening. Well, we’re up there, aren’t we?!? There’s no hope….

30 thoughts on “Calm it Kermit!

  1. Lol. Like your plan and appreciate the warning about the extra show. Safe journey north tonight and in the meantime, enjoy pottery. Hx

  2. Well done seems a good plan hopefully a bit of rest time to and some fun for you both in it. Have set record set so must set for 8pm show then as well. Hope you have safe drive down looking forward to shows xxx

  3. That’s a much more sensible schedule. Less stressful and even better for the environment. Enjoy your pottery session.

  4. I did wonder if you’d stay up here. Much more sensible to. Shame our East Northants group isn’t meeting. You could have come for a Chill out and a laugh with us not forgetting the cake and ice cream. You’ll probably not have as many distractions being away from base anyway. Looking forward to the shows. X

  5. Hello Barbara,

    Much more sensible! I know you will both be away from home and loved ones but better than hurtling up and down roads and motorways.


  6. Hello
    I saw it on the tv and thought of you……no not Clarity and Groovi! but Channel 4 ..The Great Pottery Throw Down …..? A bit like Bake Off but with clay!!! Just a thought although I know you are very busy. xx Looking forward to watching the said programmes with you and Paul.xx

  7. Sounds like an excellent idea, miss all or most of the traffic so less stress driving. In plenty of time to get to the studios & even doing the extra show you will have plenty of down time when you can plan things for the future. The team at Clarity Towers will still continue with the move & you can always facetime if there is anything that cannot wait.
    Enjoy your pottery session this afternoon – wonder what you will be making this term ? Look forward to hearing all about it in due course.
    Now I have some walls to paint & a card to complete for tomorrows Groovi meeting in Bromsgrove.

  8. Brilliant idea Kermit, love reading your blog Barb, recorder set, I know you will be away from home a few days but this idea sounds sensible☺️ travel safe xx

  9. It’s a legitimate bus expense ( hotel,subsistence etc) But to save money you and churchy can do a Morecambe & Wise and share a double and wear your best pyjamas . While reading Clarity today papers etc😂 especially if you YouTube it

  10. Hi Barbara
    Now that’s a much better idea, especially with this awful weather. You will be nice and relaxed after pottery this afternoon too so will be less stressed. I know it’s more nights away from the lovely Dave but much better for the stress levels and health. Safe journey to you both.
    Love Diane xxx

  11. Whilst your planning your work load would it be possible to think whether you were able to make circular lace groovi plates like the Kings, Queens and Princesses. They would be lovely.
    I have my fingers crossed.

  12. Hi Barbara,
    That sounds a much better plan.
    You do have to look after yourself ,and then that relates to all.
    Thank Anna she has been brilliant as I needed an answer to a mail, she was so good and answered it so quickly
    Have a safe journey to the studios.
    Looking forward to seeing all your shows.
    Lynn xx

  13. Much better to be there rather than travel up and down that motorway. Just think about the fact you are reducing your carbon footprint! Looking forward to the shows and seeing the demos. Xx

  14. Disappointed that Hochanda is no longer on TV after 7pm. here in Suffolk…I always used to watch, so not a good start to the year! We are on free view. Pity it’s gone, I enjoy a good spend!

    1. I agree… so disappointed Hochanda not on free view after 7 p.m. I loved to watch it through the night such a miss for an insomniac!!!

  15. The B&B owner in me is giggling about the reaction of the cleaner when she goes in to service your room and sees all the crafting prep for that extra show!!!! Kermit is a very sensible friend – glad you have chosen him to walk with you through the New Year x

  16. Very sensible strategy. Without the extra stress of the double journey you will both be safer and more relaxed. In these days of internet communications you will still not be far from your crew if they need to contact you and with the lovely Dave holding the fort – no worries.
    Hope the pottery went well.

  17. You are thinking sensibly Barbara, and getting burnt out by all that coming and going would not have helped to keep you on the right track. It is so ridiculous to think that Kermit has been around all that time, definitely makes me feel old…lol.

  18. Sounds like a plan, Stan!! Hope all goes well with the shows (what am I saying? Of course it will) My dies from the sale arrived today, can’t wait to have a play! X

  19. Better all round and will also save others the stress of your travelling back and forth too. Recorder already set as am needing to pop out tomorrow – not quite what I’d planned but that’s the trouble with planning. ..often doesn’t happen quite like you expect lol! Safe journey (s) and looking forward to the new ‘stuff’ xx

  20. Hello Barb, hope you enjoyed pottery and you and Paul had a safe trip to the studios. I think this is a much better way to do it, and you will not be tired and anxious when you get to the studios. Looking forward to the shows. Take care all. Bx

  21. Hi Barbara, I know exactly what you mean, one of the things I am having to learn is that even if you’re doing something you love if you do too much of it there’s the possibility it will be stressful.
    So pleased you had a change of plan and safe journeys. Looking forward to seeing your shows.
    Take care xx

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