Die-namite Fresh Cuts SALE

Die-namite Fresh Cuts SALE

Hi there!

Thank you for popping in! I may be DIEvulging this news a little prematurely, but may I take this opportunity to DIErect you towards our DIEnamite Online Sale? Half Price Fresh Cut dies until Midnight Monday.


If you’re a NEW DESIGN CLUB Member, your 10-15% discount is added, too. So if you’re not a member, now might be the perfect time to join the Clarity Club, and pick one, two, three or all four of the crafting disciplines:





Click here to investigate…

But. I DIEgress! If you’ve got Fresh Cut Dies on your wishlist, there’s never been a better time than now to DIEve in! We’ve never had a bigger DIE SALE!


On another note, have you read our Grace’s post on the Claritymatters blog? What a great read. Old head on young shoulders…click here to investigate.

Forgive me for not doing arty posts right now; trying to move the factory just now, and up to my arse in crocoDIEles!

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Die-namite Fresh Cuts SALE

  1. Will have a look at the dies , can imagine what a massive job it is to move a whole business , we found it hard enough when our daughter and family moved back in this time last year . Hope it goes as smoothly as possible x

  2. What a start you are having to 2020 and how exciting!
    I loved the video of you and Grace and her first blog post. Sending her lots of love and luck for the American arm of Clarity.
    Thank you Barb, for continuing with your daily posts, even during the move and all the logistics involved. We do appreciate it and especially the amazing die sale. I have resisted dies so far, as I have spent money on Groovy plates and done my own picot cutting. However, I have finally succumbed, at these amazing prices, and ordered the round and square picot dies.
    I hope you manage to get some down time over the weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  3. Good luck with the move, Barb. Look forward to visiting. Grace’s blog is great, just like her Mum’s. You are fully justified in being very proud of her. Xx

  4. Must be manic back at base you must be DIEing on your feet. I expect you will DIErect everyone to get it all done smoothly. Must have a little look at the dies, I am sure I can be tempted. Got my first little cuddle of my gorgeous new grandaughter today. xx

  5. You are so good to us. I have an awful lot of the dies but there are a few I hesitated over when they first came out as I wasn’t sure they’d be used enough but at this price I just can’t resist adding to the stash.
    Like you I am left handed but in some things can be ambidextrous which is fortunate as I have badly hurt my left thumb and wrist and am unable to hold a pencil or embossing tool. 😰 This means no Groovi at the moment but there is a lot of DIE cutting being done !😀
    Hope the move is progressing nicely. Do mind your back and neck though, don’t overdo things and hurt yourself.
    Love and hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  6. I guess it was too much to expect the latest Room with a View dies to be in the sale 🙁 Sadly they are just outside my budget as I’ve just paid for all 4 clubs subscription. I think I have all the others I want.
    I hope the move goes really well and you are soon settled in your new Clarity home.

  7. Hi Barbara

    I have moved house today from Surrey down to Somerset so I can understand how you must be feeling and how much hard work it is. Managed to get the bedroom sorted so early night. The rest of the boxes can wait for the morning. So good luck on your move I will be thinking of you.

  8. Hi Barbara
    How exciting, I think there might be one or two Dies I might have a look at. I hope the move is going well, I’m sure we will all do our best to buy as many dies as we can so you don’t have to move the stock over to the new building!
    Love Diane xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    I’m amazed that you’re still able to blog with everything that’s going on around you, but I’m very grateful. Thank you also for the brilliant DIEsareable sale! Will have a look tomorrow as there are a couple I haven’t got – can’t really afford it but 65% off is just too good to miss! Got email today to say my doodleology goodies are on their way and I also received my Craftalong pack today. Brilliant service especially with the move going on. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  10. Hi Barbara,
    Will be having a look at the dies, there’s a couple that are on my wish list.
    I enjoyed Grace’s blog post. I hope that the move goes smoothly and that you get some time to yourself.

  11. Hi there, I will take my time and browse through the dies, I’m sure there are one or two I need! Had a lovely day with Ronk Langton and others today. Came home and there was a burglary in our road, affects us all and brings back the time we were burgled too. I had really put it to back of my mind and now it’s at the front again. Sale browsing will help. X

  12. Just been reading Graces 2nd Blog it’s great so talented like you beautiful read. Here is more temptation to buy more clarity giddies not that we need much temptation of sales to buy lots love hope all going well with plans for move xxx

  13. You’re unstoppable, Barb! I mailed you something to the old place yesterday, and knew I should have checked where to send it, but hopefully it will arrive before you vacate fully! xoxo

    1. Hi Em, David here, we are retaining the ‘old place’ also, so your mail won’t get lost. We will be operating at both !!!!

  14. Hello Barb, what great deals on Die delights. Have had a quick look, will go back and slowly peruse the offers. Will have to go check the other blog now too. Hopefully the moving is not too stressful, I am sure the whole team is getting stuck in. Take care all. Bx

  15. Good luck with the move! Might just have to have a little look at the die sale later today. I’ve been using up all my “not quite up to it” pieces of gel press/stencilling/alcohol ink backgrounds recently with the Fresh Cut dies and they make even the mundane look amazing!!! x

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