Friday Hat? Mrs Mop!

Friday Hat? Mrs Mop!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. How did I know the Half Price DIE-namite Fresh Cuts Sale would blow the doors off?!

Of course, what it has also done is wake up all those of you lovely Clarity club members who hadn’t renewed your club subscription! Suddenly, customers go to place an order in the sale, realize their 10% or 15% club discount has expired, and are calling the helpline to get the new year’s subscription in place and sorted quickly! Nothing like a half-price DIE SALE to instigate a leap into action!

It’s really easy to sign up and renew online, you know. And your discount is automatically and instantly tagged. However, if you prefer to talk to a human – which I ENTIRELY get – then the number is 01732 868215. The sale runs till midnight Monday, and we’re not likely to run out of dies (although those Picot Dies are flying out), so you can reach the office before 4pm this afternoon to resubscribe or join, and all day Monday too.
You can also call the office after hours and leave a message with your phone number; then we will get back to you first thing Monday.

I’m off to the new building with a bucket now. I know, I know. Why am I playing Mrs Mop? Well firstly, I like cleaning and the German Hausfrau in me surfaces with projects like this.

Secondly, tomorrow I’m playing Polly Paintbrush, so the skirting boards needs a good clean before then!

The other thing is that Dave is over at the new place, doing wiring and plumbing and all sorts, and this way I can do my bit, can’t I. We have always said as long as we do it together, we don’t mind WHAT we do.

Tomorrow, Jilly, Leanne and I are painting the shop – and I know we will have a blast. They are such smashing women and friends; who wouldn’t want to spend a day with them? Sure, a day walking through the lanes in Brighton might sound more appealing – but we have to paint the shop – so paint the shop we will !! Lunch after, methinks…

As soon as the paint is dry, the carpet cleaners are coming in – and then – AND THEN – we can start moving all the gear in.

Exciting times.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Friday Hat? Mrs Mop!

  1. Hope you enjoyed your cleaning Barbara. Have fun painting tomorrow. I always seem to get as much paint on me as I do the walls. I’m not sure how but my husband says it’s natural talent!! X

  2. I wish I enjoyed cleaning! Any time you have a spare few hours (😂) you can come and do mine!
    Seriously though, I can understand you not minding (enjoying is just going too far!) doing this, as there something so exciting to look forward to as a result.
    Have fun tomorrow and don’t eat too many Greggs 🤪
    Hugs. Annette X

  3. You are a woman of many talents!!! I’m OK with silk or matt paint on walls but gloss paint defeats me every time.
    Ordered some dies this afternoon so I’m on the naughty step again.
    Query-for the craftalong I only need the die as I already have the stencils. Can I buy the die directly from Clarity?
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hi Cherry. The stencil and stamps are brand new designs. These products are only available from Hochanda until the day of the lesson. But after that you can buy direct xx

  4. Very humorous blog. I too have been Mrs Mop and Bucket!
    Totally cream crackered and the craft room tidy up will have to wait. Rather be playing with Clarity goodies from Christmas.
    Happy Painting
    Best wishes in your new home.

  5. Hi Barb,
    I’m pleased you like cleaning! I don’t, but having said that, I do like the end results. I don’t mind painting as long as it isn’t gloss as that really affects my asthma. I’m quite good with a roller. I remember when I had a classroom created for me at one of the schools where I worked and I spent 2 weeks of the summer holidays painting it so that it was ready to move stuff into for the start of the term. It was only a small classroom ( big enough for 8-10 pupils) and it also acted as my office. I had a whale of a time doing it really – I had my dungarees on and Dark Side of the Moon, Yes Album or Travis on at full volume! Hope everything goes well. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  6. Is to love cleaning painting etc but joints don’t let me all good fun when done as team work makes the dream going to be great xx

  7. Is to love cleaning painting etc but joints don’t lyet me all good fun when done as team work makes the dream going to be great xx

  8. Good luck with the mop, don’t mind painting (dad’s trade was decorator and he taught me how to do it properly from a young age!) but hate the sanding and prep work….bit like crafting I love doing the pretty-ing up lol x

  9. Have fun! I’m stepping away from the demo design desk tomorrow morning to go see 1917, but I’ll be back at it after the movie. I only have two projects to prep per month, but am quickly getting to know how you and the team feel pre-show. I’m also one of those who have taken advantage of the sale to add the rectangle picot dies to my stash… purely with demos in mind though… not! Grin xoxo

  10. Glad you are putting your stamp on the building. It will exorcise any past angst and introduce all your positivity before the rest of the Clarity family arrive – including us! It is the beginning of a new chapter and great future.

  11. Hi Barb, sometimes cleaning can as therapeutic as crafting. I did say sometimes! good luck with all the cleaning and painting and moving. Dave is a real treasure being able to do so many things himself. Take care all. Bx

  12. I hope the painting goes well Barbara and that the subsequent move will work without too much stress and anxiety. The early days of the new year and a new beginning for Clarity. x

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