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Thanks for popping in!12-4-8. These are the hours we are on Hochanda today.
Contrary to the plan, I am bouncing from one meeting to the next here! So forgive the brief blog. I did prep a stencil-stamp piece for 12, but we didn‘t get to it. So thought I would blog it instead!

Ok, all you stampy stencil artists out there! Let‘s have a little bloggy competition! How did I make this card? Have a think, write down the instructions and ingredients, and email me what you think to barbara@claritystamp.com. On Monday, when I‘m back home, I will read all the entries, and then she/he who comes closest to the truth will receive a HUGE pat on the back – and a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

Gotta go. Back on at 4. Remember? 12-4-8. Sounds like a really bad cricket result!!

love and hugs,

Barb xx

13 thoughts on “12-4-8

  1. Have some thoughts on how you did this but the colour choices I’m not so sure of.
    Looking forward to the stamp and Groovi shows. The lace plates will definitely go in my basket.👍
    I think you and Paul sharing the demo slots works really well. You seem more relaxed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well the die fell into my basket exactly as I predicted. I am having a relaxing Kermit free afternoon and have settled down ready for the 4pm show. I got my 30 minute walk in earlier going to the post office and back home again.

  3. Hi Barbara
    I think you should take time out and go on that Great British Pottery Throwdown!!!
    You would be great on that show.

  4. Enjoyed your shows, have got some recorded. You seem to get to show a lot of ideas, it was really good as you and Paul worked together. Hope you can relax after for a little while.
    Loved Grace on her blog very professional. Look forward to more. Xxx

  5. Managed to watch the 12pm show on rewind earlier and will catch up with the other shows. Love the new die so will have to pop on over to Clarity and place an order, already have the stamps from when Maria demoed them. So…where have you tied up Kermit???

  6. Hi Barb, enjoyed your two shows, especially the alcohol ink demo at the end. Love this card too. I have a good idea how you made it, but not in the right head place to sort it out and write it down. Hope you have a good sleep, and can find some chill time inbetween meetings tomorrow. Love you xxx

  7. Hi Barb,
    Unfortunately didn’t catch either show as we had to go to a funeral. I have recorded them though so will catch up probably Saturday as I’ve got to go to another funeral tomorrow. I suppose I’m at that age now when we lose people who have been close to us either, family, colleagues or friends. Still the shows will cheer me up and then I’m with a Linda Page on Sunday doing a bit of Groovi. Love the card you’ve made and the die is on my wish list – I’ve got the stamps. Primed and stamped my doodleology stamps before I went out this morning – love them! Can you ask the powers that be at a Hochanda to alter the time of the ODS launch as it’s a 2 hour show, but Freeview viewers only get 1 hour so we miss the whole second hour, which seems a little silly to me. Looking forward to the Sunday shows, love and hugs Alison xxx

  8. Hello Barb, caught some of the shows (well partially), and they were great, brilliant demos and products. There are yet more items creeping onto my wish list. Looking forward to Saturdays shows. Take care all. Bx

  9. Hi Barbara – caught the 4pm show (watched it with my sister). as usual you & Paul did such a great job. Looking forward to watching the shows on Saturday. In the meantime, I think I’ve worked out how you did the card, but I just need to think a bit more about which colours you used…. tricky!

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