Something new…

Something new…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Getting revved up for a little one hour show tomorrow at 4pm on Hochanda. Paul is showcasing some exceptionally beautiful and useful Groovi lace plates at 11am and 2pm. And I will be waiting patiently in the wings, to show off a little set of floral framers which I drew to compliment last yearβ€˜s Floral ABC. They may be modest, entwined and quite simple, but they do pack a punch – even if I say so myself.
Here are a few beautiful samples by Dee and Jane, to give you a taste. Each frame depicts a season, and comes with lots of seasonal elements. Very mix n matchable, very versatile – whether you have the ABC and number stamps or not!

Here, Dee uses the Autumn frame to great effect…

Dee Paramour

Then she takes the elements from the same set to create an entirely different look. I hope you like the script; itβ€˜s my handwriting!

Dee Paramour

I thought this was clever. For those of you who have our poetry stamps, you can see here how Jane has used a frame to frame not only the poem but also the frame!

Jane Telford
Dee Paramour

Anne has filled the frame with the elements here, which gives a whole fresh look. So many possibilities!

Anne Dimitriou

Would be good to see you at 4. I want to focus on composition and layout, with loads ticks and trips!

love and hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Something new…

  1. Now these are RIGHT up my street. My sky box is all set to record just in case I am out, however I don’t plan to be!!!! This, to me, is 100% Clarity. Xxx

  2. Had a very long draining day today so unfortunately will need to work tomorrow all day as I have no energy left today to do anything more but I have set to record so will look forward to the shows either later tomorrow night or on Sunday afternoon. Both the stamps and the groovi plates look great. My dies arrived in the past today from the sale. Thanks to the Clarity team for getting them out so quickly in the midst of a flitting! Have a good day tomorrow. Hx

  3. These stamps look beautiful & a useful addition to anyones stash. Have the programmes set to record to refer back to but hopefully will be watching whilst painting doors.

  4. Hi Barb,
    Looking forward to seeing these. The samples are glorious, love them. I have a feeling that these might end up in my basket. You should be very proud of these as they are very pretty and delicate but could be quite grungy too. Recorder is set ready for all of the shows. I like the look of the Groovi nests too. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  5. Hi Barb, beautiful designs. Lovely DT samples, I especially love Dee’s, jjst perfect for your designs. I’m defo watching you tomorrow, as always. Somehow I think these stamps will end up on my need list!πŸ˜‰ I love your handwritten script too. Sounds like it’s going to be a good hour with lots of ideas for us. Hope you have a good evening and you sleep well. Love you xxx

  6. Beautiful stamps and very versatile. Another item for my basket. If you keep bringing out such wonderful items I will have to rethink my finances!!!
    Watched your “bloopers” this afternoon. What a giggle! Really enjoyed them. Finished up giggling myself and didn’t stop till I got hiccups. Thanks for cheering a miserable day.
    See you on the telly tomorrow. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  7. What beautiful, lovely samples. So much creativity and talent.
    Big, Big thank you to Gracie, sorry Grace. I have just read her Clarity matters and the video. Had a very unpleasant week with some really horrible things going on. Grace made me laugh and laugh. Also to a true friend who asked me round to her house and we made a journal book. I haven’t left the bad behind, its still there but Grace, Barbara’s blog and my friend have helped so much.
    Best wishes to all, especially those in an uncomfortable place at present. xx

  8. Love these stamps and the samples are lovely -thanks to the sample-makers -we really appreciate the inspiration you give us , and thanks to Barbara for saying who made what!!
    Will be setting the video for 4pm and my friend will probably be watching the Groovi shows too.

  9. These stamps are really lovely, they are the Mohammed Ali of stamps (packing a punch!). These beautiful cards bear testament to your artwork and to Dee’s and Jane’s designs. I do have the alphabet and numbers stamps which I love so I may have to get these stamps πŸ˜‰ Well done to Grace too, the blogs, like yours, are really good – you both make me chuckle. 🀣 Someone said to me recently “when do you breathe?” when they found out that I never stop … so Barbara – when do you and the team breathe? 😳

    All the best to you and Paul tomorrow 😊 – I’ll record the shows as I’ll be at work. πŸ‘

  10. Wow just love those frames and scripts beautifully hand written. Looking forward to that show must double check record set as not sure if will be home in time sure be a sell out xxx

  11. Wow these are lovely haven’t got the stamp letters though, only the Groovi ones, yhese will be something for my must have list though. Will look forward to watching the shows with all your tips and tricks

  12. Hello Barb, well the super talented team have stepped up to the mark with some gorgeous samples here, so many different ideas to use the beautiful stamps. I wish I had such lovely handwriting. Take care all. Bx

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