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Thanks for popping in! Great day, although Je suis trés fatiguée! TRAY FATTY GAY! That’s it, isn’t it. The minute you stop and relax, the body flops, like one of those little dolly things when you shoved your thumb up the base!

Same thing happened to Dave! Look! Shoved my thumb up his base, and down he went – like a sack of spuds!

Enough larking about, Gray! Be serious! Do that step by step of the card from yesterday, and behave!

Oh okay….First, let’s pick one of the Wendy Vecchi Baby sets of Archival ink pads, and let’s pick 3 of the 4….I went with set No. 6 but eliminated the Thistle, which is a wonderful colour, but not for this project.

Here’s the Texture Mat I used in the background, top left:

Easy. Grey Polychromos pencil.

You’d never think that the background was made by random pressing of a Mixed Impression clarity mat.

On the subject of the Mixed Impression texture stamps, you may still be waiting for delivery of yours. I am so sorry. We’ve had a mare of a time and I can only apologise for the long wait. A very large number of orders placed through Hochanda were picked, packed and shipped out by ourselves, but then got mislaid by the carrier. Gasp. They have now been found and are being delivered all over the country. Phew. Just a shame I had to lose my rag on the phone first before people started jumping about.

On top of that, (but actually after the TV orders had been honoured) we had a disaster at Clarity and stamp production was crippled for a few days. Down 2 men and up to our necks in Gray Friday orders too, Dave stepped into the breach, has been working weekends, Laurent came back to work, and now we are set to have all of these huge stamps and bundles out the door by Tuesday. The orders have been pouring in – and are now pouring out. It has been challenging, I can tell you! Just a catalogue of unforeseen circumstances, aka a total shitshow.

However. The stamps ARE magnificent. Well worth having. So effective. And they were also super value for money, HALF PRICE! which definitely contributed to their popularity. If you’re not familiar with them, click here to investigate.

Time to stop for the day. Are you feeling festive yet? Not I. Not yet. Still a week away!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “TrayFattyGay

  1. Great sample. Don’t worry about the delay. Stuff happens! Looking forward to creating with them! Merry Christmas to you all. Step away from it all and enjoy your Christmas! Xx

  2. Evening Barb! I’ve been to Amy’s today… They are just getting ready for their first Christmas as a married couple. Think they are excited.
    I love the Mixed Impressions stamps that I was so fortunate to get to make samples with abd can’t wait to get the other ones I ordered. They certainly are worth the wait. Things happen and it can’t be helped especially in a small business. But it’ll all be ironed out usually by a Dave!!!
    And now you’ve got your tree up you’ll start to feel more festive!
    Enjoy your evening! Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for the step by step, I might just give this a go when I get some spare time seeing as how my stamps all came yesterday and they were well worth the wait – absolutely fabulous ( not the wait but the stamps!!). Sorry to hear that things haven’t been going exactly smoothly, but these things happen and now you are back in full production so all is good. Pleased to see you managed to find the Christmas tree stand. I’m feeling more festive now that my tree is up.
    Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  4. Blimey what a nightmare with the carrier , it’s bad enough chasing up one mislaid parcel , . Not festive yet have bought and wrapped most of prezzies . Have 3 family birthdays next week before we start on Christmas , family came today for roast and birthday Cake . Haven’t ordered these stamps yet need to save pennies in case I can get onto the groovi retreat if it is on next year 😄

  5. I’m not surprised you are tired with that nightmare going on. Glad things are falling back into place. A lot of people will be too busy to use them this time of year, or will show some Christmas spirit, so hopefully nothing to worry about. Sack that courier. Interesting step by step.

  6. Hello festive getting readiers!
    I am surrounded by pesky elves today!! I’ve searched for Missy Elf this morning and eventually found her somewhere I did not expect to! Now I’ m having to watch Will Ferrell in ‘ELF’ along with my two hysterical 30 years plus sons……I don’t belieeeeve it!!!…They do have their own tvs!! Ha ha.x
    PS Why is Dave lying down on the job? Ha ha

  7. Stuff happens, glad you got it all sorted out. Now I know why the delay with the texture stamps I will stop worrying and be patient a while longer. Looking at the step-by-step I just know they will be worth the wait.
    Commissions all done and ready for collection so no more hassle for me until the New Year.
    Have a restful evening.

  8. We had a mattress go busy took two weeks to receive after delivery day not some thing that could go missing easily but guess it walked but must have been heart breaking having all those stamps go missing after all your hard work glad found sounds like getting there catching up looking forward to playing after Christmas with the new back ground stamps lots love xxc

  9. Thanks for the update on the stamps. No problem just worried they might be lost in the post but didn’t want to bother the girls with yet another phone call!!

  10. My Mixed Impression Stamps arrived yesterday, I managed to have a good look at them today and hopefully will find some time this week to make a couple of cards and have a play. They look amazing. X

  11. These things happen, at least they managed to get your orders back, probably not before you’d got really stressed out. Looking forward to getting mine they look brilliant, but as they are a present I wont get them until Christmas day anyway. Thank you for the step by step they will make fab backgrounds.
    Haven’t decorated yet and time is marching on, hopefully tomorrow before visitors on Tuesday.

  12. Sorry it’s been a testing time and at least the lost stamps were found and are winging their way to their new owners Barbara and you are nearly back to normal and virtually caught up. It wouldn’t be life it things always went to plan. x

  13. I feel your pain! Being at the mercy of your carriers is a nightmare at times but at least they found the orders! Can’t wait to see which ones of these fab looking stamps will be under the Christmas tree for me on Christmas morning!

  14. Thanks for the step by step for the card you showed us yesterday surprising how a little grey pencil makes things pop. Glad you found the tree base & you didn’t get lost in the garage.
    Sorry you have had such a problem with the delivery of the mixed media stamps. Incredible how they managed to loose so many parcels but thankfully they have now been found & are wending their way to their rightful destinations. These are on my wish list along with several other things. I need to have a sort out & declutter my craft room as there are things lurking in there that will never be used so best passed on to someone who will. A project for the New Year as I have to find the bed that is also hidden in there for Christmas visitors.
    My tree & decorations are up so its feeling Christmassy now, just the presents to wrap & Misself to find !!

  15. Hi. Can anyone help. I have been doing the elf competition but unable to see the clues for the 14th or 15th so unable to search for Misself.

  16. Hello Barb, yep carriers are the best are they not, and it does take some flying off the handle to get things resolved at times, and I find that is more often than not the large corporations and companies. You just want to say sometimes, “what customer service??). Anyhow, looks like you are getting more festive by the day, hopefully you managed to get some rest. We have all our deccies up, and now just need do some wrapping especially when there are no extra snoopers in the house. I have a wish list as long as my arm, and these stamps are on there too, maybe an early birthday present, who knows. Take care all. B

  17. Hi and a happy peaceful Christmas to all at Clarity x
    I got my stamps yesterday and I have to say Hochanda were really good keeping me informed regarding delivery.
    Now play time with the stamps x

  18. Fab step-by-step, Barb. Sorry you’ve had a rough week. The shit always hits the fan at the most inopportune moment, but so glad it’s sorted for your sake. And please remember, you are a star! xoxo

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