A little Treet….

A little Treet….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Waining waining waining. Whilst I miss our dogs, Dutchie and Duke every day, on days like today, I cannot help but remember the mud and puddles they used to traipse through the kitchen when it was pissisting outside!

We have a cellar here, which is slowly filling up, too. It’s called a Wet cellar for a reason I guess! At least you know you’ve got a 6ft tall warning before it gets to the kitchen! And I don’t mean Dave is standing in there yelling as the water rises! Those poor people whose homes are flooded again… what a catastrophe. I hope you are all warm and dry.

Let’s retreat to a happy place and make a little art … starting with an inky old scrap. Pick a scrap, any old scrap. Then stare at it until you see a landscape. If you’re still staring after half an hour, maybe ask a friend!

Once you’ve got your scrap, it’s time to get creative. With nothing but a tree stamp and a couple of Archival ink pads.

Plant the tree.

Use a scrap of torn copy paper and the side of the tree to add some hedgery.

Lower the copy paper hills and add some more hedgery! Change up the colours. Ink, blot plot for light and dark tones.

Trim the paper and regroup. Needs a foreground, don’t you think?

This tree has been retired, but I think we ought to bring him out again, don’t you? He’s epic!! Ok. Give me till January.

I think a flash of that orange in the background might work too…

Now for some words. Well, it is still hammering down outside, but as with everything, this too shall pass…

Voila. Barb’s Sticker booklet. What a great addition to the crafty stash! Stick it on one of the blotty scraps

Add a strip of double-sided tape on the back.

Built in matching background for a sticker.

That’ll do. It’s been an enjoyable little process. I do like making something out of nothing. And yes. I will arrange to have that tree resurrected. I think perhaps in a couple of different sizes too, eh.

Until tomorrow. Stay dry and safe.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

32 thoughts on “A little Treet….

  1. Fabulous artwork. Love that tree. It would be great to have it in different sizes too. I have the rather large Christmas Tree that was also retired and I know Maria would love to see that one come back! 😘😘😘😘 – at least you have a bit of time to sort that one eh?? Xxxxxxxx

      1. Sounds interesting. Some of the old stamps truly deserve to come back, especially for those who have started stamping recently. I have just found the little texture stamps I first used at my very first one day retreat at Wollaton. Must add those to my workshop craft bag. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

        1. I remember buying those tiny texture stamps Margaret, have never used them and cannot remember for the life of me what you do with them.xx

  2. Hello wet, wet,wet people!
    I love the above technique….now where have I got a big box of bits? Yes! I am surrounded by them!!
    I was beginning to think Missy Elf was still suffering from being thrown to the floor as the ‘Dave’ tree collapsed yesterday when she was sitting on the top….fairy like! She is actually, in a very different nice place today!! Ha ha.x

  3. That tree is a real beauty and I know I’ll be ordering it after Christmas! Love, love, love your artwork tonight, thanks for sharing the steps too! Stay warm, dry and well everyone x

  4. We haven’t had rain today! Aren’t we lucky! Love this idea and think that tree in various sizes would be great! Look forward to seeing it in the new year!

  5. Yes please Barb, this tree in different sizes would be ace. Great demo too.
    Been reasonably dry today but rain forecast for tomorrow.
    Have a restful evening.

  6. Yes please Barb, this tree in different sizes would be ace. Great demo too.
    Been reasonably dry today but rain forecast for tomorrow.
    Have a restful evening.
    IT playing up again, giving it another try!!!

  7. I wish I could make a picture out of scraps, not that clever. I haven’t commented lately, too busy making Christmas cards, very late this year due to hurting my eye. Think I have just about finished. Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas, and New Year. And have a good rest. Xxxxxx

  8. Hello Barbara
    Yes please, I would like the tree stamps too. I await their arrival with anticipation.

  9. Just amazing how you do such a beauty from a scrap. I have that lovely tree, I remember you using it when you showed us how to make the autumnal scene with the ink pads we had made. Be great having a few different sizes too. Luckily we haven’t had rain here today for a change.xxx

  10. Lovely artwork… Trees…. You cannot beat them for creating something lovely! So more bigger trees woukd be great especially for journals or just making a beautiful card!
    Hope the rain stops for you so your cellar doesn’t fill up! And people don’t get flooded out.
    Have a good evening.
    Love and hugs xxx

  11. Love it when you start with an inky background & turn it into a piece of art with just a few things.
    Eventually found Misself from yesterday – can’t understand why it took so long as I thought I had been through the whole website but now I am up to date with just 8 days to go.

  12. I love that tree, I use it often. Other sizes would be good.
    Thank you for reminding me that “this too shall pass”
    as today I had to leave work early, get two trains to meet hubby as he has been using my car to get to work as his motor bike is off road just now, and the car had broken down near his work. I have AA membership so I had to be there! After an hour and a half wait, we were told fan belt has snapped, and engine is gubbed! All I could think of not this close to Christmas, still too much to do, how to I get here and there?
    I am thankful we got home safe, thankful that we can get trains to work. Just not the plan, but we can do it!

    1. Oh, no! What a horrible day for you! It happened to me once. It is worth checking if your fan belt was adjusted on schedule at a recent service – if so, back to the AA legal service or your house insurance if that has legal cover, as the service place may be liable. Good luck with getting around. Not a great time of year to be waiting for public transport.

  13. Hi Barbara and everyone, wow what a beautiful piece of art work stunning.
    No wonder , a lady with so much talent can bring all the things for us to aspire to.
    Wishing all on this blog, a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Lynn xxx 🎄🎅

  14. HiBarb,
    I really wish I had your talent for seeing backgrounds/landscapes in scraps! My brain just doesn’t go there! Love the artwork today and so love that tree – yes it would be brilliant in different sizes too. It’s been a dry day up here but oh so cold. Mind you, we could do with a few more days of dry to get the saturated ground a bit drier! Love and hugs,Alison xxxx

  15. You always manage to do wonderful things with scraps Barbara, and the finished piece with the tree used in multiple ways works beautifully. x

  16. Hello Barb, without being insulting, I think we should refer to you as the Scrappy Queen, your ability to turn a piece of waste (never in a crafters house right)into something so lovely is just astounding. Time to go dig in my scrap bag I think. Hopefully the wet cellar does not rise too high. Take care all. Bx

  17. I love this Barbara! My mum Pat Herbert is a keen stamper and I am a professional watercolour painter, and I’ve been using stamps to create mixed media work lately, inspired by mums huge collection. Yours looks so much like a watercolour artwork!

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