Celebrate Art

Celebrate Art

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. Fantastic evening at the Old Vic last night. Superb performance. Here’s something interesting though: it was a private party. Yep. The entire audience – and there wasn’t an empty seat in the theatre – were guests of The Royal Bank of Canada! What a gig! As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by live music in the foyer, smiling greeters, complimentary drinks and nibbles, boxes of candy for everybody, warm mince pies. Astounding generosity. How did I get an invitation? Lucky smile? No. My friend Anita has connections at the bank, and she took me along.

Turns out the RBC is a major sponsor of The Old Vic, and that this is an annual one night a year event. The Bank has very strong beliefs and convictions in The Arts – particularly The Performing Arts. Seems they plough a lot of money into programmes for developing budding artists, especially in underprivileged urban areas. Interesting, isn’t it? We always think of the Banks as being cold hearted money-mongers. We don’t associate them with philanthropy. Yet here is a Canadian bank which does great things in London.

So I have made a little card today, to say a quiet thank you to the RBC for all that they do. And to Neet, for taking her old mate along to the ball!

How about I step by step this little card tomorrow, show you how I made the background? Yes, let’s do that. I have to go find the Christmas Tree stand. It’s in the garage somewhere, which narrows it down, I suppose. Also means I’ve got 2 hopes – Bob Hope and No Hope. It’s looks even worse than my artroom down there!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Celebrate Art

  1. Afternoon Barb! It’s gone bitterly cold here and we have got wintery showers forecast for later so could see our first snow of the winter later.
    Your evening looks fabulous. And how generous of the RBC!
    Looking at your card I’d say you’ve had the fantastic Mixed impression stamps out and maybe the oxide inks! They do make the most amazing backgrounds!
    Good luck in tackling the garage! If we don’t hear from you soon we’ll send the search parties to find you aka Dave!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. Glad you had a super evening.
    Don’t get lost in that garage – if it’s anything like ours perhaps you need to attach a ribbon to the outside and unroll it as you go, then you can easily find your way back – ha ha !!
    Proud of myself today, read the elf rhyme and found Her first try, getting good at this 😀 and starting to enjoy the Christmas season.

  3. Hi Barb,
    I bet you had a fabulous time with Anita last night. You must have felt like royalty! Anyway you deserve a treat like that. Love the card you’ve made and yes I would love a step by step for it. My mixed impressions arrived today and they look absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to have a play with them. I’m very drawn to the one with the leaf and the seashore one, although they are all fabulous. How you’ve found the Christmas Tree stand by now! I managed to get our tree up a couple of days ago so I’m starting to feel a bit festive! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  4. What a lovely evening for you. Love the card and will look forward to seeing how you make it look 3D. Actually just looked back and it is the grey pencil, I didn’t see it at first! I did that with a card the other day I must look at the photo and see if it does look 3D – probably not ! I put tree up yesterday and completely forgot to go to a Carol Service at my old work place – hope I don’t forget to go to the Dinner there on Monday evening ! Too much in my head I feel. Good luck in the garage ! X

  5. Hello Barb, well that certainly has the wow factor. Hope you enjoyed yourself with Anita. Great to be able to go our with friends. take care all. Bx

  6. What a fantastic night you had. You have good friends. We can all be too quick to judge others as is evident over the last few days in politics, on FB and so on when there is so much goodness out there. The trouble is, we judge when we have no idea of the facts. Hope you have found your tree stand. The wind is blowing a gale up here today. Howling in the chimney but a lovely warm fine on and I’m nearly ready for tomorrow. As my brain is not really in gear and I am spending too much time coughing and spluttering, we are having a carol service tomorrow morning which should be lovely. Lessons and carols followed by a Christmas lunch. What’s not to like! Looking forward to your step by step. Have a good night. Hx

  7. Glad your night out went well and the performance was a good one. Sounds like a lovely atmosphere. Hope you found your tree stand… I have spent an arty afternoon getting some Christmas commissions done using my new Jane stamps, kept my colours and bling to a minimum to let the art sing, the sky stamp is beautiful done with Distress Oxides and spritzed with water. XX

  8. Last night sounds fabulous & I love your card that you have made. Look forward to seeing the step by step tomorrow as it looks 3d but I suspect it is the use of the Gray pencil that makes it pop !!
    Hope you found the Christmas Tree stand – I have spent the afternoon putting up the decorations so its beginning to look like Christmas here & there is still over a week to go.

  9. Sounds like a magic night out Barb, and well deserved. Also sounds like the RBC and Clarity have something in common – Celebrate Art! For the RBC it may be the Performing Arts but Clarity does so much to support the Creative Arts! You give us crafters the opportunity to indulge in our passion, no matter our level of skill, experience or talent. For that, a massive thank you! I am sure I am not the only one to be grateful for the chance Clarity has given us to be creative in our own way – something my old Art Teacher said I would never achieve! So thank you Barbara for giving me my “Happy Place”, somewhere to go when I feel the need to be creative or when I need “cheering up”! Reach for the stamps (stencils, Groovi or Dies) and I’m there! So let’s celebrate Art – Stay Crafting, Keep On Clarity!

  10. Glad your night was good with your friend. Will look forward to seeing your step-by-step tomorrow, just love that card.xxx

  11. What an amazing evening you have. Glad you enjoyed it! Such a funny coincedence that my name is Anita and I am also known as Neet informally. Have an amazing Christmas and love to all the team at Clarity.

  12. What a lovely treat to have that experience with your best friend. I too need to rustle up some more Thank You cards today, for all the helpers and singers at yesterday’s Carolthon, which was fundraising for the charity I work for. Luckily my texture stamps ODS arrived this morning, so I might just have to have a little play with those too whilst I’m in the craft room!!!

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