More?!? More?!?

More?!? More?!?

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Been doing even MORE prep for telly. Even though I knew yesterday that I had enough demos for the new Doodleology stampsets to easily cover the 2 hours, I thought I’d incorporate the new Texture Stamps too, because lovely Pam Kershaw mentioned that yesterday. Six hours later, and at least 5 arty demos later, I really need to move on! But these stamps are so cool! Thing is, even if I don’t get to all the projects during the live hours on HOCHANDA, I can take all that prep and turn it into Youtubes or blogs. So it’s fine. I had fun anyway! Got right messy with the Gilding flakes and glue – blimming beautiful result !! I’ll save the black one for TV…

On water-colour paper.

Did an abstract one too, on cotton rag paper. Tune in Sunday if you want to know how it works.

What’s today? Monday? Funny old week this is. Doesn’t feel like Monday, does it? Dave just called me. He is stuck in a 9 mile tailback on the M11. Bummer. But my heart goes out to the poor people who just got airlifted out of the accident zone upfront. Dearie me. Life can turn on a sixpence, can’t it. He left at 6 this morning, took the big van up north, bless him. Pourquoi? His wifey wife found a really cool shop-counter for our new Factory outlet on Ebay, but it had to be collected. Doncaster. I tell you: everybody needs a Dave.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

18 thoughts on “More?!? More?!?

  1. Dave is a good one he could have could in for coffee A1/A14 has changed open some of new A14 changing all time between here an Peterborough sound like your having fun crafting lots love xxx

  2. Pity your Dave is so far away from some of us or we might borrow him!! Lol. He’s a good man.Sorry he is stuck in traffic but as I always think at times like that…. at least he will be getting home tonight and some others may not. On a cheerier note, love what you have done with the gilding flakes. I keep forgetting you can use them with stamps. Might need to go and have a play soon! Looking forward to the weekend demos. Take care. Hx

  3. When my other half was alive Terry, he use to always say he was Dave the Slave can’t think why? mind you, he always told everyone he was a dishwasher. Made me laugh

  4. Hope Dave gets back from Donny soon. Did the A1 on Christmas Day to see Dad, it was quieter than usual. Finger crossed for the rest of his journey.

  5. Wow! Stunning sample can’t wait to see you do it either on TV, blog or YouTube. Hope all your prep is done now. Poor Dave stuck in traffic but at least he is only delayed, fingers crossed he is home soon with your new counter, all sounds exciting. Xx

  6. Love what you are doing with these stamps and really looking forward to the weekend shows.
    Hope Dave is now out of the traffic jam and has a safe journey home.
    This has been a strange last 10 days for us. Everything seems to be out of sequence and I keep losing track of what day it is. Probably a lot of it as to do with the fact that we totally switched off over Christmas and had some VERY relaxing days. 1st. January I have promisd to kick start myself and get back to normal, although hubby says I was never that, always full of surprises!!!
    Have a good evening.

  7. Love these, especially the heart, looks so good with the gilding flakes. Hope Dave doesn’t get held up for too long. So looking forward to the weekend shows and really appreciate that you’ll try to put in a few tips and demo using the texture plates. I’ll truly understand if you haven’t time. It’ll be good seeing some utubes or step by steps on the blog at some stage if you don’t have time. No pressure of course.

  8. Pity those stuck in the traffic jam but my heart goes out to those who will forever have this accident as an anniversary. Thank goodness there is beautiful craft to distract and build us.

  9. Looking forward to seeing your shows next weekend. I reckon those stamps will be popular…. They get a bit addictive as they are so usable in so many different ways.
    Dave is a goodun isn’t he! Hope he gets home safely soon!
    Have a great evening. Love and hugs! Xxx

  10. Good old Dave ! I think mine would have said something like ‘take a hike’ saying that, we haven’t got a van so that might have been his excuse ! Loving the new stamps and I haven’t stamped in ages ….X

  11. Poor Dave, but at least he will get home safe, if late. Your projects look really exciting too – looking forward to your shows in the New Year. X

  12. These are gorgeous Barb, love the gilding flakes, looking forward to watching the weekend shows to see how it’s all done. I appreciate it so much that you will even try to fit in some texture stamps tips and demo, it would be great, but don’t worry if you haven’t time, you don’t want to feel under pressure, because as you say they can always be put on a u-tube or blog step by step. Do hope Dave wasn’t stuck in the traffic for too long, so maddening for him when I’m sure he had lots he wanted to do. Enjoy your

  13. Hi Barb,
    Poor Dave stuck in all of that traffic but at least hopefully he will be home safe and sound now. Hope you like your new counter too now that he has gone to all that trouble! Looking forward to seeing the shows as these stamps look fabulous – love them with gilding flakes even though I’m very wary of using them myself having gilded the poor cat last time! Love and hugs,Alison xx

  14. Hello Barb, looking forward to these demos. Dave is such a treasure, home he arrived home safely with the counter. Take care all. Bx

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