A room with a view..

A room with a view..

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

I got lost in my little world of telly prep today. So far I’ve done far more than we’ll ever have time for in 2 hours! And there’s so much more to explain and suggest! Mmm… this will require some more thought; maybe I can blog a few little tricks & ideas. Cherry’s new stamps are insanely versatile! Even something as simple as stamping on Designer paper, embossing and cutting out looks fab! And I haven’t even touched the stencils yet!

But today I’d like to show off our new Fresh Cut dies, which we will be launching next Sunday evening. We have been saving these for the first ODS of the year – they are very special.

Mel drew them. You can see here, there are 4 aperture dies, but each of the scenes is split, as though one were looking through a window – a train window even! The dies are numbered and also tessellate beautifully, to create an amazing panorama.

We also had them made into miniatures, into Quarterettes, because we know how much you love those.

My dear friend Debbie McMullin sent me a photo of one of her DT pieces, which perfectly shows off how the dies line up to create a whole countryside! Look! Blimming brilliant!

I think they will make great Groovi plates too, don’t you?

So that’s what coming up this time next week exactly! 6pm Sunday. I have a feeling we will be very busy. What, with Cherry’s epic Doodleology Collection, and then Mel’s wonderful Rolling Countryside Dies – there’s something for everybody!

Time to start packing a few things into boxes, ready for the move. Paul and I spent hours on Friday considering WHERE things are going in the new building. Then Dave and I discussed the actual moving strategy over breakfast this morning. You know, who’s in charge of what, the sequence of who, when, what, where; what needs attention first etc. There’s a helluvalot to think about and a helluvalot to do. So we put the kettle on and had another cuppa.

One day at a time, one thing at a time, one room at a time, one department at a time – it is all very doable. This time next year we will look back and smile.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “A room with a view..

  1. What an exciting /daunting task awaits you , as you say this time next year you’ll be well and truly settled in the new premises , planning the next adventure .

  2. Hi Barbara, the stamps and dies for next weekend’s launch look amazing!
    The new premises for Clarity look pretty amazing as well, looking forward to when you’ve “cut the ribbon” and the new home of Clarity is open. The logistics of moving into the new building must seem daunting but with your good self, Dave, Paul and the rest of Team Clarity on hand, I’m sure you’ll soon have it sorted and up and running. 2020 looks like being a special year for Clarity, I’m very excited for you and looking forward to “what’s coming next!”

  3. Hi Barb,
    The dies look fantastic, I think they might be a must have! I really don’t envy you having to move everything from Clarity Towers into New Clarity Towers. What a daunting prospect. However, I’m sure that it will go very smoothly ,as knowing you, it will be orchestrated extremely well. I’m hoping that it will be smooth at least! How long do you reckon it will take? You’ll have to take lots of photos to keep us informed of progress. Looking forward to the shows next weekend. Good luck with the move. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  4. Hello Barbara
    Will you be moving lock, stock and the proverbial barrel into the new premises and closing the existing ones?

  5. How exciting it all is and what a great start to 2020 for you all. I know that it will be hard work, but you and your team are so well oiled and organised.
    I wish you all the very best and can’t wait to see everything up and running. Hugs. Annette X

  6. The dies and stamps are on my definite buy list. Love the samples.
    I do not envy you one bit moving all your gear to new premises – it was bad enough moving our home!!!
    I hope you have some professional movers to help as well as your wonderful team supporting you. Wishing you all the best for a smooth move.

  7. I’m sure the move will go like clockwork Barb, especially with all your organisation skills and the clarity team behind you. The dies look amazing so do Cherry’s doodleology new stamps, I’m sure they’ll fly out. Sounds like a good idea to make the scenes in Groovi too. Look forward to more tips on these. I hope we’ll have more tips and ideas on the texture stamps too as they went so quickly on Hochanda they didn’t seem to get as many demos in. What I did see though were great.xxx

  8. I’m sure the move will go like clockwork Barb, with you and Dave’s organisation skills and all the Clarity team behind you you’ll get it done no trouble. Cherry’s Doodleology stamps look great, be brilliant as you say on the designer papers. Mel’s Dyes look fabulous too, look forward to seeing more tips and step by steps of these dies. Is it possible for you do do some tips and step by steps of the texture stamps too as they sold out so quickly there didn’t seem to be many demos on Hochanda.

  9. You will plan the move until everything goes like clockwork – as far as anyone can control it. You will have no control at the weekend. Better duck as it will be the fastest sell out ever seen. I think you had better take something else as well, as there won’t be anything left to demo!

  10. First thing on your list should be to book a holiday as moving is so stressful! Good luck with the new premises and the Clarity US launch too. X

  11. I guess the move is planned to take place before you head off to see Mark. Sometimes it is helpful to have an end date to aim for otherwise I find I get side tracked instead of getting on with the job especially when sorting craft stash.
    Exciting times ahead for 2020 starting with next weekend as I have a feeling things will be flying off the shelves !!
    Just to let you know Elvis went down a storm with the younger members of the family this afternoon. I hid 20 of him around the ground floor rooms & they had to find him & exchange him for a chocolate sprout or Father Christmas. They carried on playing hide & seek with him for a couple of hours – no arguments or falling out – so a brilliant afternoon & the adults could sit & chat without having to sort the kids.

  12. Great shows coming up I think and you and Dave will have the move planned perfectly I know and as you say in a few months’ time it will be done and everything will be back to the new normal. x

  13. Things moving so quickly…dont forget to breathe! Dies, stamps and doubtless stencils too are brilliant look forward to the shows and whatever demos you have time to show us before the inevitable happens lol! Good luck with the move, we moved house in the summer and I’m just starting to sort my craft room properly as rest of the house came first. That said we downsized which made it more difficult but perfect excuse for a good sort/clear out but have so much craft stuff that I just can’t part with…and yes I still keep buying more so could you please stop making such lovely products rofl! X

  14. Hello Barb, love the look of the new dies, especially the little quartet size, and the card made is great. More for the birthday wish list I think. Moving anything to anywhere is stressful, so I wish you and the entire team good luck and plenty of patience and understanding. Take care all. Bx

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