And now for something completely different….

And now for something completely different….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Today has been a good day. I looked at the calendar, realised that this time next week it’s TV WEEKEND again, and decided to get ahead of the game. With all the new building plans on the horizon, I’ll certainly feel better in myself if I’ve got a few demos prepped! Mind you, this is no hardship at all at all with these new designs!

We are certainly launching 2020 with a wonderful collection of stamps and dies next week! Our darling Mel has designed a most brilliant set of Countryside Aperture dies. They are drawn as though you were looking through a train window. They tessellate, roll into each other – really special. I will show you them tomorrow.

And the very talented Cherry Green has illustrated a beautiful collection of pattern stamps. I have the privilege of showcasing them for the first time on HOCHANDA next Sunday between 2-4pm. Let’s take a closer look at the stamps today. There are matching stencils, too….

Each pair includes a huge beautiful A5 pattern mat, and then another A5 Stamp set with fab elements. There are 3 pairs: Square, Circle and Heart.

We have called them Doodleology Stamps. They also work very well with the new Texture stamps we launched in December. They are so versatile and there is so much to them! Here is a simple little step-by-step peep, using some of the elements from the Square Set:

I look forward to showing you loads of tricks n tips with these wonderful new stamps. Big and beautiful – and so arty!

Yep. Life is good. Tomorrow, I’ll show you Mel’s new dies.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “And now for something completely different….

  1. I like the doodle stamps, might be glad someone bought me a stamp press for Christmas. I am not able to get the pressure with my hands so much these days. Lovely to see some different designs, reckon they will be popular. xx

  2. I have never before been really tempted to try stamping, apart from simple figures, greetings etc. Now, however, you have come up with something which really appeals, as I love zentangle designs.
    I am looking forward to seeing these on the shows and watching you do your magic. Hugs. Annette X

  3. Looks like going to be a very good start for new year looking forward to your shows exciting future for clarity and you Barbara and team I know I am well excited to seeing things unfold for you must set record don’t want to miss a moment xxx

  4. Those look like they will be fun – they remind me a bit of a larger version of your wire heart/tree/star designs, which are great for doodling into. I’ve just used up all my Yupo paper playing with alcohol inks this afternoon. Won’t be so much fun tomorrow painting the kitchen ceiling!

  5. I love all the new designs. Hope to purchase some in the new year.
    Love your videos very much, such great suggestions and tutorials.
    I just watched your German speaking video, you are so perfect in your German language. As you probably can tell, I was born and brought up in Germany but reside in the US right now.

  6. Hi Barb,
    Oh No! These look absolutely brilliant and it looks as though my bank balance is going to suffer yet again! I have promised myself a crafty afternoon tomorrow to play with the texture plates that came out earlier. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  7. Great tangle shapes and I think these will be very popular and sell out fast Barbarara. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. x

  8. These look interesting! Definitely different, look forward to the shows next weekend as always, but does anyone else agree that TV over the holidays has been dire?! Anyhoo, onwards and upwards to the new products for 2020. x😉

  9. Well Barb, I think you have hit another jackpot on these stamps, they are wonderful. Popped on my wish list for next week, looking forward to seeing the dies too. Got round to opening my latest club envelope and it is just fabulous, so much inspiration. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  10. They look wonderful and I am sure they will be a huge success. Looking forward to seeing the demos!

    Good luck with all the building work too.

  11. My new resolution to not buy anything else until I’ve used the new stuff I’ve already bought has probably gone out of the window! These look fab and just end up in my basket, unless my will power prevails! X

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