My alarm bells are ringing…

My alarm bells are ringing…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Had a little moment today. Went to the new building with Paul to make a plan, opened a secret corridor – and set the main alarm off ! The good news is that the system really works well; the bad news is we didn’t know the password to switch it off! And IT IS LOUD!!! So while Paul tried every possible number combination and waved the little fob around in front of the sensor like a crazy person, I called the only other bloke who could possible know : Dave. And he didn’t have a clue either! So that woke up Edenbridge. Miraculously, Paul pressed the right sequence, and it stopped. Definitely more luck than judgement, so the alarm peeps will have to pay us a visit first thing Monday!

Next thing: KEYS. We had a box full of random keys, and proceeded to match them with the many many doors which were locked. That took a while too! One key – a crucial one – eluded us. So the alarm bloke will have to bring the locksmith too. Ah what fun n games…

When we got home, I thought I’d make a cuppa, then make a card. To ground myself. I remembered this fabulous stampset of ours, which I always thought was brilliant. Let me find it for you…

Then it’s time to calm the head and colour in. Polychromos at the ready!

Great stamp set. The two padlocks are brilliant. And I LOVE the clever mix n match keys. Wonder if the real deal has been patented. I mean. One key base, then simply clip the specific key end on, to open whichever door you are in standing front of!

Just spoke to Tom at work. He says we have none of these in stock, but that he will get the production ball rolling on them. If you order them today, they will be with you the week commencing 6th Jan. We’ll all be back to work by then. And to thank you for your patience, I have asked Tom to drop the price for the stampset from £19.99 to £14. They really are fab. Valentines, New Home, Anniversary, Birthdays, retirement – any arty reason!

Time to go indoors and chillax. Grace left this morning at 5am, so it has been a long day thus far! Missing her already …

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “My alarm bells are ringing…

  1. Ha ha I’m sure when you’re settled in , you will look back on today and have a right old chuckle about it . Like the padlocks but trying to hold on to my pennies so I’ve loads to spend in April 😁

  2. What a way to announce that Clarity has entered the building!
    Love this stamp set. Need to dig it out again soon as there are a few 21st coming up!

  3. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely photo.
    I hate it when I lose a key or can’t remember which key opens which door! You must have been going crazy – I would’ve been! I think people in our cul-de-sac must lose the combination for their alarms, ‘cos they are always going off unfortunately. Well done to Paul for coming up with the correct numbers. Love the piece of artwork you’ve created today and I’m feeling very pleased with myself as I have these stamps already and yes they are very versatile. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  4. Lovely artwork and even more beautiful photo of Grace with the little ones. Hope you get the keys and codes sorted tomorrow x

  5. Nice to meet the unicorns. I guess Grace is safe home by now. Amazing. Your February trip to catch up with Mark will soon be here. Bit of a worry Paul could guess the combination?! Bet it was a relief though. Hope those are all the teething troubles done in a day.

  6. Beautiful photo of Grace and the nippers.
    We had the opposite problem with our alarm. Wouldn’t respond to the arm or disarm buttons or connect to the phones. Ray discovered the sim card was naff, bought a new one, and another, and another. Didn’t want to know. Then brainwave … needed one with less whatever it is that makes them tick. Dug out an old sim – works like a dream. Hope your alarm and lock people get you sorted out soon.
    Love the project. Going to order the stamp set now.
    Have a good evening.

  7. Love this stamp set, the keys are handy for different projects. Have been sorting out folders etc today so I’m all organised for the new year. Signed back up as a diamond member to the clubs too. Hope the alarm company and locksmith come early on Monday so you don’t have to wait around all day. Xx

  8. Well Barbara my sister said thanks for the wake up call-she lives just up the road in Edenbridge 🤣 good luck with the new venture, I look forward to seeing it when I’m next down there xx

  9. Hi Barbara

    We have finally got the keys to our new house in Somerset so know how you feel about keys was given a bunch and had to sort out which one opened which doors.
    We are moving in, in a couple of weeks so feel like you do about new adventures and my Mum is moving in with us so exciting times ahead.
    Have a happy and prosperous new year.

  10. Hello Barb, what a fun start to the new premises. I know the feeling about alarms going off and not being able to shut them up! Sounds like there is a bit to be sorted. Hope it all goes well, definitely planning on visiting. Take care all. Bx

  11. Well you certainly made a big entrance to your new Clarity home but all will be good in future I’m sure. A lovely photo of Grace with the youngsters too, home safely by now and naturally you will be missing her lots. x

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