What a Fulking Scramble !

What a Fulking Scramble !

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Been a busy day here. All set for the off now. Driving up to the studios tonight with Paul, so we don’t get caught out in any floods tomorrow. At least if there’s a problem we’ve got a few hours to resolve it before we have to go live.

Incessant rain here. I got a little frantic around lunchtime. Was trying so hard to get the TV prep sorted, but the list of demos to do was just too long. Got quite agitated about it all to be honest – until I accepted that pottery was out of the question today. Never mind. There’s always next week.

Now don’t be thinking that we never do anything but work, because that just isn’t true! On Sunday, for example, we had a delightful day in Fulking with Mel. Went for a very muddy country walk ….

Managed to navigate this quagmire without falling, and then – right at the end of the path – I lost my balance and slid gracefully to my knees!

Never mind. All good, not so clean fun! What an excellent lunch at the Shepherd & Dog in the village, too! Highly recommend it. But call to reserve.

Then the 3 adventurers carried on to Shoreham-on-Sea, walked across the bridge there in the dark, found an Italian coffee shop, sat and had a good conversation, a real meaningful one. Then went to listen to Chris Wood in concert; an extraordinary Folk Singer who hails from Faversham. Very edgy, quite political, with a real eye for detail in his songs. Pretty powerful stuff actually. He makes you laugh, he makes you cry.

Brilliant day. Brilliant company.

Yeah. So never think that all we do is work. We do work really hard, and we work long hours most days. But we also find time to slide around in the Fulking mud !

Let’s have a caption competition, shall we?

What are we saying to each other here? Answers below please!

Mel:….. Barb:….. or Barb:…. Mel:…..!

We’ll get Mel to pick a winner, shall we? And then I shall send that winner a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher. Just cos xx

Got to go. Haven’t figured out what to wear on telly yet!! And my wellies need cleaning!!

Join us tomorrow at 11am on Hochanda !

Love & Hugs,



52 thoughts on “What a Fulking Scramble !

  1. Hi Barb, sorry you had to miss pottery this week, but glad you had a lovely day away with your friend. Bet that did you all the world of good. Squelching in the mud is good fun, as long as you’re going home to change and get warm. Not so nice when you realise you have another 3 days to go and your one change of clothes is hanging from the rucksack on your back trying to dry from the rain the day before…!!!

    I hope you have a safe trip to Hochanda. I’m looking forward to seeing you, I’ll defo be watching. Love you xxx

    Mel is saying – Baaaarb, you know how you asked me to put your car keys safe in my pocket, well, they’re not there now…

  2. Mel to Barbara, why are your wellies taller than mine?
    Barbara to Mel, because my knees are taller than yours.

  3. What a shame about the pottery but as you say there is always next week. Really looking forward to the shows.
    Barb: “Go on Mel, just jump, it’s only a puddle!”
    Mel: “No way, I remember what happened to the Vicar of Dibley!”
    😂😂😂 xx

  4. “Mmh, are you going to be okay in your wellies?”
    “Yes, but I think I should invest in some walking boots like yours…what colours do they come in?”

  5. Mel to Barb : ….are we too old to play the ‘stick in the mud’ game? …everyday we are always running around chasing everybody!! (Ha ha ….I’m showing my age now!!
    Well done all the above…x

  6. Barbara: “What do you mean, you’ve lost the car keys?”
    Mel; “Well, I had them at the beginning of the path, but now……..”
    Gayle x

  7. That certainly looks like a very muddy trek!
    Mel to Barb: “Nice wellies, but I think they’re on the wrong feet”
    Barb to Mel: “Well, no wonder I slipped, my feet were heading in opposite directions!”

  8. Barb “Mel if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times, stop jumping in the muddy puddles, you haven’t got your welly bobs on!”

    Mel “Buttttt Barrrb it’s sooooo much fun”

    Barb “oh come on then, let’s jump together!”

  9. Glad you had fun with Mel, shame about missing pottery. I hope your journey up to the studio goes without incident!
    Barb: Are we turning back now?
    Mel: Nope, not until your boots are as muddy as mine!

  10. Hi Barbara
    Safe journey to the studio, I’m looking forwarded the shows tomorrow. What a fantastic walk, beautiful countryside and lovely mud! You did so well to only land on your knees, I would have been on my bottom then flat on my back! Now as for the caption competition.; Barbara “I wonder if this mud is good to make pots with” Mel ” oh wow, what can we do with this mud, would it work on the Gel press or could we use it with gilding flakes on a canvas through stencils?” .
    Love Diane xx

  11. Mel to Barb: “You put your left leg in, your left leg out, in, out, in, out, then …. No Barb, I’m sure the next verse is not then slide down to your knees in this Fulking mud!”

    Have a safe journey to the studios and thanks for the speedy delivery of my order last Thursday of 60 Polychromos pencils and 12 Distress Oxides.

  12. Barb: Again!? How many times have I told you not to paste my nice stamps to your shoe soles!?
    Mel: I’m sorry, I can’t help myself, just look at the beautiful tracks in the mud. Wait til we get to the kitchen floor!

  13. Barb: What? Stamps on your boots again, Mel?
    Mel: I can’t help myself, Barb, just look at the lovely tracks! Just wait til the kitchen floor! Who needs ink with this stuff everywhere?

  14. I had to shorten my first thoughts🤣
    Such a ripe picture for stamping in the mud😄😄😄
    Im in Portland, Oregon United States, my sister worked for Nike shoes as my kids were growing up. Lucky kids would receive the trial shoes not put to market. Their favorites did have tracks on the soles!! Outside of one was leopard print material, with the sole an actual leopard paw print! They had more fun making tracks everywhere!! I wondered why the shoes weren’t put out for sale, so gimmicky, but so fun!! Love your blog, this is the first time I’ve commented, but you write so well and always fascinate. Thanks for sharing with us

  15. I’m sick of mud too , walking the dog has become squelching the dog!
    Caption: Barb to Mel “I told you I would’ve have been fine in stilettos!”

    Can’t wait for the new goodies

  16. Hi Barbara,
    Great photos and glad you enjoyed your day.
    Barbara to Mel: “ I thought you said it’s not far to the Fulking village hall!”

  17. Barb to Mel: Fancy a mud pack?


    Mel to Barb: Fulking Walk!
    Barb to Mel: Bet you wish you had wellies like mine now!

    Sorry you have had so much rain down south. It has been amazing up here. Blue sky again today. Glad you had good day despite the mud. Hx

  18. Good morning, hope you had a safe journey. The box is ready to record.
    My go at the caption game:

    Barb: Have you ever tried to dance the Hokey Cokey in the mud?
    Mel: What’s the Hokey Cokey?
    Barb: You put your right foot in…………

    Apologies lol

  19. A slightly better attempt:

    Mel: How does that Hokey Cokey dance go again our Barb? Is it right or your left foot first?
    Barb: You put your right foot in…..

    Lisa 🙂

  20. Barb to Mel, I hope its not like walking down the lane in Vicar of Dibbley … Mel to Barb…. OH NO my wellies are not tall enough ….

    Great blog

    Hugs Pen

  21. And we’ve just walked through town and passed a pub called the Whippet Inn – ooo..er Mrs!!
    Hope you are all well – I know you are pushed to the limit at Clarity towers, and I hate to ask, but- will there be a calendar this year?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS Dave looks proper farm’y.

  22. Barb to Mel, you put your left foot in, your left foot out, in out, in out, you shake the mud about….. it so easy Mel, especially in our boots….. True Barb, True.


  23. Sorry you had to miss your pottery yesterday Barbara but made up for with a great meet up wit Mel and a lovely walk. I think this was the conversation:
    Barb: This mud is so gloriously thick I think it would make great paste through a stencil and a wonderful colour when dry.
    Mel: Yes, but I can see some fabulous patterns, I think I feel some new designs coming on.

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