I know you don’t need any more stash, but….

I know you don’t need any more stash, but….

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Before I run off in another direction again, please may I say a huge THANK YOU to all of you good and loyal people who took advantage of the SALE OF THE YEAR here – GRAY DAY. It finished yesterday, and you will maybe not be surprised to hear that we were exceedingly busy! Blew the doors off again, actually! So yep. Now we have the funds to make our next move….thank you again.

Been prepping with Paul all day, and we’ve had a grand old time. Lots of live TV this week, starting Thursday. Here are the hours, in case you have time to check in:

Thursday 11am and 2pm

Friday 8am and 12 noon

Sunday 2-4pm 6pm ODS 8pm

Monday 9am 1pm and 5pm

Paul and I have decided to share out the hours between us, so you’ll get a littlbittathis and a littlbittathat!

I know you don’t need any more stash; you’ve just spent up on Gray Friday, and bought everything in the shop, right? I know, I know! The guys at Clarity are literally buried in orders!

But I have to tell you about the upcoming shows and what is being showcased. I have been itching to show you everything! Pretty exceptional designs, which is why we’ve had such a great day.

Today I shall tell you about what’s coming up on the Thursday hours. A while ago, Tina drew a beautiful flower. You may have seen her post on Facebook. Anyway, I spoke to her and asked her if we could buy the design because it would make a stupendous stamp (and a wonderful Groovi plate…)

And that’s what’s being served on Thursday: a single flower stamp and a couple of little matching Groovi Plates. We knew to keep it modest, keep it small – and fall in at a great introductory price, so as not to wear you out!

Here’s a quick little sample I have prepped, using Tina’s lovely flower spray stamp:

Isn’t it delightful? The background? What is it? Ah, now that’s something else I want to show you… that’s coming up Friday at 8am.

But let me tell you more about it tomorrow. There’s a Cyber Weekend Party on Hochanda, and we’re joining in there, too!

The way I see it, these upcoming TV Shows of ours are like an extended Gray Sale Weekend, with exceptional sale prices – except on telly, and with brand new never been seen stamps and lovely things.

Right. Time to call it a day.

Until tomorrow,

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

21 thoughts on “I know you don’t need any more stash, but….

  1. More temptation in the pipeling? Of course there is !!!
    Wouldn’t be Clarity without.
    Looking forward to the shows.

  2. Hi Barb, glad you’ve had a good day prepping. Tina sure can draw eh. I’ll be watching your shows. I didn’t know there was going to be all these shows, what a bonus. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff, and you work your magic with them. Hope you get to pottery tomorrow before heading to Hochanda. Are you and Paul going to be making a show while you are there, for my Christmas Day highlight? Pretty please. You demoing and Paul presenting. You could just sit and talk to us for an hour, that would be fine with me!!! Hope you have a lovely evening. Love you xxx

  3. My first Gray Day parcel arrived today. Thanks for the amazing and speedy service. Looking forward to all the shows. Just put them all on to record as I will be at work on Friday and Monday and don’t want to miss a second. Safe travels to Hochanda.

  4. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Love the design Tina has drawn , I think I could be tempted.
    Looking forward to the shows.
    Safe journey to the studios.
    Lynn xx

  5. Oooo always excited to see new stamps. Hmmmmm and that background looks interesting too… Glad the Gray sale went well, fingers crossed you now have enough boxes to pack everything ready to send out! Looking forward to the shows. Xx

  6. HiBarb,
    Glad the sale has been so successful ( I’m pleased I could help out with the fund raising!!!). This flower of Tina’s is so delightful and I’m really hoping that it will be an exceptionally good price otherwise I don’t even think I’ll be able to afford the cheese – it might have to be just water! The background looks great as well and I’m very intrigued. I’m really trying to get into a bit of mixed media, not too messy mind you. I’m really looking to get some great backgrounds so this might just be what I’m looking for. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  7. Oh goodness I do find it hard to resist Tina’s designs. This one looks fabulous. Hope all the shows go well. xx

  8. Hi Barb – great to hear that your fundraiser has gone well and that you will now be able to proceed with the next big Clarity step! I am proud to be able to say that I did my bit towards it – come to think of it several bits actually!
    The stamp and the background look very lovely – dare we watch? Yes, I am sure that we will risk it. Looking forward to seeing both you and Paul on tv. Hugs Gilly x

  9. All the shows are set to record as we’ve got a busy few days coming up too. Loving the background and the simplicity of the stamp and colouring. Safe travels! X

  10. Beautiful stamp design, I’ll check down the back of the sofa and raid hubby’s pockets (when he’s not looking lol). Glad to do my bit for the cause. Looking forward to the shows – will set the box to record tonight.
    Did you see Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas on Monday? Make sure you check out the section on a Ceramic Artist based in Beverley, near Hull , stunning pieces beautifully decorated. I shall be planning a little road trip as it’s less than an hour away from me x

  11. These are beautiful! – Goodness, if only my husband knew how many pressies I have bought myself recently!! 🤣 Another purchase coming up for sure!
    I keep thinking about your game changer that’s in the pipeline. My guesses are that there will be a new Clarity Towers because you have now outgrown your success OR we are all going to have to take up another new craft, POTTERY!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Maybe we will be able to buy shares soon too! 😂xx

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