Well. That went well!

Well. That went well!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Up at the studios here, in one of the nice offices, writing to you before we set up for tomorrow‘s 8am launch of the new Texture Stamps.

Just came off air. Tina‘s beautiful floral stamp flew out, didn‘t it? Knew it would. Such a glorious design. And so easy to use. Thank you so much for watching and supporting. What an amazing Clarity community this is. And the Groovi plates are flying too!


I am so excited about these, words don‘t really do it! You have to actually ink them up and plant them on paper yourself to get it.

How long have I wanted to create arty, abstract backgrounds, but struggled because I just can‘t gauge the paint right, or the stamps look wrong where I‘ve placed them. There is a fine line between arty and mess, isn’t there? And my grungy art mostly tends to fall on the messy side of the divide. In fact, I was lamenting this at a design meeting a couple of months ago, and asked the team if they had any ideas. Well. The newest, youngest member of the Clarity Design team, Saffron, lovely young woman, who recently graduated from Art College and who commutes from Brighton to Edenbridge every single day, came up with a great idea. So we put our heads together, and hey presto! A collection of fabulous texture Stamps. We have named them Mixed Impressions, by Clarity. Hats off to Saffron.

So my job tomorrow, is to introduce you to this new kind of Claritystamp. It is the missing link for me. It is the background solution I have been seeking for years. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Thing is, I‘m quite a tidy, clean artist, so whilst I love the LOOK of mixed media, I have a block. These stamps are my new bridge to art – priceless.

So I hope you can tune in at 8am. It‘s the Cyber Weekend on Hochanda, and we are falling in with their sale. Half Price on this entire collection. I was gassing with Leonie earlier, and she was admiring the new stamps. When I told her the price she nearly dropped her custard!

Till then then! Paul and I are having an evening in…..

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxxx

PS haven‘t had a chance to talk to Mel about yesterday‘s caption competition. She’s picking a winner! I was curling up laughing when I read them this afternoon! Mel! You there? If you‘re reading this, pick a winner please Xxxx Oh. And text me!

17 thoughts on “Well. That went well!

  1. Hi Barb,
    Absolutely blooming brilliant! These texture mats are fabulous and just what I need to! The shows today were great and I did love the flower stamp. The Groovi was lovely too, but surprisingly for me it was the stamp that captured me. The DT did you proud yet again and your demos were great too. I am waiting to see the designs/ prices tomorrow before I can order anything as I am trying to be good and not spend too much otherwise there could well be a divorce! Congratulations on the sell outs, well done Tina as well for such a fabulous design. Looking forward to tomorrow. Have a good night’s rest, love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  2. Hi Barb, loved your show today, good feeling time for me. If I go to bed when I should!, I’ll be able to watch at least some of your 8am show live, I do want to. Looking forward to seeing you demo your new concept. Not sure my head ‘gets’ it yet, so I don’t know if these are things I need!!! I think a quiet evening for you and Paul is a good idea, enjoy each other’s company and chilling. Love you xxx

  3. Soon as I saw this floral set both stamps and Grooving fell in my basket. Not surprised it all sold out. The sentiments have been used frequently since the early days. So nice you occasionally bring back some of the earlier stamps for new converts to Clarity to enjoy.
    These background stamps being introduced tomorrow are about to break my bank account – can’t just have one set can I ???
    Hope they are available from the Clarity site as I very rarely order from Hochanda although I do watch all your shows.
    Been sleeping badly lately, awake all night then have to be dragged awake in the am so off to bed early tonight and hopefully I will wake up early enough to watch the launch tomorrow.
    Thanks for all you do for us Barb.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!!🦃🍁🍂🍂🍁🍃🦃 I so am in trouble!!! I hope I get lots of money for Christmas!!!

  5. Busy days and didn’t manage to catch the shows today. Just as well I can’t afford to buy at the moment! I spent what I could in the sale, so am awaiting my goodies, but they have not been picked yet, so i can put up the tree this weekend without being lured away by new stuff.
    I love everything Tina does though and will catch up with the shows tomorrow. Not being a stamper, I can resist further temptation.
    Have a good evening with Paul and great shows tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  6. Well I have been good till know but could resist today so stamp ordered, got feeling not going to be able to resist in morning so we better get in quick tomorrow loved today’s shows as always hope your have fun and lots chill time you and Paul tonight as I think tomorrow going to be very busy meet down those lines time again cannot wait night night xxx

  7. Loved Tina’s glorious designs today and the Groovi version is ordered. Very naughty really as I put a sizeable Gray Friday order in…ah well, it’s my birthday next week…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol! Liking the look of the texture plates, they may well be an answer to my ‘don’t like getting messy but love the look’ hangouts too. Recorder set for the shows x

  8. Hi Barbara, loved Tina ‘s stamps today only caught a few minutes of the show but loved them just my style.Lynn
    Dare I say a die would be lovely in this design.!!!!
    Just going to catch up with the shows today , before sleep time.
    Have a great day tomorrow, the back ground stamps look good no messy messy , would be great for me.
    Nighty Nighty 🌜
    Lynn xx

  9. They look very interesting ! Enjoyed the new plates today. Spent out on sale but know I’ll have a voucher for Christmas ! Look forward to that x x

  10. Look forward to seeing what you create with these tomorrow. They look really interesting but I might need pointing in the right direction. xx

  11. Im back again as a new convert, as mentioned above. Yes, I’ll be glad for you to bring back the old stamps, as they’re all new to me! Your new line of background stamps are so intriguing! Congratulations to Saffron in her early success! Since Im in the US, Hochanda isn’t something I’m aware of. I’ll Google to see if your shows will repeat on YouTube.
    Thanks for all the fun, knowledge you share, and high quality products!

    1. Hi Diana, welcome to the Clarity extended family. I’m surr you can watch Hochanda (hochanda.com) shows live on their website, from the USA. There is a “rewind” facility on the Hochanda website too, you can watch all shows aired for 60 days from the day it is shown. Hope that helps. I’m sure you’ll soon be as addicted to Clarity and their products as the rest of us are…!!!😉 xx

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