Mixed Impressions …

Mixed Impressions …

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Just got home from Peterborough. Traffic was building up as we came south, and it took just about as long to crawl through Tunbridge Wells as to get all the way down the M11! Never mind. Grateful to be home, safe and sound.

First of all, I must THANK YOU once again for liking the new Mixed Impression Texture Stamps. Of course, with the power of hindsight, why were we surprised that you bought in force? But I don’t mind telling you, I lay awake most of the night, tossing and turning – will they like them? Won’t they like them? Have they spent up on the Gray Friday Sale? Do they really need more stamps. Are these too abstract? etc etc etc. When I met up with Paul at 5.30 am in the hotel foyer, he had had exactly the same kind of restless night! So yeah. THANK YOU! It’s been a while since we had absolutely nothing nada nichts rien on the counter left to sell!

I love them. I think they are pretty epic. When you start using them, they are just SO ARTY! But hey. I like Marmite, too!

And the HOCHANDA team were just as stoked as we were. You should see them, hopping around at 6 in the morning, getting ready for the day ahead. It’s astonishing how upbeat these people are! And so refreshing. A big hats off to them, for helping us – and doing it graciously and with a beaming smile.

I’m pretty cream crackered now though. Time to cal it a day. A day of nothing tomorrow, then back up for our Sunday Shows. Paul and I have decided to share the hours, literally. Both demoing on the same counter. Paul on Groovi, Barb on everything else.

Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Did you notice how much weight I have lost? No? Did I hear you think, “No, not really” Well, that’s about right, because Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I only started the NO-Carbs regime on Wednesday! It may take a little longer to shed the excess midriff, but I’m working on it! I’ve had a bit of an epiphany around this dieting lark actually. Let me expound…

I am a big tea drinker – HUGE tea drinker. Must drink 20 to 25 cups of tea a day easily. So I decided to stop taking milk in my tea altogether, albeit red label, and squeeze half a fresh lemon into the black tea instead. The first 5 or 6 were pretty tart, to say the least, but here’s the thing: it means that I have changed a massive habit; I have altered my behaviour pattern. Every time I drink black tea with lemon now, it reminds me that I am trying to resist carbs, and lose weight – trying to make a change. This simple shift from milk to lemon is like a frequent reminder of my goal: to reduce my midriff, so that I can get into my winter clothes! When it gets uncomfortable, and it’s purely down to piling in the Greggs Doughnuts and sausage rolls , then it’s time for A for ACTION ! And let’s face it : who in their right minds would wash a doughnut down with lemon tea?!?!?

Anyway. Enough banter. Tomorrow, I’ll blog the 8am demo which I went a bit off piste with today! It is so easy and effective, I’d really like to show you how it works properly! This one….

Right. Steak n salad for me. Steak n chips for Dave.

Until tomorrow,

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS Mel called with with a Caption winner too! To be announced tomorrow…

28 thoughts on “Mixed Impressions …

  1. Your shows today were so exciting, just magic Barbara. The stamps will be so versatile and when I saw them I was so pleased to make a purchase as this is something I have needed for such a long time (needless to say you have read my mind again!) So thank you so much and I wish you a restful day tomorrow. xx

  2. Oh dear I just HAD to have these so ordered as soon as I saw them. Not supposed to be buying anything as we’re moving next week. They will probably be in the first parcel delivered to our new home!!!

  3. Wow Barb, the doors really blew off today. 💥Since I’ve been watching this has been a first for a totally clear deck. Just goes to show how wekk you know what we like – and need. For a non messy non mixed media crafter like me these will be a godsend, I especially loved the large ones. Having spent a small fortune in the last 7 days I sneaked an order in for this great package hoping I would get away with hubby not noticing. No such luck!!! He caught me reading the order confirmation. Oh well, I will remember the, albeit humourous, telling off next time he orders something expensive.
    Solved the first Misself clue, will have to order the stamp and Groovi plate to keep the Elvis set company. We have named her Elvira and our little woolly house elf is looking forward to having another friend – ha ha.
    Have a good day off tomorrow, you deserve it.
    Sleep well 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Hi Barb,
    Glad you have got back home safe and sound. I can really imagine how cream knackered you are, with all the emotionally stress and nervous energy of doing the shows. I for one thought these were absolutely brilliant and exactly what I need to get me started on the mixed media train. I’m not really into messy crafting like Sam and Leonie but I’m in awe of them. It is the backgrounds that confound me and which always seem to go wrong, so these will be perfect. I have been watching a load of shows with Lou Withers, Leonie and the Aall and Create team and have just finished a canvas which I’m quite pleased with , but I’m still very unsure about what I’m doing. The DT samples were gorgeous (as ever) and very inspiring. I also loved your demos and did have a chuckle when you realised that you’d put the ink on the stamp instead of the gel press – not because you’d got it wrong( I wouldn’t have known!) but just the look on your face bless you. Although I was determined not to spend much, I did put the big deal into my basket! I would have bought direct from Clarity Towers, but I needed the flexi basket! Anyway, brilliant shows and congratulations on such a successful launch. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  5. Great shows today and the stamps are fab, however I did resist as have to order new specs or crafting is going to come to an end…especially parchment and stitching! Stamps added to my wishlist for the future tho’. Happy you’re home safe and sound x

  6. Glad you got back safe! I’ve not had time to watch today’s shows yet, but I plan to do so tomorrow while prepping for my own live demo on Fb next week xoxo

  7. Haven’t watched the shows yet , didn’t wake up until 9 , think 3am starts catching up on me 😁 . Spent lovely day in sevenoaks Xmas shopping and lunch with mum .

  8. Hi Barbara..
    Glad you’re home safe..
    The shows were amazing.. I couldn’t resist the full package. I will probably use them for mixed media but they have so many options..I can’t wait for them to arrive.😁
    Thank-you again to everyone at clarity for another huge success..
    Have a lovely rest tomorrow …

  9. Hi Barb..
    Glad you’re home safe.
    I couldn’t resist the full package.these stamps are fab…I do some mixed media as well as card making so can see so many uses for these. I can’t wait for them to arrive…
    Well done to everyone at Clarity for another huge success.
    Enjoy your well earned day off tomorrow xxx

  10. Thank you for these amazing stamps. Got my order in just before they sold out and can’t wait for them to arrive! Enjoy your day of rest xxx

  11. Hi Barb, I watched your shows, lovely way to start the day. Your enthusiasm is so infectious. Sadly, my stupid autistic brain is still going eh???… I need help to understand these stamps, all my head is doing is frantically searching the stamps trying to separate out all the images in each one from the busyness, and I’m sure that’s not the purpose…!!! Ha, ha! I’m fine with the ones that are proper texture…!!!😉 I’m still stood on the platform, suitcase at my side, scratching my head, watching the train fly off without me!!!

    Well done you for tackling your weight issue. If I may, I would suggest you substitute your carbs with eating a lot more fresh veg, that truly does work, and keeps you feeling full. No more than 3 portions of fresh fruit a day though. Nuts and seeds are still good to eat if cutting out carbs. You could try cutting down on red meat too, that would also help? The secret is – learn to eat to live, not live to eat! What you put into your body is what you get out, like a car. Put diesel or contaminated petrol in a petrol car and you aint getting far! Put fat and sugar and processed food into your body and/or too much food, your body ain’t going to be at the best it can be, far from it. You’ll e surprised how short a time of no sugary fatty foods changes your taste and you start to not like the taste any more, or it taste too sweet etc.

    What a great idea, to share the counter with Paul. I love the banter too when you have someone to bounce off. Glad you’ve got tomorrow off, hope you have a lovely quiet day with Dave. Love you xxx

    My heart goes out to those involved in the London atrocity. I felt so sick (literally) when I heard it unfold. When is it going to stop?! Why, oh why, has the human race gone so vile?! I’ve said for years I want to go live in the autistic world, wish so much I could, this world is so corrupt, destructive, selfish and self-centred. The good people in the world are drowned out, squashed down.

  12. They look fab and have to stay on my wish list for now, well maybe till the end of January.
    As I’m off for Christmas in Nz with my daughter who I haven’t seen for 3 years, so lost of mum spoiling 😊 x

  13. I’m not surprised everything sold out. I ordered the remaining three sets this morning and I suspect a few of the DT have added to their collections too. Enjoy the evening off.

  14. I watched the shows today, gave myself some me time. I am not able to buy at the moment but those stamps have gone on my list. Well done on the sell out. I am trying to get a bit pf weight off again it is not easy, far more fun putting it on. Stick with it Barbara you will succeed. xx

  15. Hi there, I was hard pushed not to buy today especially as I have bought the ink pads in the sale to go with them!! I have to resist for a wee while. I got a big order delivered today along with several smaller order but some of those are Christmas presents for others! I have spent a fortune and I really need to use what I have. I spent the a day during my annual leave trying to make space for all my Clarity stuff and was horrified to see how much I had bought in the past of other companies’ stuff and never used. History is beginning to repeat itself!! I just need to retire but unlikely to get a golden handshake! Anyway, I enjoyed the shows today. Hope you have a good weekend and manage to stay out of the mud! Hx

  16. Brilliant shows resisted the urge to splurge. Lol
    Till Sunday anyway.
    Today’s stamps are truly stunning the backgrounds were amazing Enjoy your steak

  17. Fabulous stamps! Absolutely love them! Bit skint at the moment so haven’t been able to buy them but have asked Santa and will wait patiently to see if he brings them for me. If he doesn’t then I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands I suppose! 😏

  18. Totally in awe that you have added a diet to your schedule. Please put the milk back though once you have the habit – women need calcium and lemon juice affects your teeth.

  19. Hello Barb, on the stamps are just fantastic, the demos were off the scale in inspiration. Have had to hold off buying them, but will hopefully not be for long, may have to do them in phases though. Hope the diet goes well, it did work for my hubby, we have slipped a bit, so guess it is time to get back on the wagon so to speak. Oooh steak and Salad, my favourite. Take care all. Bx

  20. Hi Barbara
    I’ve got the shows recorded so I can catchup with them over the weekend but I must say the samples look lovely and I’m intrigued to see how they fit together. Congratulations on the sell outs, especially after your sleepless night. Good for you starting the diet, it’s quite a hard thing to do but well worth it. Learn to embrace cauliflower rice ( mmmm yummy 😂) and courgetti. There are some rice substitute packers you can buy that aren’t too bad either and believe me when you do decide to treat yourself you suddenly find sweet stuff too sweet. I really can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost, it’s cost me a fortune in clothes so haven’t been able to spend on craft stuff but I feel so much better for it.
    Love Diane xxx

  21. Brilliant shows and fantastic stamps. I love em…. They are instant backgrounds and look like I’ve had my gel press out when I haven’t!!!
    The selling out thing with the stamps must make your heart sing as it proves that there is still a lot of us stampers out there who recognise a great stamp when they see one!
    Have a great day today and safe journey to Hochanda tomorrow. And who knows what Sunday will bring!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  22. Yes, I spent a bundle in one day, then saw those stamps and out came that credit card again, LOL!
    Hubby and I, both for health reasons, were put on low carb (never use the word diet=it never works) restricted life style. The first few months were hard, but now we are adjusted and have no problems at all. Easier when both are doing it though. All health issues were resolved by the change as well! Good luck and if you ever need some recipes, let me know. (Hubby lost 50 lbs and I lost 25 and we’ve kept it off for three years…. Never cheat…never)

  23. I still have the shows to watch bit glad they went well.
    Try drinking rebus teabags, you can drink them black or with just a tiny drop of milk. Caffeine free and doesn’t stain your teeth, very refreshing cuppa x

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