Only one left?!?

Only one left?!?

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in on this wet, VERY busy Saturday. We’ve been ploughing through all your lovely orders today. Sacksnsacksnsacks have left the building. Big orders too! HUGE orders! Look!

It’s a record breaker for sure! And we are amazed at how many totally new customers are placing orders. New people, who have never ordered online from us before. That’s very encouraging, isn’t it? These lovely packers, Anna, Ummi and Sean, haven’t moved from the spot. Just been going at it like loonies.

Brother Steve’s up and down the stairs like a yoyo, replenishing Groovi plates.

Here we have Simon stretching his back! Well , I hope that’s what he’s doing! Either that, or he’s calling “Getmeoutahere!”

The rest of us were just pickypickypicky all day long. There was so much laughter and banter today. Honestly. It’s always the same people who roll their sleeves up and get the job done. And today was no different. There was only one moment when we all went quiet, and there was a sharp intake of breathe….


So Dave shot off quickly to Greggs, and saved the day!

Yesterday I must have done 500 squats picking the ink pads. They are in alphabetical order, top to bottom – and you were definitely partial to the Weathered Wood, Wild Honey and Victorian Velvet along the lowest shelf. But no sooner had I settled down on my knees, than your order would move up to Bundled Sage, Abandoned Coral and Candied Apple on the top shelf! So as I say, up, down, up down…And today I was assigned the Pergamano tools picking task! More of the Up, down, up down, up down. I’ll have thighs like Rooney by the end of the week!

Blimey! We’ve sold some tools !! We couldn’t keep these pegs filled! Ah well. All good. Our little fund raising mission is shaping up very nicely, thanks to you! I do hope it pans out…more will be revealed.

But now I shall call it a day. The sale is still clicking clicking clicking, and will continue to do so until midnight Monday. We will do our best to get them all sent out as quickly as possible, but please be patient.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow….

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

30 thoughts on “Only one left?!?

  1. Wow bet you will all have worked off those doughnuts by the time the weekend is over. Glad the sale is as good as ever for you and bringing in new customers too is always a good thing. Will find time tomorrow to have a look, that’s why I love your sale no one has to go nuts doing it on one day! Xx

  2. Oh wonder if my order is in there. Very exciting but no rush. Hubby is stashing it away for Christmas so no rush. Just hope whatever the intriguing fund is you do well enough to achieve.

  3. Thank you so much for the Gray Sale, Barbara.
    My order is in, looking forward to it coming…..supposed to be Christmas Present, but, i may just have to use the Wedding Owls sooner lol.

  4. Just the one order from me but every little helps eh? I now have a vision of Barbara Gray with footballer’s thighs. Just so long as you don’t end up with Rooney’s hairstyle too!!! Lol. Hope you get to chill out tonight with your lovely fella. Xxx

  5. I’ve put in 2 but will it stop there?! Dying to know what you’re fundraising for…. not more doughnuts ! Certainly sounds like a good workout ! X

  6. Am seriously considering another order which will be waiting for you on Monday morning! 😲 after all, I’m retiring at the end of December so will have lots of time on my hands…..😆😆 i hope you all get a good rest tomorrow xx

  7. I added to your workload again today! I didn’t get the starter kit when I started groovi so bought the plates and the instruction sheet today just because! I also got three of Josie’s lace border plates to add to my stash. Think that will do me now but I console myself with the through that I have bought 3 Christmas presents and a birthday present – the previous three orders! Poor postman is going to be busy but I did warn him! He didn’t come today but that means I might get two parcels on Monday since they will have been on the way for a few days by then. Hope you put your feet up tonight. You must all be exhausted. Just remember pottery is not far off! Have a good evening. Hx

  8. Hi Barb, glad you all had fun while working so hard. As it should be. I think I need to stop feeling guilty about the amount I spend on craft after seeing the size of those boxes!!! Dreich here too, but coming on here to read your blog is a ray of sunshine, you are a ray of sunshine. Good to hear your fundraiser is getting there, and there’s new members joining our community, that’s brilliant, the more the merrier. Hope you have a lovely evening. Love you xxx p.s. just ignore anyone who moans about the length of time it’s taking to get their orders, they aren’t worth it. It’s just a reflection of them, not you or Clarity…

  9. Picking, packing, munching and laughing…sounds like fun but I know that’s only part of it and that hard work is the essence of what’s going on. Placed my order in the early hours of Day 1 and am trying to ‘steel’ myself not to look again…but no guarantees! Try not to overdo it and remember to breathe xx

  10. Bet Dave’s glad Greggs has opened up just downloaded the road 😁😁 . I ordered every day all my parcels have arrived , except the large one placed on Thursday , but not expecting that for a while , many thanks for a brilliant sale ,and the amazing customer service by Jeanine sorting out my query earlier ..hope you get to put your feet up tomorrow x

  11. Hi Barb,
    I did leave a comment yesterday but it appears to have vanished. It was to say that the live video was fabulous, great to see behind the scenes and I did chuckle when Dave came in with the doughnuts! I did also say that I was glad when I saw you were on ink pad duty and was hoping you’d put a bit of your magical creativity in with my order! My first order of paints came today and got email to say my ink pads had been sent out yesterday – brilliant service, thank you. I have put in another little order today as well – so much for my resolution only to buy a couple of oxides! Thank you to all of the team – you are all awesome. Pleased the sale has been a success. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  12. Dear Barbara. Hope you are now having a rest. I panicked yesterday thinking it was a one day sale, and I had no internet. Took ages but managed an order with my phone. Then my son called and sorted the internet. So managed my second order. Some are my presents from friends. It is so interesting seeing your work place and the people. Thank you all. Xx

  13. Fabby dabby, I’m sure you’re burning all those doughnuts off lol. So glad you said the sale finishes on monday as I thought it was on until next Friday so I’d better get a wriggle on. Keep packing 😀 xx

  14. Looks like things are going well with the sale. I keep looking at things and may well plump for another little order. I’m sure I’ll find a few more things that I really need!
    Hope you have managed to relax a bit tonight ready for more pickypickypicky tomorrow!
    Love and hugs xxx

  15. Just placed a second very small order for some consumables that I had forgotten about. You are certainly getting the orders out quickly my first one from Thursday is on it’s way. What wonderful service. Thank-you. xx

  16. Second order on it’s way tomorrow. Don’t know whether to thankyou or throw something at you for all the reduced goodies, it’s a bit like “do I laugh or cry when my card payment is accepted”, got to be a haha…I think! Barb, it was a good idea to piggyback your “how to use” videos to accompany each days sale item, much appreciated and clever marketing, not that I need encouragement to buy Clarity. As per usual, prompt service with goods well packaged, so well packaged sometimes I need a degree in Origami to get into it!!! Keep moving girl, got to burn those doughnuts off somehow. xx

  17. Well, you won’t feel the benefit of the doughnuts with all that exercise! Delighted you have new customers and the fundraising is going well. One of the newbies is a friend – I sent a cheque for Christmas to get a particular set…and she went nuts! Even more than me. She is sooo happy! She thought Clarity was just another craft site. What a mistake. Best present I ever gave her, even though some have come from Clarity. Her husband will kill me…

  18. Hi Barb, loved your videos you are such a card, you make us laugh. You must be the bestest boss to work for! A huge caring heart for everyone around you! Hope all goes well for you and your lovely team. Xx

  19. It is Sunday morning and I am in trouble for over spending!!! But so looking forward to receiving parcels in the near future!!! And yet an other stencil for the collection! So much fun. Hope all is well at Clarity Towers and you continue to enjoy what you are doing. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  20. I did get another order in yesterday, as didn’t realise it was going on until Monday, oh dear wont be able to resist another look, but as I never got to the NEC why not, feel less guilty when its helping you raise funds. Thank again so

  21. Hi Barb, well I am grateful for all those squats, as my order is on it’s way. So thank you all for the huge effort and to Dave for doing the emergency Do’nut run. Take care all. Bx

  22. You are all amazing! I cant help but visualise the funny walks that will occur after all that squatting! – Crikey I hope your neighbours know what’s been going on or there could be some funny rumours and strange looks flying around!😂😂

  23. Thank you for a lovely gray sale. Spent my birthday money on Friday. Gonna try the scissors again so bought at right time. Hoping I can use the ring locks. Think we need to move so I can have another craft room one isn’t enough

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