Come on back for a FREE Stencil !

Come on back for a FREE Stencil !

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Up with the lark this morning! It’s certainly colder now. The last of the ginkgo leaves came down this week. Our yellow carpet outside the kitchen door is glorious. Mission this morning: sort out this shitpit of a craftroom of mine, which has just gone completely to seed! One thing at a time…

The Gray Sale has gone mad again, which I’m very glad about too, because as I have told you, there’s something new and special in the Clarity pipeline again, and I love not having to borrow money to move forward. Call me old-fashioned, but all the time we can avoid investors and lenders, we should. Especially at the moment. Especially right now here in the UK. But STOP! This is a happy place. And whilst I do not cannot ignore what is going on at Westminster, there’s very little point – if any – in wasting ink and thought on it here in Clarityland.

SO. Back to the Gray Sunday Deal!

I would like to think that most of you have taken advantage of our GRAY DAY SALE by now, haven’t you? The online shop is still clicking away, but I bet there are still loads of things on your wishlist, aren’t there? I have to chuckle about your comments, “on the naughty step again”, “baked beans on toast again”, “resistance is futile” “I’m not looking!”, “Sitting on my hands” etc etc etc. So, I was thinking I’d rustle up a little something to entice you back one more time before midnight tomorrow!

Let’s give you another good reason to pop back!

On top of the 33% blanket sale, and in addition to your gold and diamond member’s discount, if you go back in to the Gray Sale and spend another £20 before Monday midnight (after all discounts), we will send you a lovely, fresh out of the oven, never been seen before, very useful not to mention seasonal Stencil. It’s fab! We are calling it Bauble Strings.

FREE 7” x 7” Stencil worth £4.99

The Free stencil won’t appear in your basket; we’ll simply add it when we dispatch your order. If you’ve already placed your order earlier in the day on SUNDAY, we’ll add to those orders too. Happy Days!

I have to tell you how this stencil was born, too. This last Thursday, I went up to London on the train to meet my dear friend Anita, and visit the Antony Gormley exhibition at the Royal Academy. Fab day away, immersed in astounding art, strolling through London arm in arm with Neet, talking the hindlegs off a donkey, before the sale kicked in. We’ve been friends since we were eleven. Went to school together. Been through lots together. Still doing it. She is a free spirit, a true creative, smart lady – and I love her.

I had been too busy to design the stencil the day before (pottery, right?!?) so I decided to draw it on the train. Not the best idea, hard to keep a steady hand flying through Kent, but this scribble is what I sent Jim! He likes a challenge, does Jim!

Then I called him and gave him a description of what I was trying to do. “Got it” he said. And an hour later, he pinged me a picture of the prototype stencil:

BINGO. When I talk about teamwork, this is PRECISELY what I’m talking about. when you’re so in tune with each other, that you can translate a scribble into a delightful stencil – and a very exact impression, too. Straight on the machines and in production. Thanks Jim.

I had a little play with it when I got home too. It is a real beaut. Tomorrow, I shall step it up for you, do a nice project for you. Use some of those alcohol inks you invested in last week! Yes. Here’s a little taster….

Come back here tomorrow and I’ll give you some pointers….but in the meantime, why not take advantage of the deal, have another looksie – and get this stencil absolutely FREE.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

36 thoughts on “Come on back for a FREE Stencil !

  1. Hi Barb,
    Oh, you little temptress! This is a lovely stencil which would certainly come in handy for next year ( cards for this year all neatly stacked ,ready to be written) . I’m really trying to have a go at mixed media ( not very successfully as yet) so it would be good to try this out. Glad you had a lovely day out with Anita. The pair of you always look so happy when you are on one of your jaunts. Thank you again for such a fabulous sale. Off now to have a little look at the website. Love and hugs,Alison xx

    1. Hi Alison – just how did I know that you would do just that! Haha! Shall I just use one of Barb’s phrases that she has seen – Resistance is futile! Now the big question is – Do I join you?
      Enjoy your spending – hugs Gilly xx

      1. Hi Gilly,
        You know me too well! Of course you join me – I would hate for you to miss out!! Love to you and Neill xx

  2. Morning Barbara, good luck with the craftroom cleanup! Mine is in a similar state, but too much craftyness at the moment for a much needed tidy up! Oh Clarity, thy name is temptation! There I was thinking I’d done my sale orders and you pop up this lovely new “got-to-have” stencil! Oh well back to the Sale pages! So looking forward to hearing what the news is for Clarity, very happy to be “helping out”! Another magic year from Team Clarity – thank you all for making it special for all us Clarity Crafters! Carry on Clarity!

  3. Lead me not into temptation!!!! You have done it again. Lol. Bought some of the papers I have not had before. Oh well. It’s only money! Looking forward to seeing what you buy with the profits. The stencil looks great. Thank you for the freebie. As always, I will enjoy seeing your demos. Have a good day today. Hx

  4. Good luck with the craft room Barbara. My husband suggests I tie a rope to the bannister and round my waist before I go into mine so that l can find my way out again!! I can’t think what he is inferring😂😂

  5. It’s a very lovely stencil but I absolutely cannot look again. I put my order in last night and that’s all I can have right now!!!!
    Oh well I will have to hope it comes up for sale at a later date!
    Have a lovely Sunday! Love and hugs Xxxx

  6. I am truly excited for whatever comes next for your company! I love all the products I’ve tried, but what I truly love is the spirit of you and the people that work with you. I watch you and Paul and Josie and Tina and Maria every chance I get and always feel inspired and uplifted after watching. It was about this time in 2018, when I first discovered Groovi. I saw you on Hochanda (I’m in the USA and watch via the app). It was a demo of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Plates and I saw you explaining your journey of creating the plates. I have a special place in my heart for this story because, since December 24, 1985, the poem/book has been read to (or by) my children every Christmas Eve. I came home from the hospital and my husband choose this story to read to my then 2 year old as her bedtime story. I remember so vividly cuddling my newborn and 2 year old that night feeling so blessed, safe and happy! I truly had no idea how to ‘do’ Groovi, but knew those plates needed to be a part of my life! I ordered the entire set immediately! Flash forward to the present and I have accumulated more than 220 plates (lol – mostly Christmas 😬), and I finally had a play with the ‘Twas the Night plates. I created a gift for my daughters that I will give to them this Christmas Eve (I’ll share a few pics after they are gifted). I can’t remember when I’ve been more excited and intimidated about a craft. I’ve only progressed to the line tracing and a little embossing, but 2020 is my year to learn picot cutting! I’ve also become a huge fan of your stencils, dies and stamps. I live in the US, and mostly purchase thru Hochanda as a Freedom member. When I can , I purchase directly from Clarity, but shipping (completely understandably) is a significant expense. I’m really looking forward to seeing your company ‘s US growth. I want to wish you and yours the very best as you continue to grow and move forward. Thank you so much for enhancing and expanding my crafty life!

  7. Please stop tempting us Barbara. I’ve been lusting after the pergamano crayons and wee folk stamps for a while, so popped them in my basket! Thanks xx It’s a good thing it’s Christmas and I have an excuse!

  8. Love the stencil & beautiful artwork that you have produced from it. Look forward to seeing the project tomorrow. Now off to check the sale out as I am sure I must have missed something on Friday !! Quiet day today after 2 busy days decorating the granddaughters bedrooms ready for tomorrow when we continue. I have aching muscles where I didn’t know I could ache but to see the difference makes it all worth while. Trouble is it has given the OH ideas about our own house but I have told him I am not doing anything until after Christmas.

  9. Hi Barb – the most lovely temptress I know!!!
    My extra little order is on it’s way – that was because I had forgotten something! Now I had promised myself that was all – as nowhere to put it right now! Do I, don’t I? Mmm – what do you think! Hugs, Gilly xx

  10. Really lovely stencil but I have already over spent. I am thinking that I cannot be selfish and will use my Christmas gift savings which are left to spoil my wonderful, patient other half. Sorry but I am staying on the angels side.
    Have a wonderful day
    Best wishes Anne s

  11. See you tomorrow Anne! We’ll have to compare shopping baskets. Managed to squeeze in another order to get the free stencil. Thanks Barbara. X

  12. Don’t think I can go back again but that stencil is gorgeous and to be really honest I am not a big user of stencils. What wonderful team work to generate it. My craft room needs sorting but for the rest of today I am chilling. 15month old grandson stayed over last night and it was a very early start with a couple of get ups in the night. He is delightful though so is forgiven. X

  13. Already placed 4 orders this week all of which are on the way but I’m sure that I can find something else to order. The stencil is just right. So clever of Jim to get this design in production so quickly. Someone must have sprinkled magic dust on your team to make them so good.
    Had a lot of trouble trying to give a reply yesterday, no success, so hope it works today.
    Looking forward to all the new things Clarity have in store for us. Off to place another order.

  14. Hi Barb, that stencil is a beauty. Oh, go on then, you’ve twisted my arm, time to join in the party again!!! In my defence, I’ve not been naughty, so far, mostly buying things I needed. So this time can be my christmas present to me!!! Mmm, what to buy, you know my weakness for your designer papers and I don’t have the newest ones yet, and your stamps of course, plenty new beauties there, and then there’s your stencils but I already ordered the new ones of those I wanted…

    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday pottering, a change is as good as a rest. Glad you managed a day away with your friend to charge your batteries for the madness that Gray Friday creates for Team Clarity.

    Good feet up telly night tonight, His Dark Materials followed by The War of the Worlds.

    Love you xxx
    As for Westminster and it’s inhabitants, we’re bracing ourselves up here for the mass exodus of you all… Form an orderly queue at the border please…!!!😉 Ha, ha

  15. Oh blow! Baubles and trees are my weakness! How do I tell hubby there will be a third parcel now …. my friend in Cornwall asked if there was anything in particular I’d like for Christmas – she’s buying the Tools I’ve ordered for a start ! I’ll be able to take the. To show her hopefully when we go down in a couple of weeks! Now, that’s it no more temptation – just going off to place my third and final order ! X

  16. Just back from a 3 hour walk along the West Highland Way so sitting with my feet up and a cuppa. It would just be rude not to go back and have another look whilst I have internet! Love that bauble stencil too. A refresher of the alcohol ink technique would be great tomorrow – thanks!!! X

  17. I still cant decide if my OH believes me when I say this Clarity order is for a friend!!
    I do have a lot of friends, he’s just not met most of them ;o)
    Looking forward to the big reveal.

  18. So pleased the sale continues tomorrow. Messed up the order I sent in yesterday evening so need to cancel that one and send in a corrected version. So sorry for any inconvenience that will cause. My only excuse is I had a flu jab in between starting the order and finishing it with a thumping headache and sore arm. (Although it’s also possible I was just so excited to be buying goodies to add to my Groovi stash at bargain prices and from a hugely generous selection that I just wasn’t concentrating when I pressed send.) I’ve got a couple of other items to buy so looking forward to receiving the lovely stencil as a bonus. Thank you.

  19. Placed my order this afternoon, went with a few ideas…lasted about 30 seconds! Love just browsing (and clicking) now to patiently wait for the parcel to arrive. Hope you all manage to put your feet up when the last order leaves you. Loving the new stencil too, just right for a few cards and I am looking forward to seeing how you use it tomorrow. XX

  20. Lovely stencil but, going to resist as have already placed a sizeable order and taken advantage of my husband’s generous nature (in other words he hasn’t a clue what I’ve spent – lol!) so won’t push my luck. Hope you’re all able to put your feet up for a while this evening as you’ve had a ‘mad’ weekend. xx

  21. Lovely stencil and we don’t want you paying interest on a loan in the current climate.. you have to help out friends, right?! Good luck with the new project.

  22. Lovely stencil, and yes that was enough for my resolve to cave in! Ordered some of the wee stamps…loved the little elf that someone used recently…and also some of Leonie’s circus stamps.

    1. Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog and hope to see more of the samples that you’ve teased us with today (and techniques)!

  23. Would love to pop back for another spend but having had three purchases on Friday and Saturday can’t but the stencil is a real beauty. Another time I will spread my purchases around, thanks for the offer though xx

  24. Hi to all the hard workers in the Clarity team sending out the orders. I couldn’t believe it when my 1st order arrived safely on Friday only ordered on Monday.
    Thank you soooooo much can’t wait to start mixed media.

    Must go, 3rd order awaits, I forgot a couple of things off 2nd order.

  25. Hello Barb, a great offer to include this beautiful stencil, I am sure there are plenty of takers. Jim certainly is very clever translating your sketch. Have to travel for work this week, so will be behind on checking the blog. Take care all. Bx

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