Good Gray Friday Gracious!!!

Good Gray Friday Gracious!!!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in! Speaking of ‘Popping in’ – Good Gray Friday Gracious! You‘ve certainly popped in to the Sale of the year today! And yestterday! We thought we’d ease the doors open yesterday, so that we could monitor the website and spread the load a little. But all that’s happened is that hundreds of you have popped in twice – and thrice!! YIKES!!

So we’re pedal to the metal here. I’m on Ink Pad Duty, filling yesterday’s inky orders.

My personal challenge is that we’ve run out of ONE ink pad. Now that‘s pretty minor in the bigger picture, right? Until you realise that pretty much EVERYBODY has ordered it! So I’ve been calling all you lovely Mustard Seed orderers, to see if I can tempt you with another yellow! One lovely lady was so funny when I rang. “That’s too strange that you would call me right now!” she exclaimed. Apparently, she was watching a Youtube video of mine when the phone rang! You’ve got to admit – that must be pretty weird!

Well, the Gray Friday Sale has certainly gone bananas, exceeded expectations and is keeping us hopping about! But we’ve got a great team, a stash of doughnuts for a suger boost, and actually – we’re having a blast.

I can’t say too much in case I jinx it, but we’ve got a BIG plan in the pipeline, and this GRAY SALE WEEKEND is our own kind of fundraiser really! Every year, we use the funds raised this weekend to invest in something special. Remember when we bought Pergamano? The Gray Friday Sale that year was the down payment on that not so little acquisition. Then last year we used the money raised to invest in a brilliant new Stamp production System from the States. That’s going well now. And this year? Well, more will be revealed, but it will be a big Clarity game changer again!

Anyway, time to get back to picking those ink pads, and see whether there’s a doughnut going begging!

Hundreds of orders have already been dispatched, and we’re in at the weekend, to keep the momentum going. Thank you so much for pitching in and taking advantage of the great prices. You can come back more than once too, you know! Hahaha. Like you haven’t figured that out !!

Or, if you prefer to call in your order : Tel 01732 868215 . Phones are manned 8am-4pm

Mustdash, said the Mexican! Oh. And if something is brand new, and has just been on TV, we cannot in good conscience include it in the sale! I call this the Marks & Sparks effect. Who’s bought a coat or a dress at full retail price at Marks, then gone back a week later, only to find it’s on the half-price rack. I hate that.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

23 thoughts on “Good Gray Friday Gracious!!!

  1. I must say Barb your staff never cease to amaze me. Always always they have smiles on their faces and there is always so much laughter in the building. Dougnuts and Greggs sausage rolls to boot, awesome. I have placed a small order and shall look fwd to receiving that in due course. Just as long as there is no icing on my package!! Lol

  2. My little order is in…. Bit pathetic compared to some I’m sure but I did get my little order from one of the bloggy sales this week. Still as they say…. Every little helps!!
    I’m intrigued to find out what the new plans are. I’m sure that we’ll find out soon enough and I bet it will be amazing!
    Anyway have a great evening. Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. I’ve loved the Facebook live videos today. Placed multiple orders! And received one already. Thank you Claritystamp xx

  4. Well I popped into the sale when the doors opened early, and my parcel has already been popped into the post! I’m hoping that if Barbara’s own inky mitts picked my oxide inks that maybe they have a little bit of Gray genius attached to them too!!! Thanks for the great offers, the excellent customer service, and good luck with the new venture – can’t wait to hear what it is xxx

  5. You have the most wonderful staff working for your wonderful company. I placed my order yesterday and it is already on its way to me. Hopefully I will get it Monday before I go cruising for two weeks. Had contingency plans in place for its safe delivery. Thank you so much everyone at Clarity. you are amazing people and hard working beyond belief. xx

  6. Hi there, The Clarity elves are doing a great job. I have already received two parcels and a third is on the way. There were three more ordered today, one of which is mine from the wee small hours, and the other two are Christmas Presents! I’ve going to introduce someone to Groovi and have got some stamps for another friend. Excellent opportunity. Shopping from home. Love it. Thank you again for all the reductions. I would like to say I’ve saved a fortune but the bank manager might not see it that way!! Lol. Have a good weekend with all the Clarity elves. Hx

  7. I did put in a non sale order yesterday. Now I am sitting quietly working my way through 95 pages and building up a tiny little order. Loved the live chats today. Love to all the hard working elves and I hope Paul got his share of the doughnuts. Hope you are now resting that poor neck and back. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

    1. Hi Maggie…Oh yes, Paul got his doughnuts, and will most likely get more tomorrow !
      Thats what happens when a brand new ‘Greggs’ opens just half a mile away from the business … xx

  8. Placed my order in the early hours this morning so will now sit back and patiently (honestly!) wait my turn as I know you all work as hard as possible and even more so at these peak times. Hope there’s lots of laughter to go with the doughnuts! xx

  9. Not surprised you’ve been swamped, this is such a good offer. The 4 orders placed since Wednesday have all been dispatched – I am amazed as one order was “bitty” and I thought it may take time to collate. However, the team came up trumps and the Monday or Tuesday post will feel like Christmas come early. 😍
    Just placed another order! Doesn’t look like I’m getting out of the naughty corner any time soon.
    Pace yourselves – don’t burn out. We can all wait an extra few days for our orders if necessary.
    Love to all,

  10. Placed an order last night and was so pleased to see you had the pergamano tools in the sale which I hadn’t expected. So what did I buy then? Tools of course and Linda William’s lovely vol.2 book. Never got to look at very much else only the few bits on my wish list. Hoping to get on the website again before the sale closes, is that being greedy, I hope not. Thank you again for being so generous. Great seeing you all live this morning, what a super bunch you

  11. Hi Barb,
    I’ve already placed two orders and had word that both have been dispatched already. Fantastic service, thank you. I was watching your little live video this morning and when I saw you were on ink pad duty, I thought you might be doing my oxide order. Like Susan said, I hope if you did you put a bit of your special creativity in the box too!! It was great to see behind the scenes at Clarity. I liked that Dave was on the doughnut run! Hope the sale continues to be a hugs success. Sending love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barb, loved your facebook lives, even though they were well past live when I got to see them!!! I did a bit of an order last night, but seeing as you are fundraising I might just go back for another look over the weekend… Well, I mostly just ordered the boring stuff I needed, and bits and pieces for a present for someone. Thank you once again for your amazing generosity, and for you, and your team’s, hard work. Clarity looks a wonderful place to work. Wish I could help you out at such a busy time for you all. Mind and pace yourselves, many of us are happy to wait longer for our orders, and those who aren’t, well, they aren’t worth bothering about! Hope you all have a lovely feet up chill evening before starting all over again tomorrow am. Are you doing more facebook lives over the weekend? Love you, special lady xxxxx

  13. What a great bunch of people the Clarity crew are. I wish I lived closer – I would happily have leant a hand to the cause. Can’t wait to see what’s in the pipeline. I fear it will cost me money. Who cares?!! Thanks tons for a super sale. Rachel xx

  14. Great Facebook videos, though only just caught up with them. Great sale, did an order last night, and will venture back for another order. Thank you for a brilliant Gray Friday sale, and thank you to your Clarity team, hope you all have a relaxing evening. xx

  15. I placed my order this morning, after planning it last night and then sitting on it, in case it needed tweaking. I wish it could have been more, but there will be enough to cause excitement when it arrives. I loved the Facebook lives this morning – everyone looks so happy, even under the pressure of such a big sale. Thanks to everyone at Clarity and Try to have a break at sometime over the weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  16. You are such an amazing team at Clarity Towers! I was browsing the website last night to plan my purchases when i found you’d fired the starting gun early- so sent off a small (ish-ish!!) order. Amazed to get an email this afternoon to say its on it’s way. Thank you all so much xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Hope you are all still smiling, mind you, you always make it fun for the team and you are there too getting the orders ready to go out. I going to have a little look tomorrow and see what Santa might like to bring me for Christmas. Thank you for such an amazing sale, it’s good to know we give Clarity a cash injection for a new project. I’m looking forward to seeing what you are going to show us next.
    Love Diane xxx

  18. Hello Barb, you and the team are doing a great job, and all getting stuck in, as you say Teamwork makes the dream work, and it’s good to know that our investment works to our own good. Take care all. Hope your bank managers are not being as grumpy as mine is. Bx

  19. Great Sale, spent lots. Everything ordered since Wednesday already on its way thanks to the Clarity Elves.
    Service spectacular as usual.

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