Chop your Baubles Up! One step at a time!

Chop your Baubles Up! One step at a time!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Happy Monday. Last day of the GRAY WEEKEND SALE> Wowee. Ends midnight tonight. So you’ve got till then to head on over to the website and place your last orders. As was explained yesterday, not only are we offering 33% discount + NDC Members Discounts, should you be able to find something on the website that you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE, and thus manage to spend £20 (after all discounts), we will send you this lovely brand new stencil worth £4.99 as a gift, absolutely free. It will get added to your £20 order automatically when we pick n pack it.

Wanted to have a play, and show you a few tricks n tips on how to use it. Ready? Here goes…..

Place the stencil on the 8×10 Gelpress.

Loads up some felts or sponges with alcohol inks,

Use a craft mat to puddle the ink on if you are using sponges. Then dab dab dab.

Remove the stencil.

See? The Stencil is coated in lovely alcohol ink, too.

Get your Die cutting machine plate sandwich ready, because you do have to move quite fast. From the bottom: Outer plate first, then rubber shim, then a sheet of copy paper. Then a piece of Chromo Card, glossy side facing up.

Take the sheet of GLOSSY Chromo Card (in the sale) Spritz the Chromo Card with Ranger Blending Solution and lay back down on the copy paper, belending solution facing UP. Quickly lay the inky stencil inky side down on the blending solution.

Complete the sandwich with the frosted plate then the outer plate. Quickly run it through your mangle. Mine’s a Gemini. ANY MANGLE WILL WORK!

Voila! Look! Beautiful transfer of alcohol trick!

The rubber shim helps the emboss, too. See?

You can repeat the process and get a ghost transfer, too. Beautiful background.

Right. Let’s park the Chromo Card and head back to the Gelpress….

I need some acrylic paint…Couldn’t find my large Buff tit, so to speak, so I mixed up some deluxe paint with the white standard. We sell both. White and Buff Titanium

Mix it up with your Brayer

Spread it onto the dried ink Gel Press. Not too much. You can always gently roll some off if you overcook it. Too much and the print won’t pull away. Too little and the print won’t pull away. (Helpful, aren’t I?!)

See the alcohol print underneath? That’s how much you need. Very difficult to tell you how much. You have to Feel it. You have to figure it out . When you can see the print faintly through the paint, that’s about right.

Flip the painty Gelpress over and plant paint side down on a sheet of white Clarity Stencil Card – the large size. This card is Cut to fit this large Gel press. Here, you are looking through the Mega Mount that the Gelpress is mounted on.

Flip it back, rub the card, and pull the print…the white speckle happened because I lifted too much of the paint off the back in that area. It’s cool though.

So. We’ve got 3 arty bits from the one process. Let’s check:

Now it’s time to chop. Let’s give this trick a new arty name: Chopitup. It’s a Chopitup process!

And now? It’s time to make loads of little arty card and tags! This is where the Sticker booklets come in very handy too. They’re in the sale….all of them

Leonie’s Sticker booklet

Barb’s Sticker Sticker Booklet 

Christmas and Occasions (which is what I used here)

So much arty goodness from one inky session on the GelPress!

Hope you like the projects. It’s certainly a stencil worth having. You can buy it, of course. But not yet. We want to GIVE IT AWAY FIRST!

LAST ORDERS PLEASE LADIES & GENTS! Till midnight tonight x

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Chop your Baubles Up! One step at a time!

  1. Wow!
    You must all be going hammer and tongs to keep up with the demand from thus fabulous sale, then to top it off by offering this beautiful stencil. 😍
    I had to give in and placed an order yesterday. Food is over rated anyway. 🤣
    Thanks for all your hard work and we will niw try really gard to wait patiently for all the loveliness to arrive,

  2. Morning Barbara.
    My last little order went in yesterday! I can’t wait to get all my bits and bobs… Its playtime over Christmas I think!
    Off to the dentist now!!! See you on the other side!
    Have a grand old day. Love and hugs Xxxx

  3. Great ideas for using the stencil…and getting lots out of your card/ink! However, needs must that I refrain and not let my crafty brain overtake my resolve not to spend more Lol! x

  4. This is fab… then again, anything you and Clarity do is!

    My main order has arrived and I’m trying to resist opening it until I’ve at least got some work done. Resistance is futile, so I know I won’t last the entire day though!

    Hugs xoxo

  5. Wow, Barb, thanks for the ideas. This will be a favourite stencil for years to come. Placed another order last night and the OH is turning purple at the spend.
    Just unpacked 3 of my weekend orders, oh joy, am I going to have fun later !!! Loving everything.
    Hugs to all.

  6. A great step by step, what a load of little cards and tags out of one roll of the wringer (so to speak). Contemplating another little order, that stencil is super and well worth having but thought I’d got everything I needed, oh well!!! You are such a temptress

  7. Hi Barb, thank you for taking the time out to do a step by step for us. Love it, so effective, and so much from one process. The opposite to my usual eh…!!!😉 I can’t use alcohol inks (sensitivities), please can I ask, would this work with normal ink too? Thanks. Hope your picky, packy, posty is going well today. Love you xxx

  8. Seen you do this technique a few times on TV and always liked the look. Then a few months ago I tried it for the first time and LOVED it!! The mix of colours from the alcohol inks was amazing and I really liked that I could get more than one print from the gell plate and stencil. I had to step away from the alcohol inks in the end as I was using it all the time…for everything…but may just crack open my tub of inks when my new stencils arrive from the sale order. XX

  9. We’re moving nearer to family on 5th December. Left me with a dilemma would an order get here in time? Rang this morning and the lovely Jeanine took my order and arranged for it to he delivered to the family address. 5 star service. I will get to play with the goodies eventually lol.

  10. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Well placed an order today , sorry it was only a small order , but as you say ever little helps.
    Thank you for a great sale , looking forward to using them.
    Hope everyone enjoys their purchases .
    Thank you, and your brilliant staff for all your hard work.
    Lynn xx

  11. Definitely no more orders going in! I dare not be persuaded! I could open a Clarity Shop selling everything! Anyway, another parcel arrived today and the challenge, when the rest arrives, is going to be to find space. Mid-comment, I gave in because I don’t have the large stencil card!!! Oh, well, that is definitely my last order. Thank you for such a fantastic sale. I’ll look forward to trying the above arty bits with the gel press. Hx

  12. Hi Barb,
    Needless to say , I did succumb and placed another order! (I know Gilly, I’m hopeless!) Love all the goodies you’ve produced from this fabulous stencil. Might just have to have a play when my stencil arrives. My Oxides arrived today – thank you for such brilliant service. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Hi Alison – well guess what I did join you for one last order! I shall just have to make the space! It was only a little order, but enough to qualify for the stencil. Hugs Gilly x

  13. Made three orders Fri, Sat and Sunday and nothing arrived yet LOL !!! I know you’re packing fast but how does post get them to people so quick?! I haven’t even had a despatch email yet ! I’m not worried as I know I’ll get them but just wonder how some get them so quickly ! Unless of course they’ve moved in next door! LOL!! I’m now sitting on my hands for the rest of the month. X

  14. Well Barb – I gave in last night and did another order. I am only doing this to help with your fundraiser you understand. Not for me! Good job I had already done my order because we went out to look at beds today and we cannot believe how much we spent on the mattress! It was the top of the range Tempur mattress, which we are told is technology developed by Nasa! And it is made of all natural materials – so hopefully we are doing our bit for the planet. Hugs Gilly x

  15. Well the postie knocked at the door yesterday just as I was unpacking my suitcase from our weekend away! And there were alcohol inks in my order too. Might have to have a little playtime before I go to work today – I’m sure the Directors at the Board meeting won’t mind if I have inky fingers!!!

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