Psst… Don’t tell anybody…

Psst… Don’t tell anybody…

Hi there.

I’m back! Twice in a day again! It’s so busy here at Clarity Towers, we’re trying to spread the load a little….

Don’t forget, the Polychromos Pencils are in today’s flash sale. They’re special, they’re the Rolls Royce of the pencil world – and they’re a great price today!

Maria is winding up the TV One Day Special with those wonderful Panoramic Groovi Plates and Dies AND stencils. Very, very lovely artwork.

But why the second blog? Well. Do you remember when the website crashed so spectacularly a couple of years ago on GRAY FRIDAY? It is etched in my mind forever. So we had a little conflab, and decided to open the doors this evening, so that you good people, you who support us so formidably all year round and follow what we do so loyally, can get in early and have a good shop around before the onslaught tomorrow.


Hope you find what you are looking for. Hope you get to tick a few things on your wishlist. Don’t forget, Jeannine and Louise will be manning the phones from 8am tomorrow morning, if you prefer to speak to a friendly voice. Mind you, the website is pretty epic and powerful ! But hey. Never say never and all that!

Love and Hugs,



22 thoughts on “Psst… Don’t tell anybody…

  1. Thank-you Barbara, I shall appreciate the chance to shop early. I am having our young grandson to stay over the weekend not going to have time for browsing. I hope the website survives and thanks in advance to all the team who will be working so hard. xx

  2. Hooray!! I was worried I would miss out on some of the things on my list as I have to see the doc early tomorrow! Have put in a shipping order and will enjoy browsing just in case I missed something. My poor credit card is weeping -but I’m not!!!

  3. Thank you, glad to be able to order this evening, Good luck to Jeannine and Louise tomorrow! You will all be really flat out.

  4. Thank you Barb, so thoughtful of you. Hope the site doesn’t crash but know your team will be super busy. Off to place my order now.
    Hugs, 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Thank you, came to order some distress oxides, now able to order some more goodies, wish list at the ready. xx

  6. Oh wow that’s great Barb, got a busy weekend and was worried I’d not get an order in. Thank you for your generosity, you’ll all be having a very busy weekend too I

  7. Thank you for being so generous Barb. Much appreciated by all of us. I’m off to the website to see if there’s anything I fancy, my wee christmas present to myself. Pace yourself please, don’t want you, or any of your team getting ill for us. I would rather wait longer for my order, knowing you were having wee breaks. Love you xxx

  8. Hi Barbara gone got order ready club member and order well over £10 charged postage! Hopping just glitch on web site thanks for great sale

    1. I didn’t get my club discount but just dropped them an email & promptly got credit voucher on my account. Already spent! Great service as always.

  9. Thank goodness ! It’s taken me all evening to decide and place my order , I wouldn’t have got to work tomorrow! Thank you for the great sale !

  10. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for opening the doors early for us. I’m not sure that I dare pop in to have a look as I know I’ll end up spending way too much! Still I can’t take it with me ! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  11. Thank you, Barbara and all your staff. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and I second the person above who said I would rather wait for my order than make any of you suffer, let alone be ill. Work normal days and go home. No one dies for waiting for craft stuff. And we need a word about the meaning of new – I think 6 months…

  12. Wow. I’v had a busy night! Oh well, it’s instead of a holiday! Lots of lovely goodies ordered. Thank you so much for such a great sale. Hx

  13. Morning Barbara & team. Too exhausted to post last night having scanned all 95 pages!! Basket was filled, then emptied a bit. Fell asleep and woke when laptop fell on the floor! Basket edited several times as trying to be good. Finally second order placed but might need to revisit said 95 pages again later. First order already delivered – fantastic service. Hope you have plenty of doughnuts in the office. Might be busy but I bet the atmosphere is buzzing. Thank you all xxx

  14. Hello Barb, thank you for giving us all the early opportunity to shop. Still have not decided what I want, having spent quite a bit yesterday. Will have another look today. Thank you to all the Clarity team for a great website and online shop too. Bx

  15. Me again 🍒
    Temptation – Temptation !!!
    Didn’t think I NEEDED any more goodies but last night trawled through all 95 pages anyway. Guess what – I placed a large order and am now in the naughty corner.
    Topped up ready for a major craftathon over the Christmas/New Year holiday. OH joy – I do love Clarity.
    Thank you lots Barbara.

  16. Been there.. …done that!!!! 95 PAGES..!!not items……it filled my day in nicely!! You must have very big shelves for all that stock!! Well done team…..just found the email to say the order has been dispatched. I am loving the church window dies and gearing up for the beautiful bauble stamps to make for my Christmas cards. Now!….what shall I do today?!!
    PS I am wearing my grey jumper in support for Gray Friday!!! x

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